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Disclosure when buying a house     05/26/2016
Doesnt scare me a bit. I got voodoo them spirits right outta my home. :laugh: On ... More »
KPRC at Creekwood Middle     05/26/2016
@princecharming: actually no i didnt know and thats why I asked. ... More »
KPRC at Creekwood Middle     05/26/2016
@princecharming: If you know. Why not tell us? ... More »
KPRC at Creekwood Middle     05/25/2016
We had a stranger danger alert. Maybe they are just asking around.... More »
Keep an eye out at Kingwood Library     05/25/2016
Oh....didnt know bringing attention to a creeper in the community made us women weak and victims.... More »
Humble ISD Chooses New Superintendent     05/25/2016
@Stealth83: I would like to see data from her past school districts that she left them with ... More »
Humble ISD Chooses New Superintendent     05/25/2016
@donnatella: You own a house or have property in this district? Bad school districts dont us... More »
HumbleISD New Superintendent     05/25/2016
I will only make one comment and wont elaborate on it. Discuss it or defend it. Pull your kids ou... More »
Re: Do you know...     05/25/2016
Nope ...but the little one yapping outside my window this morning has been called a few names by me.... More »
Chewbacca mom     05/25/2016
@foxymama: They aint gonna get bullied. Khols gave them 4 bags full of top selling star wars... More »
Second Profession     05/25/2016
Sounds like a few of you like plants and the health benefits it brings and potential income. Well... More »
Kid outside CMS     05/24/2016
@mutton: 5 days .......people gotten less time for armed robbery. ... More »
Chewbacca mom     05/24/2016
@Fallon: She is just an everyday mom who used her birthday money to buy a chewbacca mask at ... More »
Kid outside CMS     05/24/2016
Why are they still doing this? ... More »
GoFundMe and my new wine cellar     05/24/2016
I will donate 20 if you donate back to me 200 to go see my grandbaby! My goal is 3000 before her 18t... More »
Re: Chewbacca mom     05/24/2016
Im pretty sure she doesnt care what we think. She scored her family about 10 grand in stuff free wit... More »
Amazed     05/23/2016
Think she is just saying she has had a pleasant experience with our classifieds. So have I, both as ... More »
New     05/23/2016
@BooBear: A baby for 30....sold ...on my way :laugh: ... More »
Kid outside CMS     05/23/2016
@Fallon: In my story that is what got me...state took this child from her mother and placed ... More »
Kid outside CMS     05/23/2016
@fcabanski: Dont know about this case but in my post I mentioned i brought it to schools a... More »

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