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Re: Always CHECK your Receipts!     08/29/2015
I think this could have been an honest mistake not catching that you had prepaid some. If they retur... More »
Re: It came in the mail. Fear set it as my hand trembled...     08/29/2015
2600 sq feet.....mine was 271.....last month it was 312... More »
OUCH     08/29/2015
@squirtismyboy: actually you can hardly see the wound but its started to hurt some about an hour... More »
OUCH     08/29/2015
@uneasyrider: it would fall of deaf ears around ... More »
UFOs sighted?     08/29/2015
Bunch of drunks scaring little kids screaming end of the world over lit up balloons or parachutes. N... More »
OUCH     08/29/2015
Its a very bad nasty OLD ugly rusty tack nail that went all the way in. I took lemon and thieves ess... More »
OUCH     08/29/2015
Haha not a lego...sorry loaded the picture late, it didnt post in the first post for some reason but... More »
OUCH     08/29/2015
Picture... [img][/img]... More »
OUCH     08/29/2015
Took place of coffee in waking me up this morning as it implanted itself all the way into my heal. ... More »
Blue Bell     08/28/2015
Thats right, everyone in California is nice and skinny and only eats healthy 2Danes you f... More »
Blue Bell     08/28/2015
Big pharm KNOWENLY kills thousands a year and nobody bats an eye and still pops their pills and peop... More »
Holy Crap. I'm in trouble     08/28/2015
You really wonder why she cried? And thought you were helping? CLUELESS are :laugh:... More »
Holy Crap. I'm in trouble     08/28/2015
@FoFa: you better check all your financial accounts and make sure your family isnt the pending a... More »
Stay away from Kingwood Air Conditioning and Heating     08/27/2015
@QueenB: third fourth and fifth ... More »
Tuna Lawsuit     08/26/2015
I miss the days when you opened a can of tuna it was huge moist chunks, now you open a can and its s... More »
Any guesses as to why?     08/26/2015
Imo, our schools will never get better NO matter how much money we throw at them. We have taken the ... More »
Husky on the loose     08/26/2015
Not mine, he is licking my toes as I post this. ....LOL And I beg to differ, as a heartworm posit... More »
Anyone know the number     08/26/2015
I still have one package going DHL but have no idea where it is. The tracking number doesnt work. Go... More »
Are there any jobs that allow you to take your child to work??     08/25/2015
@IsaiahsMommy: no problem, I.wasnt trying to recruit, thought after donnatella brought up direct... More »
Honest Mistake     08/25/2015
I just thought they were in a Halloween costume??????... More »


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