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Re: The movie "Sully"     09/12/2016
@ET:  No, those are OK if it's a good looking female! ... More »
Re: The movie "Sully"     09/12/2016
Flying is still safer than driving.  I did a lot of flying when we first moved here.  I now would ... More »
Re: Hillary has medical episode at 9/11 event     09/12/2016
@FoFa:  If she really is suffering from pneumonia, she could NOT have "recovered" so quickly. ... More »
Re: Ectocooler!!!     09/12/2016
@yankeejessica:  My son bought two cases through Amazon pantry after he couldn't find it in sto... More »
Re: Prayers Requested     09/12/2016
@Ann2800:  Sending good and positive thoughts your way!  ... More »
Re: Football Pots (2016)     09/12/2016
@squirtismyboy: When I went on a road trip to Colorado with an old friend.  I noticed he had a ... More »
Re: Football Pots (2016)     09/11/2016
@mutton:  I don't own any Yeti products and probably never will.  They are nice but severely o... More »
Re: UPS delivery     09/11/2016
@Andreweggplant:  I agree.  I do a lot of shopping on-line so I get a lot of deliveries.  In ... More »
Re: Delorean     09/10/2016
@Fallon: A good friend from high school had bought an old Jag that had the engine going bad.  H... More »
Re: Power out     09/10/2016
Greentree was out but came back on a few minutes ago.... More »
Re: Here comes trouble!     09/10/2016
@analogkid:  We were watching that game before the delay.  We now have Texas A&M stomp Pra... More »
Re: I may have a problem     09/10/2016
@Fallon:  I'm shocked!   :surprise:If that's your only problem, you are very fortunate. &n... More »
Re: Here comes trouble!     09/10/2016
After a great college football day last week, there aren't many exciting games on today.  With the ... More »
Re: What do you plan to do after you retire?     09/10/2016
I retired earlier than planned due to health issues.  My plans were to work until my late 50s and t... More »
Re: Are you in the basket?     09/10/2016
@KevinJ:  I agree for up to two separate felony events.  A third event should warrant a perman... More »
Re: Chirping frog     09/09/2016
Like others have stated, it's probably tree frogs or the anoles.  On a cycle of 7 or 14 years, cica... More »
Re: Friday's Contest Winner     09/09/2016
@donnatella:  It's been so long since I won anything, I'm beginning to believe I've been banned... More »
Re: Top 10 Stolen Vehicles     09/09/2016
@ZMAN:  Point taken.  It does show that Chevy and Ford trucks are very popular with car thieve... More »
Re: Friday's Contest Winner     09/09/2016
Congratulations to @ZMAN and a BIG THANK YOU to KDC and JAMTX Enterprises, Inc!... More »
Re: New to Kingwood     09/09/2016
@fn77339:  Welcome to Kingwood and to KDC!Just in case you haven't found it, there is a map of th... More »

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