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Woke up to this yesterday morning.     08/28/2016
Did the tree just get sleepy and lean over to nap or was there trauma to the tree?... More »
4 days in and....     08/27/2016
...well the teacher got up still disguised as a student and patted him on the shoulder thanked him f... More »
First week of kindergarten...     08/27/2016
@WskyTngoFxtrt: Ask him to please avoid me. I think too many carriers seek me out.... More »
Any night owls up?     08/27/2016
@AuthorMan: There is already a website to take care of the Walmart angle. You could start a... More »
Mornin' peeps!     08/27/2016
Coffee isn't my thing but thought I would mention an upcoming event at the Woodlands. The symphony... More »
Does Anyone Know Any Eco Friendly Fire Ant Killers?     08/26/2016
I don't know about eco friendly but I have purchased some terrific pesticides at the pest supply sto... More »
$326 Water Bill     08/25/2016
An easy way to check for toilet leakage- Put a few drops of food color in the tank. Don't dist... More »
Women's Vintage Clothes     08/25/2016
Bluebird Buffalo Exchange ... More »
Rise Souffle     08/25/2016
@Fallon: Make sure you gps it or you will never get there. Park in parking garage to make i... More »
Rise Souffle     08/25/2016
@Chrisinkingwood made me think of a new restaurant that has opened in Houston. Restaurant originall... More »
My review of Chez Nous with photos!     08/25/2016
Hubby typically chooses Chez Nous for his birthday. Our favorite is the rack of lamb. Can't go wr... More »
Seal being chased by Oscar pod jumps on to boat     08/24/2016
Smart seal! ... More »
Sand Creek, Greentree peeps     08/24/2016
@Jpgurl: Isn't it obvious? Checking for green pools!... More »
Good Golly !     08/24/2016
Good genes or a good surgeon. It's all the same.... More »
Lived through it     08/24/2016
My mom coped by repurposing my room. Yup. I showed her. I moved back home when I changed majors... More »
Introduction     08/24/2016
Good morning @Lin. Are you just getting up or not yet gone to bed? This is,definitely the,quiet... More »
Medicine for Safety44     08/23/2016
Happy to see you posting @Safety44. Keep your chin up. :)... More »
Medicine for Safety44     08/23/2016
@Fallon: And perhaps an excuse for a spongebath. Hang tough, @Safety44. Keeping you in my... More »
Stuck at home so I decided to cook some stuff for mom     08/23/2016
Don't forget to put names and info on portion size. Ex: Lasagna - 2 servings That way, she wo... More »
Happy birthday, @bp2018!!!     08/22/2016
Happiest of birthdays to you.... More »

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