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Obama Massive Liar     04/11/2016
What politician isnt a massive liar. Obama is just more open about it. He did promise to be transpar... More »
Re: Center point energy     04/11/2016
Our gates stay locked. If they decide to jump it then they are free game. How is a dog to know the d... More »
Center point energy     04/10/2016
I thought all readers went to digital so they didnt have to enter your yard. Jax would have taken hi... More »
Poor Bree     04/10/2016
Cute @$$ by yhe way! :laugh:... More »
Poor Bree     04/10/2016
Yea it looks a bit close. She may have a few shave burns. Hair grows fast so she will be fine but th... More »
Question about flyers on doors?     04/10/2016
Im not angry about it. I get kind of mad because the dogs go into murder I was just giv... More »
LOL     04/09/2016
@beadweaver: I got stuff that works better than pot. And Is legal. And I dont buy from puppy... More »
LOL     04/09/2016
Pot and puppies? :laugh:... More »
Question about flyers on doors?     04/09/2016
If it aint from the post office saying I have goodies it is trashed. I do glance at them on the way ... More »
Re: Parents not allowed at school     04/07/2016
They are allowed at my school! :)... More »
Garage Sale Dates     04/07/2016
@Txbutterfly: Thanks! Is that posted anywhere? I search their site and all I can ever find i... More »
Garage Sale Dates     04/07/2016
Hey guys when is North Woodland Hills. Its not on their site and I don't want to wait till last minu... More »
Found twylas dog.     04/05/2016
@lola: Well he passed his socialization He was as gentle as a therapy dog with ... More »
Found twylas dog.     04/05/2016
He is safe in twylas hands for now. What a great dog. It was homeschool park day and he was FANTASTI... More »
Found twylas dog.     04/05/2016
[img][/img]... More »
Found twylas dog.     04/05/2016
Hey a dog with twylas tag on it at elm grove park. Got him on a leash .....picture to fol... More »
I wonder     04/05/2016
After checking the forums past few days, if KDC might want to check ID's at the door and maybe give ... More »
Just bought 50 pounds of chicken     04/04/2016
I would burn my instant pot up with all the goodies I could cook up with that much chicken. Did you ... More »
Basil uses     04/04/2016
I use younglivings basil oil in so much I cant list it all. For cooking I use it in most beef or ita... More »
So whuts fer supper tonight??     04/04/2016
Tuna sandwich because I didnt get a nap and Im too lazy to More »

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