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Pickup Truck or Truck Rental in Houston     05/14/2016
I found the cheapest appliance place to be Conns. I know most people don't like them but we got out ... More »
Ipad or Tablet?!     05/09/2016
At Verizon we see a lot less tablets returned if they are the same operating system as their phone. ... More »
New Car Finances     05/02/2016
It was actually through Texan Dodge. They didn't advertise it but another dealership far far away di... More »
New Car Finances     05/02/2016
Well we ended up talking them down on both cars a pretty good amount. I got the fully loaded 2016 Du... More »
Can you get cigarette smoke out of house?     04/27/2016
Being an ex smoker, my biggest concern would be that the smell might go away to you but others might... More »
New Car Finances     04/27/2016
My husband and myself are looking at purchasing new cars. I'm wondering though if it's better to put... More »
Door to Door Salesmen     04/05/2016
I was on break on Cleveland when these guys approached me. Seemed like a nice kid so I listened to h... More »
Lawn Crew     04/03/2016
Can anyone recommend a lawn care company? We usually do it our self however we didn't touch the yard... More »
Tommy at Ocean nails     04/01/2016
That's too bad. I know Van went to the nail salon by the new Kroger. His name is now Danny. We call ... More »
New dishwasher     03/12/2016
We have the Bosch 500 series with the 3rd shelf for silverwear. I can't have a dishwasher without th... More »
How to...     03/01/2016
Just to add fuel to the fire his WC doctor told him during his last appt that if he had done physica... More »
How to...     03/01/2016
That's what I was thinking. This whole issue came up because he had to go weekly and she never spent... More »
How to...     03/01/2016
File a complaint with the state medical board and a malpractice lawsuit? I have never done this befo... More »
iPhone Screen Repair     02/22/2016
If you drop the phone the wrong way on the wrong thing, it will break. I see it as luck of the draw.... More »
Minor Emergency Clinics in Kingwood     02/20/2016
Haven't willingly been to a minor emergency in awhile. However I can say DO NOT go to Concentra Urge... More »
Fire in kingwood     02/20/2016
Are these the same townhomes there was a post about awhile ago. With the crooked landlord?... More »
Most Popular Vehicles     02/09/2016
Could be right. I had a Hyundai for my 1st car and no one touched it. Got a Scion TC by Toyota and i... More »
Another USPS Post     02/09/2016 The closest store with a good selection is off 290 and the beltway called Aquari... More »
Another USPS Post     02/09/2016
About a year or 2 ago I ordered saltwater fish online because they were not sold in stores. They dec... More »
Another USPS Post     02/09/2016
I didn't get mail yesterday either now that you mention it. If I get my neighbors mail I usually dro... More »

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