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Re: SOme memories are NOT     04/18/2016
The first time I had a prostate exam, the Urologist had a gorgeous female intern working with him. ... More »
Re: Houston Flood Humor....     04/18/2016
@BooBear:  I could only watch for about an hour this morning.  Every reporter in town trying t... More »
Re: Crappy in laws.     04/18/2016
My MIL was fine until she passed.  Very sweet.My FIL is OK.  I like him, but don't trust him.My St... More »
Re: Mexican Restaurants Open     04/18/2016
@Haybugg:  I'm glad to see you posting!  I was beginning to think you had left us. ... More »
Re: Walked into a flooded laundromat this morning     04/18/2016
@QueenB:  I'm glad you were able to clean up and open.  Other than a flooded floor, I hope you... More »
Re: Let's play POWER or NO POWER     04/18/2016
Power in Greentree was out during the night, but is on now.  Our generator kicked on, so no big dea... More »
Re: A little light hearted banter on a rainy day     04/18/2016
@FoFa: My favorite, of course! ... More »
Re: Local flooding     04/18/2016
@FoFa:   Chicken!  :smile:After watching plenty of stupidity on the TV this morning, I applaud... More »
Re: KPRC     04/18/2016
@Jeff1928:  Definitely! ... More »
Re: Come on, be honest...     04/17/2016
What if you listened to a band?!?... More »
Re: Sad news     04/17/2016
@sweetie:  You have my deepest condolences.... More »
Re: Movin' on up the road...     04/17/2016
@magnoliamam:  Congratulations on your move and best wishes to you!  As others have stated, you do... More »
Re: Au Revoir Suddenlink, Bonjour Roku :)     04/17/2016
My son doesn't watch TV on our cable.  He streams TV programs and movies via the internet.  I don'... More »
Re: This is so sad!     04/16/2016
@jax:  Not enough room inside a house to pop wheelies. ... More »
Kayaking or canoeing in Louisiana     04/16/2016
They are "jig-fishing" where they have a baited hook and line tied to a float.  When the floats sta... More »
Re: Au Revoir Suddenlink, Bonjour Roku :)     04/16/2016
@ET:  If Suddenlink really is headed towards bankruptcy, they will be prime potential victims f... More »
Re: This is so sad!     04/16/2016
Yes, it's sad but apparently (I'm just guessing) he wasn't wearing a helmet. If he had had a helmet ... More »
Re: Au Revoir Suddenlink, Bonjour Roku :)     04/16/2016
@ET:  I now have unlimited data at the 200Mbps speed with Suddenlink.  Cost me an extr... More »
Re: Au Revoir Suddenlink, Bonjour Roku :)     04/16/2016
@ET:  Shouldn't that be "Adios data caps"?  "Good day data caps" doesn't carry the same messag... More »
Re: Most Do Something About Deaths     04/16/2016
The Prius is a sports car now.  That's what it shows on the TV commercials so it must be true!... More »

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