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Re: Dog Food Storage     10/28/2015
.... More »
Re: Dog Food Storage     10/28/2015
But it has to be More »
Dog Food Storage     10/28/2015
Does anyone have any ideas on what I can keep my dogs food in other then the standard plastic dog fo... More »
Re: Black is the new White for Kitchens?     10/28/2015
We finished building our house about 5 months ago. We went with white cabinets and stainless hardwar... More »
Re: Phillips Hue wifi lighting     10/28/2015
Funny this thread came about. I purchased the WeMo system over the weekend. I looked at the Hue but ... More »
Dishwasher Tips and Reviews     10/09/2015
@akmont: That's a good looking A tad more then I wanted to pay but I reall... More »
Dishwasher Tips and Reviews     10/08/2015
@donnatella: This time it's not really luck...just personal prefrence. Nothing we have to ha... More »
Cell phone     10/08/2015
Verizon will pay you $100 to port your number and $100 to trade in ANY smartphone. As long as it's n... More »
uh oh..looks like im going to the slammer for a while     10/08/2015
And if you were getting sued they would send someone with a subpoena to your door and you would have... More »
Dishwasher Tips and Reviews     10/08/2015
Yes, we have a new house with a new dishwasher. But we hate it! You can't lower the top shelf and it... More »
cell phone plans     10/02/2015
@BooBear: There's no reason you should have to wait 30 more days to port your number. You ju... More »
Bugs     09/26/2015
We had really bad spiders, I hear because this house was just built. So we had Ballard's pest contro... More »
How often do or did you talk to your parents?     09/22/2015
I talk to mine 1-2 times a week but I talk to my in laws practically all day since they live with us... More »
Grr...SuddenLink...     09/17/2015
I have never had a problem with suddenlink but last night I too decided I wanted cable back. After c... More »
Another Nail Salon Post     09/14/2015
@HotterThanYou: I've been looking at Solar Deluxe the past few days on my way to work. They ... More »
Re: $1.98 in Porter     09/14/2015
And most are contract workers. Sure some may have been there years but that's what happens with cont... More »
Another Nail Salon Post     09/13/2015
Is J&K by the Pat's Donuts on 1314? In that old strip mall type area? By Starbucks and Shirley's? ... More »
Another Nail Salon Post     09/12/2015
So I know most people live in Kingwood, as I use to, but I figure asking can never hurt. Since movin... More »
Mail man working late     09/12/2015
@Stealth83: Apparently they don't guarantee priority mail either. My husbands birthday gift ... More »
Re: Dry Eye Syndrome is painful!!!     09/09/2015
After I had lasik they put in tear duct plugs. I didn't know they did, until 1 came out. I was back ... More »

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