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Re: Hipsters     03/28/2016
@BooBear:   By big hair, I was refering to the 60s "bee hive" and highly teased hairdos:Since y... More »
Re: Head West Good Citizens     03/28/2016
@PedroDePacas:  When I found out I was being transferred to Houston, one of my coworkers highly... More »
Re: Just Got A Package     03/28/2016
@allymansfield:   Our UPS deliveries were from Amazon. ... More »
Re: Just Got A Package     03/27/2016
My son and I got packages today via UPS.... More »
Re: Fishing in Kingwood     03/27/2016
I used to take my kids to the walkway just over the water near the boat launch.  We only caught som... More »
Re: Doing business with family...     03/27/2016
My rule has been to never do business or loan money to family or friends, UNLESS it involves a small... More »
Re: New fence     03/27/2016
Prime Lawn also does fences.  They won't be the cheapest, but they do good work.... More »
Re: Spring colors?     03/27/2016
When I see a thread titled "Spring colors" I think of all the beautiful shades of green and new grow... More »
Re: What is eating this tree?     03/27/2016
This may help you look for the culprit.  I don't know if that tree can be saved at this point.https... More »
Re: Neighbor's tree     03/27/2016
When we first bought our house, there was a tall pine tree that had grown at an angle so that about ... More »
Re: And so it begins...     03/27/2016
@BooBear:  Best wishes for her! ... More »
Re: Got hit by car in crosswalk     03/26/2016
This might not be the case here, but many of the greenbelts here are hidden to drivers.  There are ... More »
Re: Hipsters     03/26/2016
Ducktail hairBeatniksHippiesBig hair - womenLong hair - menDiscoGrungeEmoDoc MartensMulletsPants bel... More »
Re: Bummed     03/26/2016
@herron1345:   Come on by!  I've got some 12ga shells loaded with rock salt!  ;P ... More »
Re: Kingwood Mexican food     03/26/2016
@princecharming:   Where is "our"? ... More »
Re: Kingwood Mexican food     03/26/2016
We like Las Palomas and Los Cucos.  Tried Chachi's once and won't be back.  I find the food at Chu... More »
Re: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BBQguy!!     03/25/2016
Happy Birthday!... More »
Re: Feather in my cap     03/24/2016
Good for you!  I don't agree with old-fashioned stereotypes for men and women!... More »
Re: Anyone bank with Shell Federal Credit Union?     03/24/2016
@Stealth83:  I agree, but once the credit union is made aware of the problem, it is their respo... More »
Re: Burger King Hot Dogs     03/24/2016
@donnatella:  Not blaming the bun.  I was simply pointing out that the weiner rests on (in?) t... More »

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