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Re: Found dog - Greentree     08/21/2014
bump for a good forever home for the fur  baby.... More »
Re: That went well     08/21/2014
@BBQguy...I'm with you , I was in a really bad car wreck & ended up having my neck & back fu... More »
rain - rain ...go away !     08/21/2014
it has poured down rain here for 2 days straight ! We needed a little rain but now all our rivers &a... More »
Re: cast off & stitches out today .....     08/20/2014
thanks @FoFa... More »
Re: Dating Sites     08/20/2014
my grand-daughter met a guy on a local pet dating site...he has a 125 pound puppy ! But so far it se... More »
cast off & stitches out today .....     08/20/2014
I was so looking forward to getting that cast off today , it dug into my hand & my arm  & i... More »
Re: Sorry anothe depressing post.     08/19/2014 heart & prayers go out to you & your fur baby , you will do what is best for hi... More »
Re: I hope someday     08/19/2014
@topcat ...I was a very firm parent & my kids toed the line or they knew all hell would break lo... More »
Re: Surgery     08/19/2014
so sorry to hear this , prayers coming your way & hope all goes well with the surgery & reco... More »
Re: what to do?     08/15/2014
donate it to rehab for humanity .....they will come & pick it up at no cost to you .... More »
Re: I hope someday     08/15/2014
my daughter wished that on my grand-daughter & she has her  hands full with 5 hell raisers . Bu... More »
Re: ggrrrr my car dealer better step up     08/15/2014
@donnatella....we have always paid for the small stuff  not worth making claims for & doing all... More »
Re: ggrrrr my car dealer better step up     08/15/2014
@FoFa....we have only used ours  once  several years ago  , but it's nice to have . A lot of peop... More »
Re: Chicken Fried Steak     08/14/2014 will have to get that in your own kitchen , we looked for 6 years & never found a d... More »
Re: ggrrrr my car dealer better step up     08/14/2014
I have full coverage on my vehicles & when  we needed to replace the  glass our insurance poli... More »
Re: 1st day of school starts here today !     08/14/2014's been too cool here for the past few weeks to get into the pool , we ordered a new sa... More »
Re: Surgery is done !     08/13/2014
@Annie...nope , just tied a plastic bag around my cast & held it up while I bathed with my good ... More »
1st day of school starts here today !     08/13/2014
It's starting to cool down here , in the 70's so all the kids are going back to school . My cousin w... More »
Re: New Kingwood Apartment Complex...     08/13/2014
they do sound nice , but everyone knows how it usually goes ...they start out nice but over the year... More »
Surgery is done !     08/13/2014
Everything went well , They removed the PICC line right after surgery & when they pulled it out ... More »

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