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Kentucky update......     05/16/2014
Today it has been spitting rain off & on & I had to turn the heat back on that has been off ... More »
Re: I'm hungry     05/16/2014
I made a broccoli salad for lunch with fish filets ..yummy ! Took some over to my neighbor & she... More »
Re: HAHA let it go     05/15/2014
it was a cute movie ... can't say the same for the marines (LOL) ... More »
Re: What's the strangest experience you've had when traveling?     05/15/2014
this was back in 1969 we were traveling from  Texas to Connecticut  a car behind us started to hon... More »
Re: 50 Degrees and sunny!     05/15/2014
Kentucky weather...a chilly 56 degrees & raining sunshine in sight ! Been raining since Tu... More »
work , work , work does it ever end ?     05/14/2014
so I decided to get the yard work done yesterday  I mowed  , weeded , put down lava rock in the ga... More »
Re: Protecting new cement patio     05/12/2014
I purchased  several clear plastic protectors from Lowes , they are not expensive & you can get... More »
Re: Anyone in NWH lose a black and white husky?     05/12/2014
beautiful dog , sure hope they can find the owner , they must be frantic with worry to loose their f... More »
yard work......     05/08/2014
is never done , weeds seem to grow out of the thin air . I'm constantly pulling weeds out of all my ... More »
Re: why wont the news let it die     05/08/2014
They were talking about this on the "View" & Barbara said Monica has not been able to find a ful... More »
Re: Marriage between first cousins     05/08/2014 may not show up in the 1st born of a relative union , but it will show up s... More »
Re: after 76 years of marriage     05/08/2014 thoughts exactly....... More »
Re: after 76 years of marriage     05/07/2014
he didn't say he actually wanted to or could ...all he asked was if she wanted too.......maybe he wa... More »
Re: found white shaggy dog in Atascocita     05/07/2014
so glad you kept him till a good place was found for him ....... More »
Re: Marriage between first cousins     05/07/2014
the reason it was not acceptable is because it was noted that when family members married  & ha... More »
Re: Life hates us!     05/07/2014
@mattem......many years ago when I was 29 I got my divorce , I thought my world had ended ...I was w... More »
what are your plans for Memorial week-end ?     05/07/2014
A friend of ours owns a horse farm & she is having a  bonfire BBQ & horse riding party  , ... More »
Re: An original Selfie     05/06/2014
all of it looks gross to me ! ... More »
Re: found white shaggy dog in Atascocita     05/06/2014
@N+T...if all he knows is to go into his crate it sounds to me like he has lived most of his life in... More »
Re: Waiting     05/06/2014
@bp2018...I also do not have the patience to wait more than 15 minutes , if it goes over 15 minutes ... More »

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