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Re: if you are sad     04/29/2016
... More »
Re: if you are sad     04/29/2016
I think these two go together.Double-date night in Lebanon....... More »
Re: if you are sad     04/29/2016
This woman skipped the pencil test and went right to the broom test.  Failed.... More »
Re: if you are sad     04/29/2016
Or you could go to Uranus.  It looks like a fun town.... More »
Re: Dear Kingwood observer     04/29/2016
@Ray:  I'm sorry.  I thought you loved them, so I've been going around collecting them and putting... More »
Re: summaries     04/29/2016
@Odin:  Well, I certainly wasn't going to touch it!   ;P ... More »
Re: Transgender     04/29/2016
@sooner34:  My last paragraph pointed that out. ... More »
Re: Movie: Nebraska     04/29/2016
@MarT:  I did not like the wife at the beginning but I loved her before the end!I'll have to ch... More »
Re: Top 10 Best Kingwood Businesses     04/29/2016
Kelsey-Seybold ClinicAlspaugh's Ace HardwareHunan Gardens restaurantLas Palomas restaurantKings Cros... More »
Re: Restaurant     04/29/2016
True story.... my company recruited engineers from universities.  The best candidates were offe... More »
Re: Transgender     04/29/2016
@ForeCPA90: You are correct, this is NOT a serious issue. Mens Restrooms have urinals and stall... More »
Re: Restaurant     04/29/2016
@FoFa:  I'm just too good to her! ... More »
Re: What was your first job as a teen, when and what did you do?     04/29/2016
I cut a few lawns until I went to work at a service station around age 15.  That was back before se... More »
Re: My funny (and expensive) tollway charges.     04/29/2016
This reminds me to make sure we notified them that we got new credit cards a while back.  I used to... More »
Movie: Nebraska     04/29/2016
I hadn't heard much about this movie, but we decided to watch it after reading the intro.  It's abo... More »
Re: The RNC called this afternoon     04/29/2016
@FoFa:  It sure is interesting.  Bush, Rubio, and Cruz have each spent at least twice the amou... More »
Re: Tree fell on neighbors house.     04/29/2016
@rugburn: That would only be true if the tree was dead or diseased or the owner of the property ... More »
Re: Packing tape     04/28/2016
@podunk:  I do the same except I take the last 1/4" inch or so and fold it under so that it sti... More »
Re: More Rain this weekend?     04/28/2016
Friday should be clear, but then Sat, Sun, and Monday are in the 90% and 80% chance of thunderstorms... More »
The RNC called this afternoon     04/28/2016
I got a call from some joker representing the Republican National Committee this afternoon.  I stop... More »

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