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Babysitter     08/24/2015
I think rate depends on situation...if you want someone for date night once in a while it would be 1... More »
Cheater croaks himself....whup de doo....     08/24/2015
@friday1: someone must of done a real number on you. ... More »
Babysitter     08/24/2015
@jasm1987: after school? Have you looked into after school programs like YMCA or are you lookin... More »
Cheater croaks himself....whup de doo....     08/24/2015
Women see sex as a chore??????? If a man is treating his wife right she isn't seeing it as a chore.... More »
school     08/23/2015
To all the kiddoes starting school in the morning, stay safe, have fun and if anyone is mean, you ca... More »
Morning decisions - to sell or not to sell     08/23/2015
@MarT: when Im trying to make a tough decision, I often say it two or three ... More »
Had not happened in forever     08/23/2015
I dont buy farm eggs. I go to my parents and grab em from thier chickens nesting spots while they gi... More »
Flea problems     08/22/2015
We are in Texas, all dogs should be heartworm protected. Its not a preventative. Its treatment. But ... More »
Re: 57% of Republicans believe the next nominee will be...     08/22/2015
Our next president has been picked for years. We just dont know yet. Vote because its your right but... More »
Re: Flea problems     08/22/2015
IN 48 YEARS OF OWNING DOGS........WORST FLIPPING YEAR EVER.  I have just been in tears keeping it u... More »
Ashley Madison names leaked     08/21/2015
I didnt bother checking. Waste of time because I married a man smart enough to use an email I couldn... More »
Question for school parents     08/21/2015
Obey them, teachers are back and schools are having meet and greets and other things.... More »
Fda and pink viagra     08/19/2015
What a waste of money and another way to poison the body. There are natural herbs and essential oils... More »
Allergies     08/18/2015
@donnatella: I cant, its against both the forum and FDA rules.... :laugh:... More »
high light bills     08/16/2015
@SWEETPEAS: cirro energy 8.3 I believe, one year locked plan..if you move out of their service p... More »
Re: high light bills     08/15/2015
2 story, bottom is wide open to top, 2500 sq feet. Cirro energy fixed 8.3 I paid 312 this  month bu... More »
Allergies     08/15/2015
First year ever not having to deal with allergies....:)... More »
Bitten by a squirrel     08/15/2015
Go to the ER, rabies or not any animal bite gets pretty nasty due to all the bacteria in their mouth... More »
Religion in America?     08/15/2015
The lord picks up residence in your heart , no laws, no change in society and cultural change and no... More »


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