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Re: What do you do when...     11/17/2015
@bubbleyes72...I'm retired now (age ) but when I was working I did my job & did it well , so whe... More »
Re: Who are these monsters?!     11/16/2015
we live in Kentucky just across the river from Cincinnati Ohio & last week on the news a man was... More »
Re: So whatcha fixin for tonight?     11/16/2015
beef BBQ , mashed potatoes & grilled onions . salad on the side  Yummy !Double fudge chocolate ... More »
Re: Excuse me, Officer, I've been a very bad girl...     11/16/2015
I don't like the hair cut or the tattoo's , I think he is a little too muscle bound for me , he coul... More »
Re: Lost Siberian husky     11/16/2015
any word about Apollo yet ? Has anyone seen him ? Is he home yet ? I can't look for him because I li... More »
Re: Cone of Shame     11/16/2015
the vet on 494 sold us one for $6.00 but that was 4 years ago , he may have increased his prices , ... More »
Re: A small rant     11/16/2015
most businesses have them pay "up front" before service is given . No pay -no service...keeps everyo... More »
Re: Lost Siberian husky     11/15/2015
Hope your fur baby comes home safe & sound soon , stop beating your self up . I have 3 poodles &... More »
Re: What Just Happened?     11/12/2015
I have no idea what you were on , but send me 1/2 of what ever it was (LOL)... More »
Re: Update on Duke     11/12/2015
@retired _engineer....Duke sounds just like our 8 year old poodle "Buddy" , he will take our hand or... More »
Re: ? Fitness loving people     11/12/2015
@JPGurl.....oh I still go & still work out (I'm in my 70's) but at my age the only reason I go i... More »
Re: ? Fitness loving people     11/11/2015
I have been going to :planet Fitness for 2 weeks & still dread going every day . I do all my wor... More »
Re: New Cadillac XT5     11/10/2015
My Kia Sonata has a 3rd row seat plus lots of room for storage. I almost purchased a Caddy but the p... More »
update from Kentucky....     11/10/2015
Gas is up to $2.14 , but it's down from $2.17 this past week end. It's been overcast & foggy the... More »
Re: Prayers and positive thoughts     11/10/2015
I have been in your boat  many times , my mother , father , brother & then my only son lost the... More »
Re: Hubby out of surgery...     11/09/2015
best wishes for a quick & complete recovery.... More »
Re: Need expert advice     11/09/2015
my husband travels a lot so I sleep with a 9mm by my bed & it stays loaded & ready . Hubby k... More »
Re: Need a 7-day foster home for our foster dog     11/05/2015
a beautiful fur baby , hope you can find a sitter. ... More »
Re: Why dogs tilt their heads     11/05/2015
@uneasyrider...I agree , all 3 of our poodles know how to get what they want  & we believe they... More »
Re: Will Ohio be the next state     11/04/2015
Hooray ! it did not pass ! It was knocked out by more than 60 % of the voters. However they said it ... More »

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