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Cant is just not in that mans vocabulary. It is one of the few things I do like about him.... More »
Ladies, can I get an AMEN?     03/02/2016
They usually do....till they marry you. She gets all that from him because there is no strings attac... More »
Meals for bp2018?     03/02/2016
@WJo: Wow. What a way to dump on a nice gester! ... More »
Vote     03/01/2016
And no I do not mean left and right in politics. One guy really appealed to my left brain thinking a... More »
Vote     03/01/2016
Yup....Im not saying who but I literally had so close thoughts on two and thought I might have to fl... More »
Re: 19 Year Old Doesn't Know Numbers of Months     02/28/2016
Some people are very smart and still struggle with numbers. My 11 yr old struggles big time. It doe... More »
He nailed it     02/27/2016
That picture is gender bias. Guess men are immune to being sucked in by technology. Someone forgot t... More »
Woodland Hills Garage Sale     02/27/2016
Woodland hills is usually in April. 3rd weekend I think. Been going through our home weekly. We may... More »
Are you coughing alot?     02/27/2016
We use younglivings rc and raven to support our lungs along with lemon, lavender and peppermint mixe... More »
Chris Christie endorses Trump     02/26/2016
Havent decided yet who is getting my final vote because I still think our next president has been ch... More »
Meth Bust In Kings Mill     02/26/2016
When a person picks up a drink. Does drugs for the first time or picks up a cigarette or coffee or e... More »
Kingwood library voting     02/25/2016
@GoldenGirl: Our girls and parents were great about saying thank you even when no one bought... More »
Kingwood library voting     02/25/2016
@GoldenGirl: Hey we had a girl scout cookie goal to meet!!!!! :laugh: ... More »
Kingwood library voting     02/25/2016
@beastmode: Well somebody better talk to the schools then because They are NEVER 100 feet fr... More »
Kingwood library voting     02/25/2016
@beastmode: That could be tricky as they enter the library and then again enter ANOTHER door... More »
Kingwood library voting     02/24/2016
Remember that foot distance is from the voting area not the building. There is a good 50 feet from t... More »
This is not     02/23/2016
I will take the breath mint thank you!... More »
Taxes are done!     02/23/2016
@mm4731: omg..I literally cried when I had to put my oldest on. I wasnt going to but she was goi... More »
Re: Taxes are done!     02/23/2016
@beastmode: Oh I But the child credit is the only reason we get back. We dont wa... More »
Taxes are done!     02/23/2016
After paying in all year we almost had to pay more. We got a little back from the child credit. I ha... More »

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