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Soooooooooo     05/25/2015
@analogkid: so is it gonna rain or not ... More »
Soooooooooo     05/25/2015
@Stealth83: No I want to know if its coming or when so I can plan my day. Dont wanna be out ... More »
How did you pick your user name?     05/25/2015
When I logged onto a chatroom for the very first time it was talkcity. Any one remember them, they w... More »
Soooooooooo     05/25/2015
Wheres the big bad storm?... More »
major toothache     05/25/2015
My offer is an open one so just let me know if it gets to hurting again. Try to stay off sugar and c... More »
nice out now     05/25/2015
10 drops each of young livings purification , lemongrass, thieves,and citronella mixed in with about... More »
Blanco River bridge failure video     05/25/2015
That was some major power...whole homes swept away...truly tragic situation.... More »
Major tornado hit sw Houston     05/25/2015
Any size tornado can cause major damage and deaths, especially if in a building not up to code or ra... More »
nice out now     05/25/2015
Im on my back porch too but no skeeters on me, I use a home made spray on the dogs and me that works... More »
major toothache     05/25/2015
Let me add in , what I have is legal and not a drug... :laugh:... More »
major toothache     05/25/2015
How close are you too northwoodland hills? I have something that may help.....Alot.(free)... More »
Re: Flooding     05/24/2015
No time to do much of anything. Thats why you never gamble with weather. I was pretty pissed when I ... More »
Flooding     05/24/2015
Its sad, with more to come unfortunately......:(... More »
Here is what I accomplished today.     05/24/2015
I sat on the couch all day and went swimming at 5 for two hours..thats More »
Please indulge my shameless self promotion .....     05/24/2015
Is this the weekend for free advertisement....I didnt get the memo dang it. I have snake oils to adv... More »
Mandatory evac below Lewis Dam     05/24/2015
Just looked , we were in 126E on the evac map. If the dam breaks those two bodies of water will meet... More »
Mandatory evac below Lewis Dam     05/24/2015
Man that old home is under mandatory evac. Said if the levee/damn breaks all the way they h... More »
Mandatory evac below Lewis Dam     05/24/2015
Trying to pull up a good map. Reading that yesterday they warned lake conroe hills subdivision to wa... More »
Re: Mandatory evac below Lewis Dam     05/24/2015
Actually few miles north of conroe, west of Willis, kind of like porter isnt kingwood, this little a... More »
Re: Changing subject...look at this house!     05/24/2015
Too much house, too much to keep up with. My dad once said no matter how rich you are you should nev... More »


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