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Re: Just read this on my FB page     07/25/2015
Something else they dont tell you. More »
Stolen Bicycle - Reward (Now with videos)     07/24/2015
@fcabanski: pretty sure the poster figured that out so best concentrate on the jerks that stole ... More »
Stolen Bicycle - Reward (Now with videos)     07/24/2015
Why is it every time someone reports being a victim the first thing people want to do is point out w... More »
Re: out in BFE again     07/23/2015
I got my dont do weed though, infact I rarely drink but the sounds of banjos down ri... More »
out in BFE again     07/23/2015
Folks are getting wise to me and left no tequilla....only vodka and other crap. They know I hate vod... More »
AKC REGISTRATION     07/22/2015
I just love my wheaten terrier enzo to death, got him from a member here who paid huge bucks for him... More »
AKC REGISTRATION     07/22/2015
Not sure you can do that, they are not going to just register dogs because you say they are pure bre... More »
AC help fast     07/22/2015
Found my receipt, wasn't picky about who they send, its the hottest week of the year...lucky they ca... More »
AC help fast     07/22/2015
Hey guys AC went out, I think I used air solutions last time, I think his name was mikey but I cant ... More »
Re: Back pain     07/22/2015
@Annie: sometimes, jax my husky will let me use the hand held vacum brush on depe... More »
Re: Why do Kingwood residents do this?     07/22/2015
Dont throw it back unless you see it being done yourself. I had to turn in a lawn company because  ... More »
Re: Kingwood pools     07/21/2015
They need to paint and clean up north woodland hills bathroom house though, Its looking a bit ran do... More »
hungry ?     07/20/2015
On my tiny phone thats exactly what they look like. .LOL... More »
Re: Jax my husky     07/19/2015
Thanks guys, I was just really excited because I knew through research this was the best way for us ... More »
Alternative Medicine     07/18/2015
Drs cant prescribe herbs or oils because they are not fda approved. They can suggest with in reason... More »
Jax my husky     07/18/2015
What a fantastic phone call I just got. A little over 2 years ago a stinky ungroomed, underweight, h... More »
Re: large, low object     07/18/2015
Totally off subject but since it was brought up, whats the deal with shingles outbreak. I swear Im h... More »
Reverse Mortgages     07/16/2015
@dotti573: you most likely wont be but all their assets will be liquidated and taken to pay off ... More »
Reverse Mortgages     07/16/2015
If the house doesnt sell for the amount given when they pass away, technically whoever inherited it ... More »
No google. What Izzit?     07/16/2015
Hand cuffs?... More »


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