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Sphincter Pucker Moment     11/10/2014
@herron1345: My job is moving out of downtown to out off I-10. Hoping to post on something n... More »
Longest standing member?     11/10/2014
I have a few years under my belt... More »
Sphincter Pucker Moment     11/10/2014
Thanks it will be at least a year or so before they move us. I'm going to have to sell my Yukon for ... More »
Strange food likes......     11/10/2014
I like to eat a totinos pepperoni pizza with reeses cups... More »
Sphincter Pucker Moment     11/10/2014
@FoFa: What is your commute time we are getting moved to that area? ... More »
AHS - Freakshow     11/09/2014
@jls2: Be a lot cooler if it were. ... More »
AHS - Freakshow     11/09/2014
@donnatella: I highly recommend every season on American Horror Story. Great stuff... More »
rammer jammer     11/09/2014
@herron1345: I'm back as much as possible! Get over here early! Going to be pre gaming ear... More »
AHS - Freakshow     11/09/2014
You know that tiny lady on Freak show? Is it weird that I want one to just hang out at the house ... More »
rammer jammer     11/09/2014
@herron1345: Yea it was huge games. The rest of the month should be great!... More »
rammer jammer     11/09/2014
19 heart attacks yesterday! Roll Tide!... More »
Please Be Cautious     11/09/2014
@friday1: That's dirty... Just donate to strippers their kids need food too. ... More »
My female friend is evil     11/09/2014
@squirtismyboy: Our work is never done ... More »
I'm new to the site.     11/09/2014
@herron1345: Tru dat ... More »
SOA…     11/07/2014
@herron1345: What up what up!! All good in the hood. ... More »
SOA…     11/06/2014
@Stealth83: Abel is going to be cold blooded. ... More »
Craving Chinese Food     11/06/2014
I usually get Hunan Garden. But JoJo's delivers sushi as well not bad.... More »
Tom Brokaw Says Republican Victory Means Republicans Must Cave     11/06/2014
@fcabanski: What an a hat. Brokaw sucks.... More »
South Woodland Hills Break-in     10/30/2014
@Kmcalderon: Dang! That's crazy! I'm in north woodland hills ... More »
Threesomes or more     10/30/2014
@Odin: Did u double dutch rudder? ... More »

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