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Re: ROOM TO RENT?     12/03/2015
@sooner34:  I love floppers!  Even more if they have large areolas and nipples! ... More »
Re: Who voted for obama?     12/03/2015
I was going to vote for McCain in 2008 because he was bucking some of the GOP platforms.  Then he s... More »
Re: ROOM TO RENT?     12/03/2015
@donnatella:   I love that song! ... More »
Re: ROOM TO RENT?     12/03/2015
@RogueHippEE:  It was intentional and voluntary, considering the consumption of mass quantities... More »
Re: ROOM TO RENT?     12/03/2015
@uneasyrider:  She could be making a disclaimer for another woman. ... More »
Re: ROOM TO RENT?     12/03/2015
@BooBear:  You won't hear any complaints from me! ... More »
Re: ROOM TO RENT?     12/03/2015
@uneasyrider:  My wife brought back some cleavage pics from a pool party.  One of the pics had... More »
Re: ROOM TO RENT?     12/03/2015
@donnatella:  Debbie tells me bits and pieces and even sometimes brings pics home!   ... More »
Re: MERRY CHRISTMAS.....!!!     12/02/2015
@mm4731:  Agreed!  This issue comes up EVERY year.  Call it what you want and move on. ... More »
Re: MERRY CHRISTMAS.....!!!     12/02/2015
@beastmode:  Christmas is defined as a day to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.  I ... More »
Re: Red Light Photo Ticket     12/02/2015
I got one of those tickets from Humble.  It states the date and time.  I remember that day.  I pu... More »
Re: Pepper Heat     12/02/2015
I like spicy, but my limit is cayenne and jalapenos.  I'm not into hurting myself.I like the Anahei... More »
Re: Look Who Just Showed Up At KDC...     12/02/2015
@Jpgurl:  We have pervs on this board?!?    :surprise:My name suggestions are:Mike Tyson  (... More »
Re: Very Tacky Tattoo     12/02/2015
I like her boobs!... More »
Re: USPS - delivery     12/02/2015
I'd be OK with USPS home deliveries three days a week.  That way, they could split up their routes ... More »
Re: Recommendations for Foundation Repair     11/30/2015
After the drought, we had Allied foundation put in piers.  I believe they were $200/each and took s... More »
Re: hot drinks     11/30/2015
@Love2Run:   It's great to hear from you!  How are things in paradise? ... More »
Re: KDC Anniversary today for: nhernandez, lcoupert, randisue, djohn78, Kfath, Naptime, Megglow11, afox1986, mommaK72, smokealottaganja!!     11/30/2015
I recognize @lcoupert and @djohn78 and @randisue sounds familiar, so Happy Anniversary!... More »
Re: NE Patriots     11/30/2015
I was watching and hoping for the Broncos to win.  When the game went into overtime, I stopped watc... More »
Re: Fifty Shades of Grey     11/30/2015
I got the set on Kindle.  I could barely finish the first book and didn't bother reading the other ... More »


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