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Re: Joan Rivers...     09/04/2014
I watched Joan Rivers become Joan , I have laughed with her & cried for her . Like any old frien... More »
Re: Something About This Seems Impossible     09/04/2014
it's a book , I have several in my home ........ More »
Re: Do you agree?     09/04/2014
A friend of mine is a store manager for a fast food  & she makes $475.00 a week  , plus she ge... More »
Re: Weather and mosquitoes     09/04/2014
@MarT.... maybe you will have less mosquitoes in December & January & it will cool down a li... More »
Re: Black-ish     09/04/2014
I'm not really into Modern Family or other shows that are similar to it , guess I'm the odd person b... More »
Re: Pete Rose ...Cincinnati Reds .....     09/03/2014
Hopefully this new guy will take everything Pete has done for baseball & allow Pete to be in the... More »
Re: Hubby just informed me.......     09/03/2014
@herron1345....thank you ...this will be the 1st anniversary vacation that I have not planned , so I... More »
Re: Interesting This     09/03/2014
@donnatella.....wishing will never get you there....if you are happy , that's all that really matter... More »
Pete Rose ...Cincinnati Reds .....     09/03/2014
25 years ago Pete Rose was caught red handed betting on the Reds , a huge NO-NO since he was managin... More »
Hubby just informed me.......     09/03/2014
we are going to Florida for our anniversary  this month , he has taken care of everything  so all ... More »
Re: Now how does the bottom banner here on the board know...     09/03/2014
@donnatella...The same thing happened to me , except I was looking at shoes & within a few minut... More »
Re: a pitbull saves a boy!     09/03/2014
like most  everything else "you can not judge a book by it's cover" , in other words  what one dog... More »
Re: I hate working on budget     09/03/2014
@PedroDePacas....I do the same thing except I leave a 25% "safety net" then I put 15 % into savings ... More »
Re: Had A Lil' Excitement Here This Morn'.......     09/03/2014
Now you know another reason to love them twice as much as you did yesterday .....they were protectin... More »
Re: Dumb Butt     09/03/2014
@BooBear..relax these people do not have your address & you now have time to send your daughter ... More »
hand doctor 3 weeks after surgery     09/03/2014
went to see him this morning & he said I'm doing better than most of his patients 6 months after... More »
Re: I Feel Sorta Faint.... Chicken Feet... Not Cool.....     09/02/2014
our poodles are small & when we 1st got them we tried them on the "raw diet" , they would puke a... More »
Re: Sooooo whuts fer supper tnite???     09/02/2014
hubby is on the road again so tonight it will be a quick meal...sloppy joe's & fries........ More »
Re: Dog Rescue     09/02/2014
how in the world did that poor dog get out into the middle of the ocean on an ice clump ? So glad so... More »
Re: Im Back.......     09/02/2014
we have a pool in our back yard , 3 to 4 times a day I'm dipping out leaves by the 100's plus vacuum... More »

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