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Let's play POWER or NO POWER     04/18/2016
Not even a flicker in NWH. Holding strong.... More »
I need to....     04/18/2016
Get up and post early more often. 2 random box credits and Im only on post More »
Do you think Humble will cancel?     04/18/2016
Peeps be ripping humble isd notification post on facebook a new one for waiting so More »
Well..........     04/18/2016
@beastmode: Bad weather NEVER phases mine. Until today....Enzo is NOT caring for this cra... More »
Do you think Humble will cancel?     04/18/2016
@Nurse3: Thats my issue. Mine is stubborn. He tried to go to work during IKE. I have to hide... More »
Do you think Humble will cancel?     04/18/2016
Even when I wasnt homeschooling. For both my kids. I never even checked closures in bad weather. Eve... More »
Well..........     04/18/2016
Making coffe was the FIRST thing I Priorities :laugh:... More »
Do you think Humble will cancel?     04/18/2016
You are the parent. You way I would ever take my kid out in this crap. Education does y... More »
Well..........     04/18/2016
Well its one of the worst I have seen thats for sure. I turned all alerts off at More »
Well..........     04/18/2016
Thought someone was dropping More »
Thunder     04/18/2016
Not sure I ever seen it quite this bad. This shit gonna restart dead peoples More »
Well..........     04/18/2016
Well Im up now...... :laugh:... More »
Sad news     04/17/2016
:(... More »
Re: strange thing     04/17/2016
They can smell death. Someone may have lost their pet while you were there or shortly befor. Im not ... More »
Movin' on up the road...     04/17/2016
Why stop posting? If this forum thinks they will get rid of me just because I may move out of kingwo... More »
anyone know of any free summer programs for kids     04/15/2016
@7angeleyes: I think pedro was being sarcastic but a few chores wouldnt lots of s... More »
Power to choose     04/15/2016
8.8....just looked on a 1 year lock in. You can break the contract no fee if you move and they dont ... More »
Power to choose     04/15/2016
We use cirro. Cant remeber my exact price but Im paying about 70 less a comparable month then I was.... More »
Re: Is it legit?     04/15/2016
:laugh:... More »
Friday's Contest Winner!     04/15/2016
Over a stupid ghost story none the ... More »

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