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Re: Home Security Solicitation     06/24/2015
@pmfcsk52:   I would suggest that you caution your wife about opening her door to strangers, es... More »
Re: Small public restrooms     06/24/2015
@QueenB:  I actually prefer a wide stance but it wasn't possible in that stall!  It also had t... More »
Re: Brush with "Greatness"     06/24/2015
I can't think of anyone that I went to school with becoming a celebrity.  I started at Louisiana Te... More »
Re: Brush with "Greatness"     06/24/2015
@ForeCPA90:  You admit that publicly?!  :surprise: ... More »
Re: 4th of July plans?     06/24/2015
@shodan66:  You've got a long drive ahead of you.  At least you're traveling through some nice... More »
Re: CONTEST WINNER 6/24/2015!!!     06/24/2015
@sweetie:  Congratulations!  Enjoy your facial!... More »
Small public restrooms     06/24/2015
I went to the doctor today for a routine checkup.  As we were leaving, I felt I'd better stop at th... More »
Re: Front Windshield Replacement Recommendation?     06/24/2015
@FoFa:  We have something similar.  Someone threw a large rock through my sons back window sev... More »
Re: Does anyone use GCs or discounts?     06/24/2015
We also flip through the coupons we get in the mail and with the paper.  We keep any for restaurant... More »
Re: My job search is over!     06/24/2015
@BBQguy:  Congratulations, my friend!  I'm glad you found something close and fun to do!... More »
Re: Does anyone use GCs or discounts?     06/24/2015
When my wife worked as a pre-K teacher, she often got gift cards.  The ones for Starbucks got used ... More »
Re: Soliciting laws     06/23/2015
@donnatella:  And all these years, I've been looking for the red-light district in Kingwood!  ... More »
Re: Dog love     06/23/2015
Yes, I spotted a small rattler in my yard several years ago.  It disappeared before I could grab a ... More »
Re: Yay     06/23/2015
@SenseOfHumor:  I don't see an emogi for a group hug but how about this?:hug:     :hug:  ... More »
Re: Soliciting laws     06/23/2015
@JeanGrey:  That's what many are counting on.  Using intimidation to get you to buy.  During ... More »
@herron1345:  While I agree with your intent, please remember that this is not happening in the... More »
Re: Soliciting laws     06/23/2015
There's not supposed to be any door-to-door solicitors in Kingwood; however, it is not enforced.  T... More »
Re: Yay     06/23/2015
@Krystallakay:  Welcome to KDC!  It's a friendly place but we get bombarded with newcomers tha... More »
@thetarget9:  I understand your point, but do you eat meat/fish/seafood?  Wear leather?  If s... More »
Re: Whole house generator     06/23/2015
@moodyaly:  When they installed our generator, they had to put in a larger meter.  Then it spl... More »


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