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Welcome to dannydoctor!     08/13/2015
@Stealth83: Thats ok, if he gets busted over it he will just go to the other guy selling fak... More »
Wow! KDC just got even better!     08/13/2015
Woke up at 4am and saw all that...I was like And the FDA is worried about me and my natu... More »
Too hot to cook!     08/11/2015
@MarT: We did the same..our kitchen is upstairs!!! Heat rises. LOL Saw that awesome pizza p... More »
The quiet before the storm     08/11/2015
My 5th grade daughter and I will be snuggling on the couch in our pjs and watching morning news abou... More »
Plexus     08/11/2015
Better look your new FDA guidelines up or your distributor rights will be lost as fast as you got th... More »
Re: Who likes Cheesecake?     08/11/2015
thanks for ruining it for me~~~~... More »
How do you handle an overly dramatic 5.5-yr old?     08/11/2015
Had more time to read everything. More convinced you should read up on sensory issues. Tv on, Tv ... More »
Re: Lost Chicken     08/10/2015
Mom and dad lost one today but its 30 miles north clevland so unless she hitched a ride I Doubt its ... More »
How do you handle an overly dramatic 5.5-yr old?     08/10/2015
@ctl74: Didnt read over comments but please have him tested for sensory issues before you ge... More »
Homeschool     08/10/2015
Anyone not christian and feels they will have issues homeschooling, please do not make your decision... More »
Homeschool     08/10/2015
@analogkid: no its not. Pals is not christian ran. Look them up. Home and heart follow christian... More »
Homeschool     08/10/2015
@lorenamtz: No, homerun ministries is more like a program opened to ALL homeschooling famili... More »
Where does the time go?     08/09/2015
Congrates!!!! I have 28 years under my belt too.....with 2 marriages combined... :laugh:... More »
Help!! Cut off date for Kindergarten     08/09/2015
@topcat: should have seen the wreck I was filling out dorm forms for a 15 yr old GIRL about to b... More »
daycare made my granddaughter     08/09/2015
Maybe so but her post was about her concern on them forceing meat down her grandbabys throat, not wh... More »
daycare made my granddaughter     08/09/2015
Those commenting on what food was sent.....NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. After my daughters dental abuse sh... More »
daycare made my granddaughter     08/09/2015
This is my take, did the school KNOW she didnt eat meat and that was ok with you. If they did then t... More »
Help!! Cut off date for Kindergarten     08/08/2015
Only way around it is a private school that will accept her early the first 2 years then if she succ... More »
Re: Homeschool     08/07/2015
What does accredited really mean? More »
Homeschool     08/07/2015
Hint in Texas accredited is just a word. We are all accredited as homeschoolers. You do what all sen... More »


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