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Need to rehome Jax and Enzo     12/03/2015
Good for nothing lazy butts! Thinking about it, think I will rehome the husband and let them stay... More »
Re: Look Who Just Showed Up At KDC...     12/01/2015
You dont have enough trouble More »
Burgler dies in chimney when homeowner tries to lite a fire     11/29/2015
Thats a smell I could do without in my home...:(... More »
$20 Virtual 5k for Humble ISD ED Foundation     11/29/2015
Really you guys, as much as I hate or public school system it's really not their fault or our distri... More »
Re: Classifieds notifications     11/28/2015
@foxymama: Make sure you always add other ways to communicate because many notification ... More »
Re: Test     11/23/2015
Hope you grade us on a curve. LOL. Not sure if your test affects classifieds but my ads reposted t... More »
Re: Christmas Shopping     11/23/2015
Can get the same sales online. No need to get out and get killed. Im done with most my kids and wait... More »
I take it that means NO     11/20/2015
Maybe she saw the ring was fake.... :laugh:... More »
Well bank accounts are still being stolen - ugh!     11/19/2015
@dotti573: use the classifieds right here on this site. I have made quite a bit. ... More »
my son...     11/19/2015
Why didn't he just beep in and say he forgot to tip, could they please send his original car hop bac... More »
Re: Another post office rant     11/19/2015
@ctl74: My cards were shipped ups too.They only gave me ground option. Ups ground and fedx s... More »
Re: Another post office rant     11/19/2015
Well mail came, no cards so got with vista print and they tracked it down. Its been sitting at the k... More »
I take it that means NO     11/19/2015
Probably had an affair the night before and she found Hmmmnn all of a sudden you dont ... More »
Another post office rant     11/19/2015
I ordered business cards over 2 weeks ago. Estimated delivery 3 to 5 days. I sent a gift to someone ... More »
Re: Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal drops out     11/18/2015
Oh but the guy before him did such a great job in lousiana.:laugh:... More »
sometimes I want to do this bc people are so rude     11/17/2015
[img][/img]... More »
Bear Branch security patrol     11/17/2015
I will patrol where you can visibly see me everynight for half that.......just say'n :)... More »
Red Starbucks Cup     11/17/2015
Hey, red cup was yesterdays news. Isnt the right to wearing a spaghetti strainer on your head the ne... More »
Re: Governor Abbot announces No Syrian Refugees for Texas     11/16/2015
@allymansfield: legal or not, they are crooks and we can slam the books down on them without d... More »
Governor Abbot announces No Syrian Refugees for Texas     11/16/2015
@ProblemAgain: but we do not have to be a safe state for them. If they are not legal or do anyt... More »

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