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Meanwhile on fm1314 Porter     02/17/2016
Safety44 I do believe she is being sincere. Gang initiations usually do pick at random and she wo... More »
Meanwhile on fm1314 Porter     02/17/2016
The way it was done seems almost like a payed hit or gang initiation.... More »
HI....     02/16/2016
I will say since it was brought up, I wish that KDC would make something for networking a little mor... More »
HI....     02/16/2016
I have an oil well to sell. Any takers. :laugh:... More »
This is how you build a Theme park     02/16/2016
@ET: Or its because we fight the growth. Put up a new HEB and people are ready to have a civ... More »
Just as predicted...     02/16/2016
Im ok with Trump. Better than many of the nitwits up there. But Im pushing for rubio because that... More »
Editing message and title     02/15/2016
Up to an hour. Dont worry we all mis spell or use wrong grammar. Those who say they dont....LIE ... More »
Obama short list of judge replacement     02/15/2016
@Chrisinkingwood: Where have we heard that befor? ... More »
Obama short list of judge replacement     02/15/2016
He should Just appoint george sorros and make the kill of America fast and be done with it. :pu... More »
Valentine's Day Contest WINNERS     02/14/2016
Love my winnings. When you have a budding artist as a daughter you will take all you can get in that... More »
It is time     02/13/2016
The year I was hospitalized twice in 6 months, AND had my entire mouth redone AND was dealing with m... More »
Need hospital advice     02/13/2016
They are all about the same. Kingwood uses their own private team. I believe memorial uses cdc. T... More »
Valentine's Day Contest     02/13/2016
I know Im happy! :laugh:... More »
Councilman Martin vs Brown Water     02/13/2016
Boiling all the water you need isnt cheap either.... More »
Lots of sirens     02/12/2016
No but my husky sang to me for 10 minutes. Neighbors probably think I beat that More »
Im gonna use turbotax     02/12/2016
Turbo Tax rocks! This year I had to pay though because I had to use Business and home format. Its ve... More »
Antidepressants     02/12/2016
@POTUS: Yes a victim to enviroment, wrong treatments, ignorance from society, wrong diagnose... More »
Antidepressants     02/12/2016
@Ebola: Not a crutch. But is A bandaid. And one that DOES help but only temporary. In mo... More »
Big thumbs up for Paul's Appliance Repair     02/12/2016
Most honest person for repairs I think I ever used. ... More »
Antidepressants     02/12/2016
@J2911: Im 100 percent for holistic first and even have stuff that does an exellent job supp... More »

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