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Re: Fifty Shades of Grey     11/30/2015
I got the set on Kindle.  I could barely finish the first book and didn't bother reading the other ... More »
Re: Check out my Yeti beer koozie     11/29/2015
He must like you.... a lot!... More »
Re: Another Question     11/29/2015
What if cats are REALLY dogs and vice versa?... More »
Re: Humble TX forum     11/29/2015
The last time I looked at it, it wasn't very active.  Hopefully, it has picked up!... More »
Re: hot drinks     11/29/2015
It has to be caffeine-free for me, so it's cocoa, Swiss Mocha, French Vanilla, decaf coffee, decaf P... More »
Re: Liam Neeson     11/29/2015
@CBP210:  "The Grey" was a great movie, but I wouldn't call it an action movie.  The ending wa... More »
Re: Liam Neeson     11/29/2015
@bubbleyes72:   Both.  It's ridiculous to see Neeson, Stallon, Arnold S, Jean Claude VD, and ... More »
Re: Liam Neeson     11/29/2015
@BooBear:  Agreed.  He is a great actor but he is too old for action movies.  He needs to tak... More »
Re: How would you like to run into this?     11/29/2015
That looks like a fruit bat.  It's much larger than a regular bat.  Those look like eucalyptus tre... More »
Re: To Jan     11/28/2015
@Ray:   Good start but what's next?   Sit on the couch, watch TV, while eating Cheetos?  ;P ... More »
Re: Man Kills Waffle House Worker After Being Asked To Stop Smoking     11/28/2015
@ProblemAgain: His trial was thrown out on a technicality.  He was originally found guilty and ... More »
Re: Opting-out of getting unwanted Credit Card offers     11/28/2015
@foxymama:  Most newspapers are really hurting from the internet and lack of subscribers.  I g... More »
Re: - The Man In The High Castle (Amazon TV Series)     11/28/2015
@RogueHippEE:  Not me.  Is it good? ... More »
Re: - The Man In The High Castle (Amazon TV Series)     11/27/2015
@Jpgurl:  I've watched that twice and enjoyed it both times!My son recommended The Man In The H... More »
Opting-out of getting unwanted Credit Card offers     11/27/2015
Debbie and I have been getting a lot of prescreened or preapproved CC offers over the last couple of... More »
Re: predictive text     11/27/2015
They do learn from the user, so..........   ;P... More »
Re: Carolina Panthers hideous uniforms     11/27/2015
@sweetie:  I agree.  Those are retro uniforms.  The NFL likes to play games with the colors. ... More »
Re: Friendship Application.     11/27/2015
@Soyeon:  Welcome to KDC!  Just join in and have a good time.   You are cute!     :smile2:I'll... More »
Re: Family reminded again why they always throw me out of the kitchen     11/27/2015
@Fallon:  My wife loves for me to cook.  I use a minimum of pots/utensils, and she cleans them... More »
Re: Carolina Panthers hideous uniforms     11/27/2015
The NFL made the teams pick one team color and wear jerseys and pants in that colors.  I guess they... More »

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