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TLC pulls 19 Kids and Counting after molestation admission     05/22/2015
Nothing wrong with having a dozen plus kids as long as your not on tax payers wallet. Nothing wrong ... More »
Heavy rain event Sun-Mon     05/22/2015
@BooBear: It does but its too full...propane tanks are being tied down as I type . Lol ... More »
I'm about to go postal !!     05/22/2015
Im sorry....I will be more You know this rarely happens to me but I have NRA member... More »
Heavy rain event Sun-Mon     05/22/2015
News said Trinity areas are at the highest in 21 years...glad Im not house sitting out in BFE.. l... More »
Re: Murder-suicide in Kingwood     05/22/2015
@Stealth83: except they aint always crazy when you marry or hook up with them. I know¬† situatio... More »
Apartment Prices are Astounding!     05/22/2015
The sad thing is the property itself is gorgeous in the back...even with flooding its only the garag... More »
Apartment Prices are Astounding!     05/22/2015
Dottie, trash that More »
Looking for Wood     05/22/2015
See you guys, I just am way too old or something, I thought when he was warned of responses it was b... More »
I'm a cool Mom today     05/22/2015
We do that More »
Opened up my windows turned off the AC     05/22/2015
Jax my husky mix is in heaven...frisky little $#!T this More »
Cows are kinda sexy!     05/22/2015
Omg, just surfing kdc this week alone put ,10 pounds on More »
Re: Deaths in kingwood     05/21/2015
everything within 20 miles is sells... More »
Freaky     05/21/2015
Thats kind of gross and asking for major arthritis in the future.... More »
Pothole Art     05/21/2015
Dang it, now I want some bluebell!... More »
Re: pure honey?     05/21/2015
I get mine from knox feed..priced good and is very local.... More »
Rain. Rain. Rain     05/21/2015
Looks like a chance almost everyday for atleast 10 days.... More »
Psychics     05/21/2015
I dont believe in psychics but do believe some people are extremely sensitive, observant, and smart ... More »
WHE Korabaree     05/21/2015
Sorry, double post!... More »
WHE Korabaree     05/21/2015
When I ask my kid if there is ANYTHING she misses from public school she always says I never want to... More »
Re: Bacon!     05/21/2015
@Brat: OMG...My 2 of my favorite meats in one yummy meal....Oh I so want!!!! ... More »


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