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Family reminded again why they always throw me out of the kitchen     11/27/2015
I am OCD in the kitchen. My family has learned over the years to just let me work my magic ... More »
Grocery stores are INSANE this week     11/27/2015
@donnatella: Best that i have found is Randalls on KW drive against 494. Hit them at 9 any ... More »
Hwy 71 to Austin     11/27/2015
@donnatella: "..,..east bound and down......" lol ... More »
thanksgiving     11/27/2015
@tamara123: No shopping for us....nothing I want bad enough to engage in that madness. Goo... More »
Two Fer thanksgiving     11/27/2015
@FoFa: That looks great! ... More »
This was in the Inbox this morning.     11/27/2015
WooHoo! Maybe the agent will look like Ed McMahon lol ... More »
Mattress firm in humble by chuck e cheese     11/26/2015
@Kaolani: That is total crap. Never been there but likely less of a chance now ... More »
Boscov's     11/26/2015
@donnatella: Similar, yes ... More »
Fallon     11/26/2015
@Fallon: That is so funny. It was quite upsetting lol Good to know that it isn't just me ... More »
Fallon     11/25/2015
Never knew I had an issue with clowns until a few years back there was a clown car behind me and a g... More »
Boscov's     11/25/2015
@donnatella: I would say Dillards. My family lives in northeast PA and Boscov's was always ... More »
Brown water coming out of the faucets     11/25/2015
@Chrisinkingwood: Or of the FD is cracking hydrants for testing ... More »
Brown water coming out of the faucets     11/25/2015
There was a water main break earlier on KW drive that the city patched up this afternoon. Maybe sed... More »
Vegetarian turkey?     11/25/2015
I couldn't even imagine. My favorite is to make homemade Turkey gravy slow cooked with drippings fr... More »
Yikkkkkkke! i've got mice     11/25/2015
Lowe's sells enclosed mouse traps that you can use. No poison so won't hurt your dogs. They look l... More »
Manziel demoted to 3rd string QB     11/25/2015
Sad to see but I never have believed he would make it. He is a primadonna and will be short lived i... More »
Wisdom teeth     11/25/2015
@shopkin3: I had mine removed via surgeon....all four were badly impacted. I did sedation a... More »
DO ya ever look at your spouse when she is talkin to ya     11/24/2015
@RogueHippEE: Best quote of this thread. Thank you! :D ... More »
Feral Hogs In Kingwood     11/24/2015
@Ashley28: When I take the boat out in LH there are several island areas that have so many h... More »
Human Centipede     11/24/2015
@shopkin3: I watched the first one. Too disturbed to watch any more of the series. ... More »

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