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"free education and food"....     04/02/2016
I guess I just feel we should concentrate more on getting them off the streets then in school. Give ... More »
"free education and food"....     04/01/2016
@J2911: dont know myself. Just going on the thread subject. Original poster made it sound like i... More »
"free education and food"....     04/01/2016
@J2911: They can find a home to house more than one. Shelter or something. Do you relize the... More »
"free education and food"....     04/01/2016
Everybody needs to ask why are the homeless? All 18 yr olds or under that do not have appropiate sup... More »
Where do you fit on the list?     04/01/2016
I plead the 5th... More »
What would you do if....     04/01/2016
Salmon and Potatoes. This one actually cost me just under 20 but I fed 4 on it once and 3 on it two ... More »
What would you do if....     04/01/2016
I cooked this one with garlic bread and salad for under 8. 6 quart we fed 4 on it twice. [img... More »
What would you do if....     04/01/2016
I cooked this entire meal for under 10. 12 pound Turkey was 50 cents a pound. We fed 4 on it once... More »
Opt out     03/31/2016
@dotti573: Heard someone tell a grandma one time she didnt have a dog in the race when it ... More »
Re: Opt out     03/31/2016
@J2911: No. I still pay so I still have a fight in the But the school does no... More »
Opt out     03/31/2016
My personal opinion is it is not fair to ask a child to take on this fight. If you are going to opt ... More »
homeschooling     03/31/2016
Ok my bad. Thread title says homeschool. I got here by clicking my mentions and didnt see homeschool... More »
Opt out     03/31/2016
We opt out of everything public school everyday.... :laugh:... More »
homeschooling     03/31/2016
Are you looking to homeschool? Or looking for private school? I dont have much advice for private sc... More »
WHAT IS GOING ON.     03/30/2016
Most likleyThyroid imbalances and yes even children can have thyroid issue. Only a dr can tell y... More »
Jobs growing up     03/29/2016
I started working when I was 14. Sonic then wendys, burgerking, godfathers pizza, and at some sort o... More »
2 Lost Dogs     03/28/2016
@buffaloglenn: I have seen them say forget the fence and back up to any possible crack in ... More »
2 Lost Dogs     03/27/2016
@coffecat: the majority of people commenting are your area rescues. I wouldnt bite the hand that fee... More »
Guess what Im selling? Get it fast!     03/27/2016
Easter Love Sorry just seemed the day to spam so wanted to see how fast our forum watch dogs cl... More »
Up     03/27/2016
I slept hard till 6am then had to hide eggs.... LoL... More »

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