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Spelling Test     09/01/2015
I got an A.....I missed acquire , so now all of you testing better get at least that one right....lo... More »
Bluebell     09/01/2015
Downplay the issue??? It was front page news for months!!!! Over exaggerated news at that. Media mad... More »
Bluebell     09/01/2015
@Stealth83: ..... yea bluebell are criminal masterminds that paired up with CDC who are REALLY C... More »
Bluebell     09/01/2015
Mahm, I wasnt directing at you, some in my facebook were really ranting about the price as in we sho... More »
Bluebell     08/31/2015
@Sniper12: exactly, that's when their weekly sale starts. Other stores will do the same. Nobod... More »
Re: Bluebell     08/31/2015
Its up to the stores to run sales, not the company. Someone on my facebook was bitching they paid 6.... More »
"I'll pray for you"     08/31/2015
I usually haven't said that in a debate but have to people in a crisis or low mood. And I mean it an... More »
@TheTruthHurts: they didn't kill anyone, listeria did. These things happen, They have a damn g... More »
Just picked us up a couple!!!!! [img][/i... More »
Homeschool     08/30/2015
@allymansfield: nope, not creepy at all..Heart has lil hearts, pretty much newborn to kinder. ... More »
Re: Homeschool     08/30/2015
@tessie: Sorry, I hit submit too fast...they are added to my post now Once you join you... More »
Re: Homeschool     08/30/2015
Join heart, home and pals...few others. The big ones are heart and home. 25 a year per family. Lots ... More » -- Proofread Much?     08/30/2015
@donnatella: if I was the boss, I would call them in my office, lock the door, tell them to sit ... More »
Re: Kenneth's Car Care in KW...avoid!     08/30/2015
If you have GM or like vehicles go to munday chevrolet and ask for my hubby herb(heavy line work). T... More »
Re: @2danes .....What Gives, Dude?     08/30/2015
@mm4731: The difference is we are not on a california forum trashing one of thier communities r... More »
Re: @2danes .....What Gives, Dude?     08/30/2015
Most people dont understand weight issues are typically not an eating too much food issue as much as... More »
Re: OUCH     08/29/2015
Oh that arm got its work out....just helped hubby carry in over 400 auto service manuals, they weigh... More »
Re: Always CHECK your Receipts!     08/29/2015
I think this could have been an honest mistake not catching that you had prepaid some. If they retur... More »
Re: It came in the mail. Fear set it as my hand trembled...     08/29/2015
2600 sq feet.....mine was 271.....last month it was 312... More »
OUCH     08/29/2015
@squirtismyboy: actually you can hardly see the wound but its started to hurt some about an hour... More »


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