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Re: Good grief, get your own speech at LEAST!     07/19/2016
@Stealth83:  Exactly.  Over the past 57 presidential elections, I'm sure several of th... More »
Re: Dog nail trimming     07/19/2016
@Weathergirl5:  Our oldest dog used to freak out and we had to take her to Pet Ranch.  However... More »
Re: Now that is an OLD roof!     07/19/2016
I've heard of people putting new tar-paper and shingles over old shingles, but this is the first tim... More »
Re: Ready! Aim!....     07/18/2016
My father was a Cajun and my mother was from NE TX, so I'm half Texan.  I've been here 23 years and... More »
Re: Reel mower questions     07/18/2016
I also used a motorized reel mower when I was young.  It was also self propelled so it wasn't hard ... More »
Re: Ready! Aim!....     07/18/2016
Houston and Kingwood have a huge amount of transplants (me being one).  Not everyone will like Texa... More »
Re: A sucker born every minute and I think I married one...     07/18/2016
I still get the robo-calls that tell me that the IRS is suing me.  I guess even if only 1 in 100 (o... More »
Re: A tip for drinking more water     07/18/2016
@Champagnechola:  I've asked several doctors about artificial sweeteners.  Usually they ask ho... More »
Re: Kids trip to Six Flags was way too hot!     07/18/2016
When our kids were younger, we went to Sea World in San Antonio several times during the summer.  T... More »
Re: A tip for drinking more water     07/18/2016
As mentioned previously, caffeine is a diuretic.  However, for most beverages with caffeine (soda, ... More »
Re: @KDC.....sporting goods/guns     07/18/2016
@herron1345:   Thanks for the mention.  I hope this helps.First:  Joe is the... More »
Re: boy it's pouring down raining     07/18/2016
Just think, two months ago we were dealing with too much rain and floods.... More »
Re: A tip for drinking more water     07/18/2016
I keep a mug of ice water handy and drink plenty of water every day.  When I get up in the morning,... More »
Re: Alzheimers     07/17/2016
My wife's mother died from complications of Alzheimer's during the final stages of the disease.  My... More »
Re: Thanks to CAM Contracting!     07/17/2016
@Chrisinkingwood:  We had a black line (probably ABS) draining one A/C pan and white PVC pipe w... More »
Re: Are the Presidential conventions irrelevant today?     07/16/2016
Prostitutes will be flocking to the cities where the conventions are held.  They get plenty of work... More »
Re: Are the Presidential conventions irrelevant today?     07/16/2016
The conventions have mostly turned into a giant party for the party elite.  Some platform issues ar... More »
Thanks to CAM Contracting!     07/16/2016
We had a water leak and called our regular plumber.  He traced it back and said it was coming from ... More »
Re: Another terrorist incident!     07/16/2016
@bp2018:   I agree.  There was the Taliban, then Al Qaida, now ISIS.  They not only kill "inf... More »
Re: Buffet's     07/16/2016
@Champagnechola:  One time at work in south LA, we had a potluck lunch prior to Thanksgiving. ... More »

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