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The rest of the Carrier story     12/07/2016
@calguy: Surprisingly the airline I've been most impressed with recently is Delta. And ... More »
Any guesses on what these are ?     12/07/2016
@farrell: Yup. ... More »
Hardware Question     12/07/2016
@terilyntx: [img] More »
Hardware Question     12/07/2016
@terilyntx: I made a mistake. All well as to making the holes but when you said drywall I h... More »
The rest of the Carrier story     12/07/2016
@ExBlue: Painful subject. I really miss Continental. United is terrible! ... More »
Re: Air Force One     12/07/2016
@mulmye: The USAF to this day flies "doomsday planes" that are B-747's from the 80's because the... More »
Re: Any guesses on what these are ?     12/07/2016
I used to carry rock salt bags....200# during the winter on my 2wd.'re doing it wrong.  ... More »
Re: Hardware Question     12/07/2016
Don't drill thru grout unless you have to.  The tile helps to adhere and hold the hanger. ... More »
Re: The rest of the Carrier story     12/07/2016
Ok, please humor me: First, if Carrier is going to replace w/ robots these jobs are not manufacturin... More »
Good place to buy a man's suit     12/04/2016
Personally I like Jos Bank but not sure how or if their selection has changed after being purchased ... More »
Assault Rifle Bulets.     12/04/2016
Assault torx bits? Things really are going to hell in a handbasket Lmao ... More »
Re: Made in the USA is going to cost you     12/03/2016
Devils advocate: First, I think its good that people are pledging to support Carrier.  There are al... More »
Break ins     12/02/2016
@shodan66: Yes I do. ... More »
Re: G&S Tire and Auto?     12/02/2016
@lisapisabobisa: Been there several times.  Fair and honest IMO. ... More »
Re: Now this is some serious concealed carry     12/02/2016
Wonder if she is local.  I'd like to buy her dinner.  Bravo. ! ... More »
Re: Break ins     12/02/2016
I don't leave valuables in my vehicle and it's always locked overnight. garage door is ri... More »
Re: How will OPEC move affect us?     12/01/2016
The Saudis dumped oil purposely due to a brilliant John Kerry St. Dept. agreement that took place la... More »
Fear....or Prison?     11/27/2016
@herron1345 More »
Goodnight all.....!     11/27/2016 ... More »
Re: Reccomedations for a family doctor     11/26/2016
Mine is Dr. Aurora Sheppard...same office as Cavnar-Johnson at KW medical center. She has been my fa... More »

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