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Re: Red Starbucks Cup     11/10/2015
@FoFa:  The Starbucks CEO simply stated, at a shareholders meeting, that Stabucks was happy to ... More »
Re: New Cadillac XT5     11/10/2015
@herron1345:  My wife had a Pinto when we got married.  She bought it in California and drove... More »
Re: New Cadillac XT5     11/10/2015
@beastmode:   I was wondering the other day if Cadillac still had the "best of the best" reputa... More »
Re: New Cadillac XT5     11/10/2015
@herron1345:  I certainly agree with you on this.  My truck and my wife's car are 8 years old ... More »
Re: ~ Happy 240th Birthday MARINE CORPS ~     11/10/2015
The Marine Corps!  The bastard step-child of the military, but the first called to action because t... More »
Re: Red Starbucks Cup     11/10/2015
... More »
Re: Red Starbucks Cup     11/10/2015
@ProblemAgain:  I see a rabbit! ... More »
Re: I need a bathing suit     11/10/2015
@notfromhere:   Also bra fitting!  My hands are calibrated and accurate to 0.1".  ;P ... More »
Re: God sent His only son Jesus to save us from our sins     11/09/2015
@elguapo:   That means @topcat or @yankeejessica gets to sit on my lap!  What do you have a pl... More »
My wife and I are worn out     11/09/2015
I've been needing to organize and inventory my ammo, magazines, and misc gun stuff. My wife did most... More »
Re: First-Time Pot Offenders Avoid The Joint     11/09/2015
@DanStanton:   I think so.  Joe or BBQguy like to sneak some in. ... More »
Re: Costco to sever ties with AMEX     11/09/2015
My old company first used AMEX employee cards but switched to VISA cards.  I don't know if they are... More »
Re: Need expert advice     11/09/2015
@beadweaver:  Current lasers are much improved over the 30 or so years since they were introduc... More »
Re: Need expert advice     11/09/2015
@Quixote:  I'm not a big fan of lasers either, but when you look at the three most commons thin... More »
Re: Quiet day in the office     11/09/2015
Especially when you're making obscene phone calls!    ;P... More »
Re: Updating all my passwords     11/09/2015
According to my list, I have 54 things with UserIDs and passwords.  I also have three email account... More »
Re: Hubby out of surgery...     11/09/2015
May he have a quick recovery!!... More »
Re: Poor BooBear     11/09/2015
@donnatella:  I Googled her for nude pics and got plenty.  I was not impressed.  She's a bit ... More »
Re: Need expert advice     11/09/2015
@sh56:  Well, I was going to recommend a .22LR until you later mentioned feral hogs and other c... More »
Re: Hiding the nuts     11/08/2015
@mutton:  Well, her husband has been away at their land preparing for hunting season, so they a... More »


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