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Re: New LED street lights     10/27/2015
Yeah, I didn't see them change the light, but that night, the light that shines in our bathroom wind... More »
Re: Get Your Halloween Candy X-Rayed FREE     10/27/2015
We never had our kids candy x-rayed, but we would spread it out to see if anything looked tampered w... More »
Re: Ephesians 3:16-17     10/27/2015
@herron1345:  Are you practicing to be a lay preacher?  I have a cousin that thought he was a lay ... More »
Re: Pit bulls Attack adults and go after Kids NW Houston     10/27/2015
One of my neighbors (across the street) has a pit bull and another breed.  They often let them out ... More »
Re: How do you organize your books?     10/27/2015
I separate fiction from non-fiction and group by authors.  Otherwise, most of my books are now ... More »
Re: Emmett/Parker Present MEGA-Jail     10/26/2015
@Chrisinkingwood:  Over time, things change.  The Astrodome was the first domed stadium and no... More »
Re: And the new Lays Flavor is...     10/26/2015
Zapp's jalapeno flavor is my favorite.  They started in a former car dealership just a few mile upr... More »
Re: Big ol dead feral hog laying on KIngwood drive     10/26/2015
@Fallon:  When I was a teenager, I was squirrel hunting with my 12ga in a marshy area that had ... More »
Re: Under the Glenn dead?     10/26/2015
Maggie is hot!... More »
Re: My baby turned 28!     10/24/2015
My son turns 30 tomorrow!  My daughter turned 27 back in Sept!    We were married 9 years before ... More »
Re: Kingwood Prepper's Meet up     10/24/2015
@CBP210:  She had both guns in a canvas bag.  She brought it to a local PD near where she live... More »
Re: SO what on the menu for supper at your place tonight?     10/24/2015
Crockpot boneless chicken thighs and some roasted veggies.... More »
Re: Kingwood Prepper's Meet up     10/24/2015
I had a coworker ask me to teach her to shoot.  She wanted to be able to protect herself, but knew ... More »
Re: Retired engineer     10/24/2015
@cgm10sne1:   You want me to do what?!?  Such language from a lady!  I think I can find three... More »
Re: what is this, and...     10/24/2015
Try dragging it up or down. Both when it's expanded and compressed.  It looks like one of those "co... More »
Re: young professional in seacrch of     10/24/2015
Consider finding someone to share costs with and rent a three bedroom house.... More »
Re: what is this, and...     10/24/2015
Try dragging it to the left.... More »
Re: what is this, and...     10/24/2015
@BooBear:  Can you be more specific or add a picture?    ;PMy mind went haywire j... More »
Re: New trend in funerals is kind of creepy     10/24/2015
@fcabanski:  Yep, the deceased was usually dressed and laid out on the dining room table that h... More »
Re: New trend in funerals is kind of creepy     10/24/2015
I also don't care for this new trend, but I never cared for the open casket wakes/viewing.  NO ONE ... More »


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