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Re: Why would anyone name a child...     08/30/2016
I'm named after my father so I'm a Jr.  His/my first name is Elmore.  He went by that name but I c... More »
Re: OMG...     08/30/2016
@cgm10sne1:  Sure, but what about me? ... More »
Re: OMG...     08/30/2016
@ET:   That's what those little perv's deserve for looking in my window!  How about some priv... More »
Re: OMG...     08/30/2016
@ProblemAgain:  I loved Monty Python!  Of course, my favorite song was....[youtube]htt... More »
Re: Rick Perry to join Dancing with the "Stars"     08/30/2016
@frebu:  I agree.  Brazil has been having trouble with gangs and street thugs and they took th... More »
Re: OMG...     08/30/2016
@cgm10sne1:  Now that Debbie has talked to you, I hope you feel better and realize it's nothing ser... More »
Re: More DNA tests     08/30/2016
@Chrisinkingwood:  Thanks!  While doing Genealogy research, I've met several distant cousins (... More »
Re: Rick Perry to join Dancing with the "Stars"     08/30/2016
I saw Ryan Lochte this morning on "Good Morning America" (I believe that's the name of the show).  ... More »
Re: Rick Perry to join Dancing with the "Stars"     08/30/2016
I don't normally watch (except for the hot women), but with Perry and Lochte on it, I will make sure... More »
Re: More DNA tests     08/30/2016
Can you provide a link about this DNA test at that price?... More »
Re: best Mexican food?     08/29/2016
There are several previous threads about this topic.  Please check them out.... More »
Re: Good movies     08/29/2016
@WJo:  I thought Travolta in "I am Wrath" didn't put much effort into his role. ... More »
Re: Vin Scully     08/29/2016
@choclab:  I get so tired of the non-stop talking during any TV sporting event, I sometimes jus... More »
Re: tire warranty     08/29/2016
@Maisey1:  My wife and daughter have had similar good experiences at Discount Tires.  My FIL ... More »
Re: tire warranty     08/29/2016
It's good to hear these comments.  We've been using Discount Tire for a long time.  I'll have to l... More »
Re: Colin Kaepernick refuses to stand for the national anthem     08/29/2016
@rske476537:  The only thing I would add is to boycott watching the 49er's on TV since his coac... More »
Re: Dang Scams!     08/29/2016
That part sounds like phishing for potentially scammable victims.  The originator probably has hi... More »
Re: Weiner at it again     08/29/2016
@podunk:  I would like to see lobbying abolished, but that's never going to happen with corrupt... More »
Re: tire warranty     08/29/2016
Some tires come with a warranty at no additional charge.  However, I've never gotten any credit whe... More »
Re: Obituaries     08/28/2016
I have been thinking about writing my own obituary.  I have learned it is hard for loved ones to wr... More »

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