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Re: Hey guys - new here! Be nice     08/25/2016
Uhhh, I think I just went.  Anyone want to do a diaper check on me?... More »
Re: $326 Water Bill     08/25/2016
My bill last month was around $300 because I had the sprinklers run every day.  Since the bill is a... More »
Re: KFC's Secret Recipe revealed     08/25/2016
I never really cared for their original recipe chicken.  It's too soggy and greasy.  I would be wi... More »
Re: Retired Engineer     08/25/2016
@cgm10sne1:    ;P ... More »
Re: Suddenlink bill increase     08/25/2016
@ZMAN:  Just for information, this is my data usage for the past several months.  My original ... More »
Re: Seal being chased by Oscar pod jumps on to boat     08/25/2016
@notfromhere:  Maybe, but I chose to believe he out smarted the orcas and is still living. ... More »
Re: Suddenlink bill increase     08/25/2016
@ZMAN:  Completely unlimited.  With our son living with us, he did a lot of TV/movie streaming... More »
Re: Cool idea for our community     08/25/2016
At the refinery where I worked before retiring, people started noticing three rocks stacked on top o... More »
Re: Is anyone else getting these calls?     08/25/2016
There is both a Texas and a federal DO NOT CALL list.  However, they are both a joke.  They were t... More »
Re: Suddenlink bill increase     08/25/2016
@ZMAN:  I have 200Mbps download with Suddenlink and got unlimited data for an extra $5/month. ... More »
Re: Another reason why my kids graduated from A&M     08/25/2016
@ZMAN:   I'm pro-gun all the way, but agree that open carry is not wise.   I don't ever plan t... More »
Re: Reeves Furniture...     08/24/2016
After seeing that business under water numerous times over the past 23 years (since we moved here), ... More »
Re: Donald Trump called me just now....     08/24/2016
I fixed the robo-calls as well as sales calls.  I set my fax on my 4-in-1 printer to answer after t... More »
Re: weird cheese sex     08/24/2016
If you think that's weird, we all have bacteria in our digestive system that is constantly regenerat... More »
Re: Now this really SUCKS     08/23/2016
@sweetie: They give 1,000 lashes over a 20 week period.  They also stop if a doctor says that a... More »
Re: Sand Creek, Greentree peeps     08/23/2016
I heard it but didn't look out.  It flew very close to our house in Greentree.... More »
Re: Time for a bit of creative fun...     08/23/2016
@Ray:   :gross:     :gross:     :gross:     :gross:     :gross:              :pu... More »
Re: Tuesday's Contest Winner!     08/23/2016
Congratulations and a big thanks to KDC for sponsoring the prize and having these contests!... More »
Re: God in our Schools     08/23/2016
@mdizzle:  That's what our schools did (back in the dark ages) and I was happy with that. P... More »
Re: Jerry Justice Thanks for the Mention     08/23/2016
@donnatella:   Yes!   ;P ... More »

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