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Can a wireless home security system protect my kids ?     04/29/2016
Just hire an illegal. Hope you speak good Spanish....way cheaper than a spam alarm Company Firs... More »
***WANTED***     04/27/2016
@safety44 For a pair of Mercury 250's I'd really have to think on it....! :) ... More »
AC     04/26/2016
@djchavez0921: 2nd for MADD. They are both fast and fair. ... More »
***WANTED***     04/26/2016
@donnatella: Depends on the boat and motor. .. Lol ... More »
Gunshots?     04/26/2016
@podunk: I'm sorry? Mills backs right up to Montgomery. Wlh just a few hundred yards up hi... More »
What is the point of e-cigarettes? If there is any?     04/26/2016
Not just water. Glycol which in refined form kills weeds (roundup) and a key ingredient in e cigs ... More »
Gunshots?     04/26/2016
Legal in Montgomery.....unfortunately very close to you. Used to hear them all the time when I b... More »
Suddenlink internet issues     04/26/2016
Suddenlink is terrible. Fire them. ... More »
Attention Parents in the Drop Off Line....     04/25/2016
@imadrummer2k: Mr. Mom :) ... More »
Begs for a caption     04/23/2016
"Moob vac....brought to you by Ronco." Now here's Ron Popeil to tell us all about it.... ... More »
Moving boxes     04/23/2016
Uhaul on 494 has a bin inside the office where people bring back boxes for others to use. They a... More »
Re: Queen greets the POTUS     04/22/2016
[img][/img]... More »
Re: Queen greets the POTUS     04/22/2016
Ok technical difficulties. The pic was suposed to be Freddie Mercury. ... More »
Queen greets the POTUS     04/22/2016
I read this and immediately thought of this Queen...not of England.... Seems more his style. ... More »
Fed up. USPS rant     04/22/2016
@ProblemAgain: The post office offers mailer companies drastically reduced rates to keep usi... More »
Fed up. USPS rant     04/22/2016
@Retired_Engineer: I do that too. It doesn't help but it makes me feel better :) ... More »
Avoid CORSET and use Healthy Tips     04/22/2016
Just one last thought. .....WTF? :) ... More »
Re: Fed up. USPS     04/22/2016
[img][/img]... More »
Fed up. USPS rant     04/22/2016
I am at my wits end. All the greenies say we should do better...ride bike's and carpool in electric... More »
Avoid CORSET and use Healthy Tips     04/22/2016
@Odin: Pretty sure it's a bad look....Especially on a dude lol Not really sure how to in... More »

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