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Re: Well UFO's and Aliens are real     11/13/2014
@Jpgurl:  I believe it. I just can't imagine we are all alone in the universe. ... More »
Where to get Fried Turkey, close to KW?     11/13/2014
@Dbstelly: Dude fry that sucker up. It's not hard. Get an injector and some cajun butter! $$... More »
Poor Poor Juice     11/13/2014
Marilyn Manson mowed him and then read him poetry!!!... More »
DUDE!     11/13/2014
How cool would it be to hang out with her![youtube][/youtu... More »
Where to sell fur coats?     11/12/2014
@Zalfam6: Maybe check with Riff-raff's people. Are they pimp?... More »
Y'all ready???     11/12/2014
@mpjp0907: Game changer!... More »
Re: Elf on the Shelf     11/12/2014
@SoonersinTX: I never understood this.. What is the deal with Elf on the shelf? ... More »
Re: sons of anarchy *spoilers*     11/12/2014
Dude!!! Just got caught up!!! Damn this show is so bad A!I vote for a spinoff on Abel's life as lead... More »
Re: Orange Leaf - Groupon     11/12/2014
Groupon rules... More »
Remember this cinematic masterpiece???     11/11/2014
The Stoned Age!!!!!!![youtube][/youtube]... More »
Still hooked on the voice     11/11/2014
I can't help it I'm still hooked...Reagan James and that dude Mike Mc - something are my 2 favs... More »
Re: HOA letters     11/11/2014
@allymansfield: I do that too  ... More »
Re: Renfest tickets     11/11/2014
Do the deed and go to walgreens... More »
Re: Lucille's Fresh Catch Kitchen is Closed!     11/11/2014
@King Of The Woods: I don't think it is jinxed it just needs to be more of place that is a littl... More »
Re: Lucille's Fresh Catch Kitchen is Closed!     11/11/2014
@LotsofSpots:  Wow didn't see that one coming!! ... More »
Re: Y'all ready???     11/11/2014
@Wooderson: My Brazilian twins got flagged and then got deported!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!... More »
Re: Y'all ready???     11/11/2014
@Copernicus: Money in the bank!!! 4 door mango Lexus slayed me!!!! ... More »
Y'all ready???     11/11/2014
Thank me later! No prob!![youtube][/youtube]... More »
Re: Sphincter Pucker Moment     11/10/2014
@PedroDePacas:  Yea that would be a weird commute are you going to go 1314 - to 242 each day? ... More »
Sphincter Pucker Moment     11/10/2014
@herron1345: I'm in the oil/gas field.. I'm not leaving my job. Just going to try and post ... More »

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