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You guys asked     02/07/2016
@Fallon: Within the year you will have to give pin everywhere as they are going to hold all ... More »
You guys asked     02/07/2016
@mm4731: Correct but if you use your card and its skimmed at the pump....the gas station wil... More »
You guys asked     02/07/2016
@Fallon: Fallon the new chip cards scramble before and after use. Thats why it takes a minut... More »
You guys asked     02/07/2016
So whoever was stealing our numbers and going on shopping sprees at kroger just lost their side job.... More »
You guys asked     02/07/2016
You got. No future threads complaing about longer waiting lines allowed. :laugh: [img]http://... More »
12-Year-Old Kingwood Singing Sensation     02/05/2016
People have trouble between a healthy push in right direction and a shove over bridge. Example: ... More »
Time for another game of HAVE YOU EVER???     02/04/2016
I plead the 5th........ More »
Suddenlink's Price Gouging - Data Plans     02/04/2016
When I moved here 5 years ago my bill was 94 a month. For the same crappy service and plan I now pay... More »
Wire hangers     02/04/2016
Hey guys this load is gone but I will have more befor long. I wish I had known all these years peopl... More »
Firing someone today     02/03/2016
What is the opening job gonna might have a line of people ready to replace her.... More »
Re: Flying with kids     02/02/2016
@BooBear: Its not really meat ... More »
Flying with kids     02/02/2016
@donnatella: I will lavender up my kid next time she is too loud in public if you will walk ... More »
Wire hangers     02/02/2016
@QueenB: Ok....if cat person dont want them and I have too many for our crafty people I wi... More »
Flying with kids     02/02/2016
@BooBear: Nope....never for me. Use to for fevers and discomforts but usually not anymore. I... More »
Flying with kids     02/02/2016
@allymansfield: Get you some copaiba essential oil for teething.....FANTASTIC....not hot and... More »
Against Deed Restrictions???     02/02/2016
I dont pay their mortgage so short of unsanitary garbage all over the yard or seriouse illigal activ... More »
Flying with kids     02/02/2016
@ProblemAgain: :laugh: ... More »
Flying with kids     02/02/2016
And on another note. Im not gonna drug my kid to please anyone!... More »
Flying with kids     02/02/2016
Dac1842 I truly understand wanting kids to behave in public but your post was about 2 and under. ... More »
Flying with kids     02/02/2016
@Safety44: Maybe you dont but we do. Infact we are going to an homeschool activity later tod... More »

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