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Re: From Bruce to Caitlyn     06/03/2015
@taramay:   , my post wasn't directed at me when Im directing a post at someon... More »
From Bruce to Caitlyn     06/03/2015
Just because someone disagrees with someone's life style or opinion does Not make them a hater. I su... More »
Re: COH Water Bills     06/02/2015
Mine has NEVER been over 40... More »
wasnt meeko found?     06/02/2015
Because there is a flyer on my feed that he is lost. Is this old or was he lost again?... More »
From Bruce to Caitlyn     06/02/2015
@Ebola: I get reduced rent cause I rent from my ... More »
From Bruce to Caitlyn     06/02/2015
If a man can say I wanna be woman and poof Im woman, and a woman can say I wanna be a man and poof I... More »
When do the pools open     06/01/2015
If im correct, north woodland hills opens noon the 6th... More »
female pit mix from Kingwood at BARC     06/01/2015
@doddlebug: sorry thats a load of poop....I dont see anymore pits here than other breeds. But o... More »
house for rent?     06/01/2015
We are humble school district..she can move outside of kingwood and still be humble. If she wants to... More »
house for rent?     06/01/2015
Unfortunantly most apartments have gone to 30 pound limits. Some exceptions. As far as affordable re... More »
Egg and chicken prices set to rise and already one change     06/01/2015
@RogueHippEE: even if it rises some they are generally pretty cheap...We eat fresh free range eg... More »
Check under your table !!     06/01/2015
I dont really panic with snakes either but unexpected like this and hidden with my kid right there w... More »
Re: Check under your table !!     05/31/2015
@singingmomma: as long as she wasnt moving she was probably safer sitting still but I would hav... More »
Re: Check under your table !!     05/31/2015
Oh hell no and beyond!!!!!    With the kid in striking distance. Are you kidding me????? I... More »
Gofundme and the floods     05/31/2015
There are homes that flooded that are not flood plan homes or ever flooded before. Dont give if you ... More »
Re: Facebook Nudity     05/31/2015
Oh boy.....breaking out the popcorn.By the way thats not a baby, sitting next to her is a baby. Prob... More »
Re: Lady at Kroger     05/30/2015
Im sorry, i had a bad day, I will move next time!... More »
PJ Night @ IHOP     05/30/2015
Thats my favorite time to go...its like front seats to the More »
Re: Facebook Nudity     05/30/2015
 I assume its because the child is a minor and it could be seen as child pornography and cause ... More »
Re: Saw this on FB today......oh boy!     05/29/2015
:laugh:  This gave me a headache!!!!... More »


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