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Re: Outdoor Laundry Drying     07/27/2014
@Stealth83...There isn't anything better than hanging your sheets outside on a windy day & when ... More »
Re: Running Fast     07/27/2014
why run ? Just put your petal to the metal & go like hell !... More »
Re: Dang Dogs IV     07/27/2014
what a great face on the dane , she wants to go for a walk , I can see it on her face.... More »
Re: Puddie Cat     07/27/2014
beautiful cat , just waiting for dinner to appear........ More »
Re: Cactus     07/27/2014
@Fofa......I use to have lot's of cactus & parted them out  some even bloomed beautiful flowers... More »
Re: Dumb Among Us     07/27/2014
that's like saying if you wait a little longer it will rain ........duh ! all birds will come home t... More »
Re: Cactus     07/27/2014
if you clip each cactus off at the joint & stick them into a sandy mix they will take root &... More »
Re: Good reads     07/27/2014
what is a good read for one may not be for someone else, however , I read "Stranger in a Strange Lan... More »
Re: FOUND DOG     07/27/2014
really a pretty dog , did you happen to find out what breed or mix it was ? Just curious because of ... More »
Re: what my day consisted of yesterday.....     07/25/2014 are really fortunate when we moved to Kingwood  we had no one  , my hubby had his... More »
Re: what my day consisted of yesterday.....     07/25/2014
@Dotti573....we lived in Kingwood Texas for 6 years  & I loved our house & our neighbors bu... More »
Re: Is DPS running a special??     07/25/2014
just a quick add on ...the "handicap placards" are free , they use to charge for them , but the  go... More »
Re: what my day consisted of yesterday.....     07/25/2014
@Fallon...come stay with us this week-end we are suppose to have lots of rain  starting late Saturd... More »
In 1992 I was driving down  the road along the river going home from work when a large rock was thr... More »
Re: what my day consisted of yesterday.....     07/25/2014
@Dotti573...thanks Dotti , my daughter oldest daughter who is 52 tells me I make her tired (LOL) but... More »
Re: Movie review.......NON-STOP     07/25/2014
@Dotti573....your hubby will really like this one for sure, never a dull moment  from beginning to ... More »
Re: Insomnia     07/25/2014
@ann2800...when I can't sleep I red my Nook .....puts me right to sleep .......have you tried a glas... More »
Re: Movie review.......NON-STOP     07/25/2014
yes you can pick this one up at any REDBOX  station , well worth the trip .... More »
what my day consisted of yesterday.....     07/25/2014
it was 65 degrees at 9am so I decided to mow the lawn ( acre) , got that done & thought I would ... More »
Movie review.......NON-STOP     07/25/2014
with Leim Nieson  this is a sit on the edge of your seat from beginning to end......with a heart st... More »

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