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Lost dogs     07/12/2015
Found!... More »
lost dogs     07/12/2015
Found!... More »
Help! Lost dog!     07/12/2015
Found!... More »
Help! Lost dog!     07/12/2015
Lost dogs of Texas has a facebook page that is pretty popular. May try and post it there.... More »
Help! Lost dog!     07/12/2015
For those reading, this is the same dog I posted about. Hope to find her today before it gets too h... More »
Jade helm     07/12/2015 More »
lost dogs     07/12/2015
Thanks, as far as I know the female is still on the run, last seen headed towards sherwin trails ar... More »
lost dogs     07/11/2015
They found the male, the female is still missing so they are not running together anymore.... More »
Re: lost dogs     07/11/2015
Somebody probably has them in their back yard feeding them steaks!... More »
Re: Lost dogs     07/11/2015
Any luck yet Janet? I posted it in the main forums, no sitings yet....:(... More »
lost dogs     07/11/2015 More »
Good MMA-Jui Jitsu Schools???     07/11/2015
I double triple the referrals of master Jordan with Tiger rock.... More »
FREE kids Teeth Check up by Colgate     07/09/2015
Edited my message, don't want a big debate...LOL.... but my 2 cents is I dont like these m... More »
NO Cheating!     07/09/2015
The last picture I actually took. [img] More »
NO Cheating!     07/09/2015
Actually last picture is a download.... yes somebody is very much on my [img]http:/... More »
Coincidence?     07/08/2015
@HollyHobby: I guess they met with feds not fda.....same http://thefreetho... More »
Coincidence?     07/08/2015
Im safe, im at the pool My newest conspiracy is trying to find out how three holistic ... More »
Re:     07/07/2015
Fleas got More »
HELP- looking for food grade Diatimacious Earth     07/07/2015
@Angie1002: most years I have only had to use it once in yard, once in home and once on dogs an... More »
Re: ....Where Do We Draw The Line... Or Is There Even A Line To Draw Anymore?     07/06/2015
What @herron1345 said.......^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  Times 1000... More »


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