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Re: Looks like no COSTCO fix for me today     05/29/2016
@donnatella:  You're just jealous.  Where else can you find a nice long weiner for that price?... More »
Re: in case you missed it....     05/29/2016
Of course!  Just after I change my diet!... More »
Re: Don't Leave Your House     05/29/2016
Staying home sounds like the best choice.... More »
Re: I can't wait to hear the parents' explanation     05/29/2016
@uneasyrider:  That is the first thing I thought when I heard about this incident.  The kid cl... More »
Re: Steroids     05/29/2016
I suspect you are actually talking about corticosteriods and not anabolic steroids.  Corticosteriod... More »
Re: Porn     05/29/2016
Porn in the animal world can be bizarre!My father raised ducks when I was young.  The male climbed ... More »
Re: I have no words for this     05/29/2016
@zed19910:   Iran was very modern in the 1970s (similar to that picture).  Then the Mu... More »
Re: I have no words for this     05/28/2016
I in no way support this, butIt is defined in Sharia (Islamic) law that a man may beat his wife with... More »
Re: How many of you?     05/28/2016
Going out to look at flood waters is akin to people rubber-necking whenever there is a vehicular acc... More »
Re: How many of you?     05/28/2016
I've never done that and have no intention of doing it in the future.... More »
Re: Dr Heimlich saves choking woman with maneuvre he invented     05/28/2016
In New Orleans, my wife worked for a ophthalmologist named Dr Rise Ochsner.  Rise was married to on... More »
Re: Alspaugh commercial     05/28/2016
The commercial says "since 1996".  We moved here in 1993 and I sure seem to remember Alspaughs ... More »
Re: HOV lane     05/27/2016
On Tuesday, I saw a police car had pulled someone over in the HOV lane.  The driver must have reall... More »
Re: It's Stll a HOT Real Estate Market     05/27/2016
@frebu: Thanks for the info.  His realtor seems OK.  The problem is that my son cannot... More »
Re: A good car tool for everyone to have     05/27/2016
Ordered a pair just now.  I have been intending to buy these for years, but it keeps slipping my mi... More »
Re: It's Stll a HOT Real Estate Market     05/27/2016
@ET:  Good for them!  I'm glad they found something in their range! ... More »
Re: Bee keeper     05/27/2016
We had a large hive settle in a small tree when we lived in Laplace, LA.  We called the non-emergen... More »
Re: Hill Country creatures...     05/27/2016
What?  No scorpions?  There were plenty when we went to the Frio River!... More »
Re: It's Stll a HOT Real Estate Market     05/27/2016
@frebu and @ET:  My son is a teacher and has been saving for over two years, but his limit is about... More »
Re: It's Stll a HOT Real Estate Market     05/27/2016
That's good news for sellers, but bad news for prospective buyers like my son.... More »

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