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another round of storms this morning     05/27/2016
Damn rain has me up before I have to be!... More »
KWD is starting to flood     05/27/2016
How are the conditions this morning? ... More »
KWD is starting to flood     05/26/2016
Where?... More »
ear drops     05/22/2016
Sinus / allergy time here and I long for the comforting ear drops of my childhood. Any suggestio... More »
Graduation gift cards     05/22/2016
One graduate gift is easy - Amazon gift card because she is going into a dorm and lots of new things... More »
Question     05/22/2016
And the math changes quickly with bunny reproduction. ... More »
Holy moly it's muggy     05/22/2016
But you will have a good complexion!... More »
Just Noticed This Unfortunate Thread On ADC **Heads Up**     05/22/2016
When it was written that he was "getting out if the car" - was he in the driver's seat? If not,... More »
Doobie Brothers / Journey Concert     05/22/2016
Just getting out of bed from staying out late last night. The concert tickets were part of my Chris... More »
Been off the grid...     05/22/2016
@FALLON Your recap reminds me of what I used to read every Friday when I was an avid All My Children... More »
Missing small Persian cat     05/21/2016
@Nataliej: Open a can of tuna on front porch. See if you get kitty home.... More »
I just went to the Subway on Mills Branch and...     05/21/2016
Poor door. Is the business still open? ... More »
Serenity Massage - 50% Off Spa Camps     05/21/2016
At first, I thought this was an advertisement for what adults could do out while their kids were stu... More »
Why do I doubt Amazon will be delivering this late in the evening???     05/21/2016
Could it be delivered to you on your trip?... More »
Research study     05/20/2016
My psych professor offered 10 bonus points for the semester if 10 of these type studies were complet... More »
Homie this morning     05/19/2016
Wish I had the free time to do the same. Life is at a crazy pace tight now.... More »
Kingwood Drive Repair - UPDATED     05/19/2016
@Weathergirl5: BRILLIANT!! That is what I remember hearing in England. :) ... More »
Just for Fun: Things You Don't Say...     05/18/2016
I stopped taking my meds since we met. Yup, that was said to me.... More »
Post your top 3 favorite songs     05/17/2016
Anytime these come on the radio, I am sure to turn up the volume and sing along. Not well, so hopef... More »

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