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Black Snap-On     03/10/2016
Its not over priced to the right person. I wish I had all the money we have spent on tools and cases... More »
Not good & not surprising.     03/10/2016
There are 1000 of studies and articles out there that prove the reason our students look like they s... More »
diagnosed with strep...     03/10/2016
Could be coxsackie....its treated about the same but typically coxsackie doesnt respond to antibioti... More »
Homer is glued to my side     03/10/2016
Both mine sleep through it all and even the big claps they just look up a second. Of course I usuall... More »
Inappropriate discussion     03/10/2016
Trust me....your kid has heard much worst in her 3rd grade class and at school lunch and playground ... More »
KW Hosp complaint/Help with MD Anderson     03/09/2016
@Cador they make accidents all the time. I went to the ER one time and I pleaded with them to sk... More »
Meth Lab     03/09/2016
Im a little worried that last pup just may really be on More »
Obama skipping Nancy Reagan's funeral     03/09/2016
He must attend dead peoples funerals that vote democrat because they seem to still vote afte... More »
KW Hosp complaint/Help with MD Anderson     03/09/2016
@doddlebug: Obamacare sucks but we had a healthcare issue way before anyone even knew who he... More »
Hate Severe Weather     03/09/2016
@Nurse3: pm me the issue. Due to FDA regulations and that I sell(even if Im giving away) I can n... More »
Hate Severe Weather     03/09/2016
@mm4731: We have an oil for that too.....well for stress but not one to make work assholes... More »
Hate Severe Weather     03/09/2016
@Fallon: @mm4731: Yes please dont use the healthfood stores. They will not do the job. Could ... More »
Tension headache     03/08/2016
I use younglivings peppermint oil.....Frankensence if its more than tension. ... More »
KW Hosp complaint/Help with MD Anderson     03/08/2016
For someone who is very well versed in ER admittance I am sorry to say this is proper protical.(dont... More »
WTF, dog experts     03/07/2016
@FoFa: Good and you shouldnt yet..I understand the whole wack em off to prevent unwanted pup... More »
What's for dinner tonight?     03/07/2016 stove took a dump. Im eating chocolate covered More »
1st Thing You Do if Elected Prez     03/07/2016
Hit the red button :laugh:... More »
SWAT team outside Kingwood trailer home with man inside     03/06/2016
I do not believe there is one trailer home in Kingwood. Nothing wrong with them. Infact some of them... More »
Parental Alienation and 'you'...or, a family member?     03/06/2016
Make sure you go beyond divorce in your search. Many concentrated on how an X will alienate the othe... More »
Schools     03/05/2016
Ok....seems the ones against public school are being made out as to be wrong just because they have ... More »

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