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Re: Reminder: Celebrating Mahm's Birthday - Friday July 17     07/16/2015
@donnatella: Like a Boss!! Strong moves ... More »
Re: KDC Posting Contest - 7/16/15 - $25 to La Madeleine     07/16/2015
I just like to win stuff... More »
Re: Prayers to the families of the Marines killed and for those shot today in TN     07/16/2015
@fcabanski: No and this is absolute Horse crap. It's insane that our Marines aren't armed all th... More »
Re: Coyotes, should I worry?     07/16/2015
Have you guys been watching that new show Zoo????? Hmmmmmm... More »
Re: Beer Coupons     07/14/2015
I'd like some Jager coupons... More »
Re: Would you vote for Donald Trump?     07/14/2015
@Ray: I'm on the bandwagon!!! TRUMP!!! ... More »
Re: Are you ready for The Draft?     07/08/2015
Raiders!!!!!!!!!!!... More »
Re: ~ AMAZE-BALLS Asian Salad For Lunch Alert ~     07/08/2015
@herron1345: Boss movements! Floss life ... More »
Re: Ideas for shrimp dinner     07/07/2015
@MarT: Step - 1 Invite me over. Step 2 - Get beer proper temp. Jager also Step 3 - Fish Fry an... More »
Re: Check this dudes stuff out mpjp0907     06/28/2015
@herron1345: Oh yea you guys are the coolest! ... More »
Re: Opinions on best Chinese food in KW     06/28/2015
@thegoodwife: I agree I have been on the Hunan Garden bandwagon since like 1990.... but I am a b... More »
Re: Bristol Palin     06/27/2015
@flyingwalrus: But Naked head is so much cooler ... More »
Re: Roadhouse...Yummmmm!     06/27/2015
@FoFa: Gross ... More »
Re: Roadhouse...Yummmmm!     06/26/2015
@Nurse3: I don't know what's going on anymore ... More »
Re: Bristol Palin     06/26/2015
@donnatella: Bristol is pretty hot ... More »
Re: ....Straight Up Honest Admission... Some May Not Relate, But     06/25/2015
@yankeejessica: Quite possibly Sunday about 6:15 upon my arrival in the Wood lol ... More »
Re: ....Straight Up Honest Admission... Some May Not Relate, But     06/25/2015
@herron1345: Man just getting it.. .. 3 more days and then 2 weeks off.. I'll prolly be around a... More »
Kayak or 2     06/25/2015
Looking for a good deal on a Kayak...2 and at great cost would be even cooler!!! Let a brotha know... More »
Re: Earth has entered sixth mass extinction     06/19/2015
Look at the Amazon... It is totally human growth and expansion... but hey we are going to do what ... More »
Re: Earth has entered sixth mass extinction     06/19/2015
Doesn't seem tin foil hatish to me at all... I mean who goes around and kills rhino's and chops off ... More »

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