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Re: Jesus came to me in an email     06/23/2014
looks like 2 different bodies has a tan ..the other does not your $$ & buy a new ... More »
Re: doggie discrimination. ...     06/23/2014
@buffaloglenn....most dogs prefer to go outside to do their business & will go to the door &... More »
Re: Can't smell ANYTHING?     06/23/2014
call your doctor & ask , it sounds to me like you have a severe sinus infection  , you may thin... More »
Re: Checklist!     06/23/2014
E is for effort ....a big hug & a kiss & all will be forgiven when you tell her how much you... More »
Re: doggie discrimination. ...     06/23/2014
it's a shame that more hotels & motels do not cater to animals, most pets are better behaved th... More »
Re: Please review your outfit in the mirror!     06/23/2014
@ProblemAgain....glad the mirror is on your ceiling , I sure would not want to see anyone's backside... More »
Re: I think I'll surprise the wifey..     06/23/2014
@BBQGuy....we have 3 bathrooms in our home, hubby chooses to use the one closest to his office (so I... More »
Re: I think I'll surprise the wifey..     06/20/2014
you will need a  shower curtain to match  & rugs !... More »
Re: I just saw...     06/20/2014's not the horse & buggies that scare's all the farm equipment  & constru... More »
Re: a girl and her dog     06/20/2014
great picture & beautiful little girl , nice fur baby too...thanks for sharing... More »
Re: Pest Control Recommendation?     06/20/2014
Kingwood Pest Control...great people to do business with .... More »
Re: I just saw...     06/20/2014
I check all the stores & places I have to go to & see what their hours are , if I can schedu... More »
Re: I am starving     06/20/2014
@BBQguy....I always treat my neighbors when I bake something good, if not hubby & I would eat it... More »
Re: Need to Board My Dog...Help!     06/20/2014
we took our 3 poodles to  Pet Paradise out by the airport , they are really good to them , they hav... More »
Re: HOW!!! Am I GOING to MAKE it??????     06/20/2014
@YourMajesty........we moved from Texas to Kentucky & I still go to & chat with... More »
Re: Please review your outfit in the mirror!     06/20/2014
I'm a size 16 & there is no way I would try to put my 38 inch butt into a size 6 anything !  My... More »
Re: I am sooooo......     06/20/2014
@silly123......just remember ...people will only do to you what you allow them to do .....learn to s... More »
Re: Best Peach Cobbler in the area???     06/20/2014
sounds like you are having a baby girl...craving sweets .....try the grocery freezer , they have sev... More »
Re: I am starving     06/20/2014
I made cinnamon & brown sugar rolls with walnuts & drizzled a thin icing over them when they... More »
Re: Once in a lifetime sighting     06/20/2014
I'm sure that animals know when one of them is different , some will even kill the ones that are dif... More »

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