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Re: Week 1 Weigh in / Pounds lost     01/09/2015
my scale is broke ! got on it & it said ZERO ..made me feel great !¬† I hit it & bounced on ... More »
Re: In wall oven is sending me over the edge!     01/09/2015
call GE they can tell you who to call in your area , since it's a GE appliance¬† you will want a cer... More »
Re: I'm disgusted...     01/09/2015
I can tell you 1st hand what it is like , I stayed in a marriage that was not good for 13 1/2 years¬... More »
Re: I always sort of imagined     01/09/2015
I love cats , but I'm allergic to them & any other critter that sheds. That's why I have 3 poodl... More »
Re: OMG..Jerry Springer     01/09/2015
@sapphire....I have a friend that is jewish & she is 82 years old , but looks 50 , I asked her w... More »
Re: Brutally cold     01/08/2015 was 18 degree below zero here last night , had my electric blanket on all night lon... More »
Re: Busing to Kingwood High     01/08/2015
car pool with friends or place an ad looking for a ride with other kids in the same area , maybe oth... More »
Re: have appointments !     01/08/2015
radon is not a big issue here, they ask if you want to test for it & if not oh well. My grand-da... More »
Re: OMG..Jerry Springer     01/08/2015
@sapphire...thanks I'll try to catch the times it's on , I usually catch it in the middle or almost ... More »
have appointments !     01/08/2015
lined up on Saturday & Sunday to look at 4 homes . I'm very excited about¬† the "underground" ho... More »
Re: "Valley Of The Dolls" 1967     01/07/2015
the book was OH-HUM...the movie wasn't as good & I saw & read them years ago ....I could hav... More »
Re:     01/07/2015
I had the vaccine & had no ill effects at all , & I'm allergic to just about everything. Fro... More »
Re: OMG..Jerry Springer     01/07/2015
I've seen the show...kind of like a dating show but funny , wish it were on all the time instead of¬... More »
Re: Soooo whuts for supper?     01/07/2015
hubby's in Houston so I threw a sweet potato in the micro-wave & zapped it & then zapped a h... More »
Re: Rekindling a previous relationship......     01/07/2015
@Brat...that's what friends are for don't realize how many friends you have until you need... More »
Re: looking to down size.....     01/07/2015
@sapphire...thank you , so do we , but it's really difficult finding a ranch house¬† w/4 bdrms . But... More »
Re: Rekindling a previous relationship......     01/07/2015
remain friends if you must , 2nd times around usually do not work for the same reason it didn't work... More »
Re: looking to down size.....     01/07/2015
@cgm10sne1... Not even close to Louisville , we are 10 miles from Cincinnati Ohio , but in¬† Ky. jus... More »
Re: snow last night & more to come ........     01/06/2015
we live here because we like the 4 seasons , we lived in Kingwood Texas for 6 years & it was nic... More »
Re: looking to down size.....     01/06/2015
I like everything close because I like the convience¬† , but our house sits on an acre of property¬†... More »

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