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new law going into effect !     01/18/2016
I'm so glad that this passed ! Anyone leaving a pet outside once the temperature goes below 32 degre... More »
Re: temperature dropping to "minus 12 degree tonight !     01/18/2016
@bubbleyes72...all our plants sleep in this kind of weather & do not wake up till spring , so we... More »
Re: Found Springer Spaniel     01/17/2016
Poor fur baby , he is a beautiful pet for someone with a heart . I hope you can find him a forever h... More »
temperature dropping to "minus 12 degree tonight !     01/17/2016
I put our electric blanket on our bed & I put the dogs electric blanket on their bed  , when it... More »
Re: This healthy way is hard but i feel gpod     01/15/2016
@pickles....I have been on a high protein diet since last April 2015 & have really done well on ... More »
Re: Need your help     01/15/2016 sorry this is happening to you on top of everything else. Please do not be offended... More »
Re: Nutella     01/14/2016
@Fofa....each person has their own taste for different things , to me it just makes the peanut-butte... More »
Re: Nutella     01/14/2016 hubby likes ketchup sandwiches ( bread & ketchup) don't know why , I do not like ... More »
Re: Naked Question of the Day     01/14/2016
mow the lawn on a hot day it could result in a very bad sun burn (LOL)... More »
Re: Nutella     01/14/2016
@FoFa....sorry I just do not have a "sweet tooth", I would rather have celery with cream cheese than... More »
Re: Nutella     01/13/2016
I agree with "retired engineer" way too sweet for me also . I don't even like jelly on my peanut-but... More »
Re: -4 degrees this morning !     01/13/2016
@Fallon...already looked at the taxed states & Florida is among those that  do not have a state... More »
Re: -4 degrees this morning !     01/13/2016
@FoFa...39 would be a tropical breeze here (LOL) , we are at 13 degrees now & windy , so with th... More »
Re: Yesterday was a BAD day     01/13/2016
one mistake & lesson learned...glad all 3 dogs are home & well . ... More »
-4 degrees this morning !     01/13/2016
the news says we will reach a high of 24 degrees today , more snow flurries on the way for this week... More »
Re: Weight Watchers     01/12/2016
my youngest daughter & I tried it together & she lost 27 pounds , I didn't loose an ounce. I... More »
Re: This about sums it up     01/12/2016
@thegoodwife....Oh I know millions of people are thinking the same thing Iam , but that's what dream... More »
Re: Found Great Pyrenees     01/12/2016
beautiful dog , thank you for protecting him & caring for him .... More »
Re: This about sums it up     01/12/2016
@thegoodwife....I do dream big all the time , just can never get all 6 numbers I need to win the lot... More »
Zero last night ......     01/11/2016
it's now 5 degrees & schools have been cancelled because of the cold . This week-end it's suppos... More »

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