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Re: Pileated Woodpeckers     05/16/2015
We have 2 or 3 that come over from the green belt...can sound like a jack hammer going off...they ar... More »
Re: Strange thing about the Blue Bell Layoffs...     05/16/2015
Blue Bell owes no one nothing unless it was in a contract. You cant pay people who are not working a... More »
Re: When did the box game $ change     05/16/2015
@mutton: watch out as in I just might post more to get free  sorry add a c... More »
Re: When did the box game $ change     05/16/2015
I finally won 10 on Friday but since the change at-least Im getting to play again. I still dont know... More »
this is why im so picky with food!     05/16/2015
Its not true but wouldn't surprise me if it was. We dont put much value on human life why would we o... More »
Non-competitive Soccer     05/16/2015
Im on the fence on this one. Some kids just want to learn the skill and get good exercise and have f... More »
Re: Just found out ..     05/16/2015
He looks like trouble.....LOL... More »
anyone else up     05/16/2015
Ok I lied, Im still More »
Re: anyone else up     05/16/2015
I'm still up....but not for long....LOL... More »
Re: Weirdest thing in your fridge     05/15/2015
@tatertot58: I have I have I have!!!!! Use to be you could only get them in Michigan....I hav... More »
Re: Favorite Bible Verse     05/15/2015
@alecktra: I fought for 3 decades with so many health issues but after 6 strains of meningitis... More »
Re: Favorite Bible Verse     05/15/2015
The standard do to others as you want done to you is my daily go to. But when I started my business ... More »
Can anyone confirm this...     05/15/2015
There is gonna be more flooding over the next 2 weeks, lots of it, bank on that.... More »
Re: Wall to Wall Toddlers and Babies     05/15/2015
@donnatella: Friday night, moms and dads get paid and eat out...with 20-30 bucks a pop to get a ... More »
Wall to Wall Toddlers and Babies     05/15/2015
Damn kids having too much dare More »
dinner tonight     05/15/2015
Sliced Ham fried in olive oil mixed with 1 drop of oregeno, taste of Italy and thyme essential oils(... More »
Blue Bell laying off 1450 people!     05/15/2015
Well you cant very well pay people when your closed. ... More »
Is that......     05/15/2015
@Stealth83: we have a predicted 10 days of it so far but only 20 % this weekend. ... More »
Is that......     05/15/2015
@RogueHippEE: I dont gotta worry either since I homeschool... lol ... More »
Re: Is that......     05/15/2015
I thought it was suppose to storm around 4, guess it was inpatient.... More »


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