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Advice on Assisted Living Centers     02/11/2016
I don't have knowledge of the specific properties but wanted to suggest dropping in when they don't ... More »
It's always fun to hear the fire alarm below you in a highrise     02/11/2016
@donnatella: Did you do the stairs down? Hope you aren't on the 50th floor!... More »
When are they going to turn on the stop light?     02/11/2016
I like that there is a warning sign being installed. The blinking light showing traffic light ahead... More »
Warren's Landscaping Service     02/09/2016
I have used ELC for multiple projects. They are not the cheapest but they provide excellent service... More »
Happy Mardi Gras!     02/09/2016
Leftover rotisserie chicken with noodles. The veggie will be the first one grabbed out of the pantr... More »
Where would you go?     02/09/2016
I recommend doing a photo safari. Go during our summer because it will be winter in Africa. The la... More »
If you are going to lipsync...     02/08/2016
I missed the news story this morning. The teaser was saying there was a hidden message in Beyonce's... More »
Foods when sick     02/08/2016
Carrabbas also makes a mean chicken soup. Are there any places in Kw that have Pho? I agree abou... More »
Yes!!!!! 😀     02/07/2016
I will miss JJ.... More »
Yes!!!!! 😀     02/07/2016
What to do now?... More »
Humble BBQ Cookoff     02/07/2016
Any news on the winners? ... More »
Random Things     02/07/2016
@FoFa: That is just wrong!... More »
For food truck foodies ... Tacos Citlalli     02/07/2016
Idea of their hours?... More »
Echo stuff     02/07/2016
I learned to cover the entire bathroom floor with a previous dog. She hated bathtime.... More »
Go Home     02/07/2016
Hope everyone stayed safe. ... More »
Go Commercials!!     02/07/2016
It is a sad year when Prius makes a favorite. What is the world coming to?... More »
Yes!!!!! 😀     02/07/2016
@DLL: But it did guarantee uninterrupted pedicure time for months! ... More »
Go Commercials!!     02/07/2016
@MarT: Did you notice her shoes?... More »
Go Commercials!!     02/07/2016
@ET: What is that? I found it funny because one of my friends just putt putts in her Prius. ... More »
Go Commercials!!     02/07/2016
The Prius commercial merited a good laugh.... More »

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