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Re: Cortisone Shots?     10/25/2016
Several years ago, I did something to my right knee (twisted it) and it became very painful.  The d... More »
Re: U.N. At it again     10/25/2016
F**k the UN.... More »
Re: Can You Identify These American Heroes?     10/25/2016
I took the test and knew all the answers but I wouldn't enter my email adress to get my score.  Als... More »
Re: It's official     10/25/2016
Congratulations!  I have a good friend and a BIL that live in the Denver area and they love it.... More »
Re: Kingwood Drug Take-Back Day     10/22/2016
@MarT:  I took ambien for a short period.  It caused me to sleep-walk and have weird dreams, s... More »
Re: Dont mean to be a grouch     10/22/2016
@Burnsway:  Admit it... you love being a grouch!   ;P ... More »
Re: crazy     10/21/2016
@deltadawn:  Too late!!! ... More »
Re: America loses     10/21/2016
That's not good.  The Philippines include many of the shipping lanes in that part of the world.  ... More »
Re: Rocky Horror Picture Show-remake     10/21/2016
@FoFa:  I had a friend that loved to go to the midnight showing of Rocky Horror repeatedly.  H... More »
Re: Rocky Horror Picture Show-remake     10/21/2016
@Fallon:  Don't be nice to him!  He might decide to stay in Texas!  :tongue: ... More »
Re: Friday's Contest Winner     10/21/2016
@TexasOma:  Congratulations!  And those aren't fall rolls, they are love bumpers! ... More »
Re: One step closer....     10/21/2016
@allymansfield:  My son is also a teacher at that school (not in Humble ISD but in the general ... More »
Re: I think it is FUNNY...     10/20/2016
@ProblemAgain:  I have periodically written to Sen. John Cornyn numerous times about issues via... More »
Re: I think it is FUNNY...     10/20/2016
I would like to see term limits for Representatives and Senators.  It's time to get rid of the care... More »
Re: One step closer....     10/20/2016
The idiocy and overly sensitivity of PC is not just for the young.  A grown female teacher reported... More »
Re: Disgusting     10/20/2016
Actually, there is no blood or gore in the video.  It just shows stupid pigeons getting caught ... More »
Re: I think it is FUNNY...     10/20/2016
@uneasyrider:  They are supposed to but they haven't done much over the last 20+ years.  The k... More »
Disgusting     10/20/2016
This video comes from Russia or eastern Europe.[ ADMIN: Video shows birds being killed ]https://www.... More »
One step closer....     10/20/2016
University of Florida offers counseling for students offended by Halloween costumes.http://www.cbsne... More »
Re: Just "playing the race card"     10/20/2016
Eybers is an a-hole and hopefully will be punished appropriately for it.  His behavior is NOT a ref... More »

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