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Soooo whats for supper tonight....????     04/22/2016
@Lillybean: They are 100 percent natural Digize has Tarragon, ginger, peppermint, juniper... More »
Soooo whats for supper tonight....????     04/22/2016
@FeelinMinnesota: I have used oils almost 2 years and have never posted a link on here or us... More »
Soooo whats for supper tonight....????     04/22/2016
Kid has a friend staying the night so ice cream. Pretty sure ... More »
Re: Village Thrift Shop     04/22/2016
Nevermind....just looked it up!... More »
Re: Village Thrift Shop     04/22/2016
Do they buy stuff or do consignment?... More »
Avoid CORSET and use Healthy Tips     04/22/2016
Eat the rainbow and no I dont mean More »
Re: You're going about it all wrong.     04/21/2016
It turns people off. Our goal as christians should be to turn people towards the Lord....not away fr... More »
Re: Paint streets pink     04/21/2016
Then please after you make your first 30 go buy the documentary I suggested....then use the other mo... More »
Paint streets pink     04/21/2016
And the proceeds go where? Better yet if anyone really wants to understand the truth of cancer and ... More »
Do you remember 1994     04/21/2016
Love the property those townhomes sit on....wish I could get my hands on all of it and do an overhau... More »
Clothes donations?     04/21/2016
Any clothes donation centers in our area going up just for flood victims. I have a ton I was going t... More »
Re: Woodstream water     04/20/2016
Tell them if they see you on a boat waving they can start to worry More »
Holy Beguessus!     04/20/2016
I always wondered if I was super rich if I could still in good faith ever do something like that. I ... More »
Hamblen Road Closure     04/19/2016
Did the town homes back there go under.... More »
Houston Flood Humor....     04/19/2016
@donnatella: I agree but a little different this time. All year media screams the sky is fal... More »
Crappy in laws.     04/19/2016
@allymansfield: I figure my forum appearance of myself is showing enough dysfunction.No need to ... More »
Crappy in laws.     04/19/2016
@jax: Oh Im not doubting that, but the forum is public and if they read it, it is just going... More »
Crappy in laws.     04/19/2016
Well if you guys didnt have crappy inlaws befor this thread Im sure if some of them ever read this t... More »
Tiny House Hunters on HGTV     04/19/2016
To do it as a cool fad or pay 130 grand is stupid. stupid stupid. I could do it if it was just me... More »
New Caney isd     04/18/2016
@Humble Mommy: Humble they will let you know 2 hours after you swim there and drop your kid ... More »

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