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Re: State prop 1     10/21/2015
@friday1: While it does increase your homestead exemption, the way house appraisals have been go... More »
Re: An Email to a Parent for a Tardy During the Day?     10/21/2015
As we become increasingly electronically connected, we are going to get more "automated messages". ¬... More »
Re: Powerball winner uses $9 million to bail boyfriend out of jail     10/21/2015
@mm4731: ¬†Very true, but I can't avoid shaking my head. ... More »
Re: Biden will not run     10/21/2015
@sweetie: ¬†Something happened with the VA. ¬†When the news first broke about their poor service... More »
Re: Biden will not run     10/21/2015
@sweetie: ¬† Not necessarily. ¬†Hillary wants to put some distance between herself and Obama. ¬†... More »
Re: Last time at a restaurant     10/20/2015
@donnatella: ¬†They have banned smoking and cleaned and painted the place. ¬†Still a dive but mu... More »
Re: How do you get the screw out of a cork?     10/20/2015
@BooBear: ¬†I'm inexperienced with opening wine bottles. ¬† ;P ... More »
Re: How do you get the screw out of a cork?     10/20/2015
@mutton: ¬†If she can push it into the bottle, stick a narrow knife or something to keep the cor... More »
Re: How do you get the screw out of a cork?     10/20/2015
Uh oh, you're screwed!... More »
Re: What's a Nurse     10/20/2015
@FoFa:¬† I believe the two basic categories are now RN (Registered Nurse) and LVN (Licensed Vocation... More »
Re: SW Airlines jet makes emergency landing over reclinging seat dispute     10/20/2015
Interesting that after the woman reclined her seat, the man behind her started choking her, but then... More »
Re: Sand Creek Peeps     10/19/2015
This is the latest email I received at around 2:30pm. Severn Trent is just now marking the lines ... More »
Re: Sand Creek Peeps     10/19/2015
This is a note I received from Green Tree HOA this morning. TO ALL GT Village HOA Residents: ¬... More »
Re: Keeping an Eye on Things     10/19/2015
Nice teeth!... More »
Re: Do you think Gun Buyback programs work?     10/19/2015
These Gun Buy Backs are just "feel good" programs that do nothing about crime but do give a few peop... More »
Re: Asking for prayers tomorrow.     10/19/2015
@Nurse3:¬† You'll have my best thoughts going your way!... More »
Re: Why the war in Syria is so confusing     10/18/2015
@ET: You're probably correct. ¬†Doing so would just give them more motivation to hate/kill us. ... More »
Go Colts!     10/18/2015
Stomp the Patriots, Brady, and Belichick!!!... More »
Re: No sugar challenge     10/18/2015
@hlh212: ¬†That's a great list! ¬†I learned quickly that my body does not like the sugar alcohols. ¬... More »


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