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Does anyone know what's going on at the canal in Elm Grove?     01/11/2016
@RogueHippEE: [img] More »
Selling online pet peeves     01/10/2016
Its all part of business..... Grin and bare More »
Bug going around?     01/10/2016
Nothing here!!!! But just about everyone I know has caught something. ...:( hard year for lots of... More »
Re: noise outside     01/09/2016
I came here just to see if anyone knew if we were at war or More »
Re: Safe neighborhoods in Kingwood     01/08/2016
Cool...havent been on the property in a while. Lived in them late 90s and viewed them several times ... More »
Re: Safe neighborhoods in Kingwood     01/08/2016
Walmart porter has an awsom clearance section . ¬†Been to clevelands too a few times. I will admit t... More »
Re: Safe neighborhoods in Kingwood     01/08/2016
@dotti573: There isnt any documented proof we are less safe in those places than bear branch... More »
Been At The ER - The Dude Is Down.... **Prayers Requested**     01/07/2016
Most deffiantly sending up prayers for you!!!!... More »
So whatcha fixin for SUPPER tonight?     01/07/2016
Left over Salmon from last night. [img] More »
What supplements do you take?     01/07/2016
@sooner34: Dont need to be an expert to know even our high quality foods are full of crap. W... More »
Re: What supplements do you take?     01/07/2016
Younglivings ningxia red. Mineral essence.omegagize, Inner defense if I have been exposed to anythin... More » it just me?     01/07/2016
@cgm10sne1: This is not their fault. We have past post on this and its being looked into b... More » it just me?     01/06/2016
I have sold shoes. My daughter had several worn like twice. Old really used is gross. But even store... More »
Your kids suck     01/02/2016
Dang it!!!! My kid said she was at the library studying. On my way to the park now. ... Sorry ... More »
Dog found     01/02/2016
Picture?....too many lost and found dogs to say without any nfo.... More »
Re: Girl scout cookies.     01/02/2016
the kids need help. Its not safe to door to door and it irritates people. Just because they have mom... More »
Girl scout cookies.     01/01/2016
Blueyes some geneouse thought starting sales the week befor Christmas would be a great new time........ More »
Police Chase *Live*     12/31/2015
Watching it and thinking they could run on feet and catch More »
Thank you Papa John's pizza delivery guy...     12/30/2015
My youngest was an escape artist for sure. Living in willis, When not even 2 yet my hubby went out f... More »
Re: Sushi with the hillbillies     12/30/2015
Just to prove I was there. Thats me fuming over the Tea price!!!!! [img] More »

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