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Re: Lawn Care     06/30/2014 you pay them extra to pick up things on your lawn ?  Did you state that you wanted... More »
Re: Hard Life Choices     06/28/2014
I'll take a double hug & a lot of you ....... More »
Re: Sweet little guy needs a home     06/28/2014
poor baby looks like he is worn out & just happy to have someone care for him  . I hope you can... More »
Re: Poop stinks!     06/28/2014
@N+T ...I understand your concept of  why you say & do things the way you do , I just do not th... More »
Re: Poop stinks!     06/27/2014
@N+T....I was always taught that  a lady keeps her personal  traits to her self  & does not "... More »
Re: Poop stinks!     06/26/2014
@N+T....that's very true we all have different opinions , however when  on a public forum there are... More »
Re: need help home lesss     06/26/2014
1st never go onto a public forum & start asking for anything , we do not know you & really s... More »
Re: Bathroom Remodel blues     06/26/2014
did the kitchen & upstairs bathroom last year , sure glad that is over & done with . The bat... More »
Re: Free World Cup Viewing Party inside Deerbrook Mall!     06/26/2014
In Cincinnati , Ohio they are having a World Cup party on Fountain Square , it's free & they are... More »
Re: My fit foods? Out of business?     06/26/2014
when we lived in KIngwood we  made a couple trips over to the store, but the prices were too high ,... More »
Re: FOUND DOG - Kings River     06/26/2014
too hot for man or beast to be outside, thank you for caring enough to look after him till his owner... More »
Re: Poop stinks!     06/26/2014
@N+T...too much personal information , body functions should be kept between your self & your do... More »
Re: Another Golden!     06/25/2014
@Golden Girl ....check this out GG ....are you ready for another fur baby yet ?... More »
Re: How old were you when you had your first kiss?     06/25/2014
I was 5 & he was 8 & he kissed me on my front porch steps. He was my "boyfriend " from the a... More »
Re: Tonights adventure     06/25/2014
I watch that show every day & some of her dishes are really good , I have fixed a few of them  ... More »
Re: American Staffordshire / Pitbull Terriers     06/24/2014
a 6 year old girl was mauled by 2 pitbull dogs 2 weeks ago in Cincinnati while she was playing in he... More »
Re: A father dancing with his disabled daughter     06/24/2014
heart felt tear jerker for sure.... More »
Re: Thoughts?     06/24/2014
@thegoodwife... that's very true...but then we are not president of the United States &  you sh... More »
Re: Is this normal?     06/24/2014
I'd bitch till they did it right & ran it under the driveway , 1/2 ass jobs are not acceptable .... More »
Re: Missing cat     06/24/2014
so what's your point ? ... More »

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