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Re: FDA Bans Artificial Trans Fats in United States Food Supply     06/17/2015
@beadweaver: My greenthumb sucks, that's why I use oils....much more potent, need less, don't e... More »
FDA Bans Artificial Trans Fats in United States Food Supply     06/17/2015
@RogueHippEE: And holistic measure had the hammer come down on it. People still wanna keep y... More »
Re: Favorite childhood memory(s)     06/17/2015
The 1970's original......e'nuff said![img] More »
All knowing KDCers....some assistance please.     06/17/2015
Measure it, most places like homedepot can cut you a piece. If not get a glass cutter and buy a piec... More »
Re: i think Bills bucket fell out.     06/16/2015
My 4 inch water gauge filled really fast this afternoon...I guess the wind pushed more water in and ... More »
Re: i think Bills bucket fell out.     06/16/2015
Kingwood got about 2 but the news doesn't just concentrate on kingwood....LOL Some places got 4 and ... More »
Re: What's for dinner?     06/16/2015
Sausage and pasta with cookies...:-)... More »
The local media is scrambling     06/16/2015
I dont get why people get upset with them. They can only go on what their data and equipment shows. ... More »
What is the going rate for swimming lessons?     06/16/2015
Its summer,you should be able to find someone at your area pool. Off season, join lifetime. Membersh... More »
I think your 8 inches     06/16/2015
Has started to show up. :laugh:... More »
Discipline in public     06/16/2015
I believe in spanking but a full fledge ass beating on a 2 year old for this situation would not be ... More »
What storm?     06/16/2015
@WskyTngoFxtrt: He probably feels Prepared for the next More »
What storm?     06/16/2015
People dont seem to understand bands. You have breaks inbetween bands. Each one gets stronger till y... More »
Re: Migraine sufferers     06/16/2015
@alecktra: Until June 1 I was allowed to publically say anything I wanted that worked for me as ... More »
Migraine sufferers     06/16/2015
I cant find the exact new law but this was the law 1995...if you look at the very bottom it was upda... More »
Re: Migraine sufferers     06/16/2015
For the first time in history, pharmaceuticals are losing money, having to dip into revenue. They ar... More »
Migraine sufferers     06/16/2015
@Stealth83: You just broke a new FDA law.....:laugh: Many have not been aware but peopl... More »
Migraine sufferers     06/16/2015
@Fallon: Unfortunantly Fallon is right. FDA is going batshit crazy with new laws. ... More »
local news insanity     06/16/2015
Wow guys, weathermen are not God. Be glad they can even predict the way they do. You know how many l... More »
What I've seen in the Streets this summer     06/15/2015
It may be cute but its extremely dangerous, no dog would ever survive a motorcycle wreck. ... More »


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