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It has rained here almost every day for the past 3 weeks     06/29/2015
That was us last month, you will More »
Same Sex Marriage Legalized, So Can We Now Legalize Marijuana     06/29/2015
Legalize it only for personal growth and use. I was onboard for total legalization but after seeing ... More »
What!??? this is Not good     06/28/2015
I have 5 in mine right now. Kroger they are 250 each if you buy 5... More »
Re: So who else has tall kids     06/27/2015
@Mahm: Everyone is different, if that one isnt enough some others for supporting healthy mus... More »
So who else has tall kids     06/27/2015
Wow, pretty tall boys! I feel bad she will have to suffer as a really tall girl. Sometimes people ex... More »
So who else has tall kids     06/27/2015
After looking at a memory log on facebook this morning and seeing how much my kid grew in 2 years it... More »
Did I just hear     06/26/2015
I think it may be raining just a More »
At home daycares?     06/26/2015
@aggiebutterfly: for us no matter how I pushed the numbers the most I could see us profiting was... More »
At home daycares?     06/26/2015
Just a general question, but when that second income only comes to enough to pay childcare, gas and ... More »
At home daycares?     06/26/2015
I use to run an inhome daycare, with the prices you guys are quoting I'm thinking maybe I should do ... More »
vote to limit vaccine exemptions     06/26/2015
Prove to me its not about the money and big pharm and make vaccines non profit. I didn't say free on... More »
Bristol Palin     06/26/2015
I actually in this day know a few that did wait till marriage for sex and none of them were nerdy or... More »
Bristol Palin     06/26/2015
Really who cares, I'm not having to pay for it. All families have sin, destruction, sickness, skelet... More »
Nasty Doctor     06/25/2015
Saw the video on facebook yesterday. When my daughter first showed sign something wasn't right after... More »
debit credit card scam     06/24/2015
They almost got me last year...they claimed to be wellsfargo ..even used their exact number changed ... More »
FREE money $75k/year     06/23/2015
Never filled out anything on welfare before but was told by irs that you never in anyway have to cla... More »
FREE money $75k/year     06/23/2015
@ForeCPA90: like to see that law because everything I have ever seen says you do not have to cla... More »
FREE money $75k/year     06/23/2015
He does not have to pay child support unless she takes him to court. He is doing nothing illegal... More »
FREE money $75k/year     06/22/2015
@BooBear: in this scenario he isnt unemployed. She is the unemployed one and if they marry, his... More »
FREE money $75k/year     06/22/2015
@BooBear: co signor ... More »


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