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Re: "How Hot Is It?"     07/01/2016
@elguapo:  I do that even when I'm inside! ... More »
Re: Kingwood Mercedes-Benz owners first Saturday coffee     07/01/2016
@ForeCPA90:  Yeah, does my Toyota Tacoma truck count?  :smile: ... More »
Re: NIPPLES!!!!     06/30/2016
@Chrisinkingwood:  If @Ray were the OP, I would have immediately been suspicious!Edited: &n... More »
Re: Best internet provider     06/30/2016
A lot might depend on your distance from a booster station and the condition of the cable.  I had ... More »
Re: Father's rights to last name at birth     06/30/2016
The laws are still adjusting to modern times.  When my daughter decided to share an apartment with ... More »
Re: Dentist in Kingwood     06/30/2016
I strongly recommend you NOT use Rhonda Bollman!  She screwed up one of my teeth and it had to be e... More »
Re: Soooo whats for supper tonight....????     06/30/2016
We had leftover Chinese food.... More »
Re: NIPPLES!!!!     06/29/2016
I am very disappointed with this misleading thread!... More »
Re: Clinton's     06/29/2016
Back when Obama was first elected, I made a prediction (based on his campaigning) that he would stop... More »
Re: What's Causing Floods Around Kingwood??     06/29/2016
@uneasyrider:  After thinking about this some more, the ground is not like a sponge and can onl... More »
Re: Oh Crap     06/29/2016
@FoFa:  Sorry, buddy.  Good luck in your job search! ... More »
Re: Anyone else having Suddenlink problems     06/28/2016
I live in Greentree (eastern part) and Suddenlink TV, internet, and phone have been working fine her... More »
Re: What's Causing Floods Around Kingwood??     06/28/2016
@uneasyrider:  While there is definitely more concrete that the apartments had, I cannot ventur... More »
Re: What's Causing Floods Around Kingwood??     06/28/2016
These sand mining operations brings up another possible concern.  They are removing sand and clay f... More »
Re: What's Causing Floods Around Kingwood??     06/28/2016
@Boca1723:  Good info!  I suspect that the blue water may be the result of the use of ... More »
Re: Oh Crap     06/28/2016
@FoFa:  That doesn't sound good.  When a company starts falling apart like that, they usually brin... More »
Re: Facts     06/28/2016
@FoFa:  That's sad more than fun! ... More »
Re: 20 Answers for Black People     06/28/2016
@SwaggyG:   That sounds like something @jax would say! ... More »
Re: Attack on the 1st, 2nd and 5th Amendments     06/28/2016
@dt3001:  Apparently you are too dense to get the message.  I DON'T FEED TROLLS! ... More »
Re: What's Causing Floods Around Kingwood??     06/28/2016
@choclab:  Now why would you call it the Corps of RETIRED Engineers?  If they were retired, do... More »

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