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ALDI Coming To Kingwood     10/07/2016
@lisapisabobisa: Actually those store ideas are not disgusting....the problem comes in with ... More »
Bigfoot captured     10/07/2016
Big foot has to eat too...probably after the eagle!... More »
Re: Anyone sold their house lately?     10/05/2016
@HammRealty: If he has asked for an actual lister you may have squeeked by but no one is al... More »
Re: Posted engagement ring for sale     10/04/2016
Is it really our :laugh:... More »
Got bit by a Garter Snake today.     10/02/2016
@cador: Get it looked at anyhow. They may not be poisonous but some of the things they eat o... More »
Stomach Virus     09/28/2016
@bp2018: This was actually the first thing I caught virus wise in 2 years..😮😮😮 The re... More »
Stomach Virus     09/28/2016
@Nurse3: Even with all my oils, this one got me...but at first symptom I hit my digize oil, ... More »
Another reason NOT to elect Trump...think it over!!     09/26/2016
@mdizzle: Unfortunantly things like war, terrorist acts and pockets of civil unrest will c... More »
Another reason NOT to elect Trump...think it over!!     09/26/2016
They both suck but more people die around clintons so Im playing it safe.... Trump it is.... More »
Flu season     09/22/2016
Im doing great!!!! I had some sort of tummy issue yesterday morning..lasted about 6 hours...hit it h... More »
Who uses the ignore feature?     09/22/2016
I have never used it and probably wont. Too much like Im taking my ball and going home because I don... More »
Suddenlink is out     09/17/2016
@Jeff1928: Nope, ohhhh wait...yes its yea there it goes. Its up...... More »
Power out     09/16/2016
@ctl74: I have takes a while though and dont want to waste my gas. In a real emergen... More »
Power out     09/16/2016
Kid was doing school work by the window. This was our only free day to get seat work done all week..... More »
Power out     09/16/2016
Came back on. Hope it stays on.... :mad:... More »
Power out     09/16/2016
Im at less than 2 percent on phone...guess I will head to kroger to charge up so I can call. I thoug... More »
Power out     09/16/2016
Nobody knows anything...Im about to lose my fridge food and More »
Power out     09/16/2016
Was out at my place back of north woodland hills from 1 to 4 am and now it just went out again. What... More »
Animal ark     09/15/2016
The smell use to bug me but the place was always clean...I think its the prarie dogs that cause it t... More »
Several regulars seem to be MIA...where they be??     09/15/2016
I only show up when Im running low on tin foil! [img] More »

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