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Re: Thanksgiving: Mashed Potatoes     11/12/2014
I like the  golden potatoes with the skin on & I throw in some shredded cheese & chopped ba... More »
Re: to the curb...     11/12/2014
confront him with the's better to keep a good friend & let them know you know he's lyi... More »
Re: Walking Dead     11/12/2014
some parts are boring but once you get through them  you have a better understanding about the char... More »
Re: I hope your car is smashed...     11/12/2014
we use to recycle but then the city started charging us to pick up the recycle bins...we figured if ... More »
Re: Where to sell fur coats?     11/12/2014
go to any good furrier & they will tell you who is buying used furs . But just be sure it is in ... More »
Re: What do you think?     11/12/2014
@PedroDePacas......Palin is a joke, Hillary at least knew what she was doing when she was head of fo... More »
Re: What do you think?     11/12/2014
@BlissfullyRetired... I really do not care what female would become president, I just think it's tim... More »
Re: November 22nd is.....     11/12/2014
@thegoodwife...thank you I will pass it on to her & her husband.  When she was a little girl sh... More »
Re: What do you think?     11/11/2014
When JFK was voted in as president everyone said "do we really want a catholic in office"? Well he w... More »
Re: Lost Yorkie     11/11/2014
I love happy endings ! ... More »
Re: Jack needs a foster home     11/11/2014
how adorable Jack is....hope he finds his forever home for the holidays.... More »
Re: Christina Aguilera's New baby     11/11/2014
The Star's pick odd names for their kids so that when they also become stars they will already have ... More »
Re: November 22nd is.....     11/11/2014
Our grand-daughter & her husband adopted a little boy this year , he was a year old on Valentine... More »
Re: Anyone like hummus?     11/11/2014
Hummus is just another word for smashed beans , you can add different flavors to it  & dip diff... More »
weather , etc.......     11/11/2014
Here in Kentucky for the past week the weather has been awesome ! Loving the  65 degree weather &am... More »
Re: Dad burn it....     11/10/2014
Hubby & I did our yard on Wednesday , we got 5 garden bags full of leaves.....on Friday we  did... More »
Re: For the snake haters- sit down when opening link!!     11/06/2014
what will be the next stupid stunt they try just to get  a larger viewing audience....this is just ... More »
Re: OMG it's PITBULLS!     11/06/2014
dogs are dogs doesn't make any difference what the breed they all bite if they feel threatened  , i... More »
Re: Dog found - please look     11/06/2014
really a cute little guy , prayers go out to find him a good & loving forever home.... More »
Re: Craving Chinese Food     11/06/2014
@bp2018....just let us know when & where to pick you up , we have an open house policy to all ou... More »

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