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Anyone see this     12/24/2015
Im 48....can I lie and get More »
Someone asked last week....     12/23/2015
By the way I have less than 30 bucks tied up in these and they both include products only made with ... More »
Someone asked last week....     12/23/2015
[img][/img]... More »
Someone asked last week....     12/23/2015
If you were ok recieving made gifts. I made these youngliving themed baskets for some family memb... More »
Ladies, What You Want for Christmas?     12/23/2015
[img][/img]... More »
Soooooooooooo whatcha fixin' to eat tnite???     12/22/2015
[img][/img]... More »
I Hate a Thief!     12/22/2015
@ForeCPA90: Amazon said no but they had to of since they ordered through amazon. I just went in ... More »
I Hate a Thief!     12/22/2015
They got me on amazon last week. They Made an order so i immidiatly canceled the order and hit the b... More »
Re: I dont enjoy this.     12/22/2015
Lola makes a good point. If you dont want to work due to qulifications being ripped away from you, t... More »
I dont enjoy this.     12/22/2015
@WskyTngoFxtrt: what he is saying is those extra hours will take away his welfare because he wil... More »
Suddenlink sucks!     12/22/2015
@Cornellbalker: you may have reasons, they may even be legit reasons but believe it or not it IS... More »
Re: Scentsy needed.....     12/21/2015
Scentsy sells fragrant oils now but I wouldnt ingest them or apply them ....or use them for a wellne... More »
Re: Christmas Spirit     12/19/2015
My favorite! [img][/img]... More »
Re: Natural remedies for fleas?     12/19/2015
Btw....The blue Dawn trick does not work to will subdue the fleas long enough(making peop... More »
Re: Natural remedies for fleas?     12/19/2015
DE is perfectly safe for your animals as long as its food grade. All these beware articles are stori... More »
Re: Last Day to Vote for Mayor! (Today, Saturday)     12/13/2015
Think our taxes are bad now????? Uhhhggg... More »
I hate a thief.Heads up neighbors!     12/11/2015
They come anywhere near any of my EO oil packages I will pop a cap off in their butt.....dont mess w... More »
12 Days Contest -- Day 3 Winner     12/09/2015
YAY!... More »
so who still supports trump?     12/09/2015
Well if it becomes between him and Hilary its Be surprised if we even have an election ... More »
Accident at NP and Woodland Hills intersection     12/09/2015
@angiekaye: what I saw looked like life flight but I am half asleep. LOL ... More »

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