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Re: These Puppies want homes for Christmas     12/18/2014
beautiful lab...however when you get a dog from the SPCA  here it has had a through medical exam &a... More »
Re: These Puppies want homes for Christmas     12/16/2014
here in Kentucky you can go to the ASPCA & for a $20.00 fee you can get a dog  that has been "f... More »
Re: They almost killed the kid and all they got was probation?!?!     12/16/2014
so sad the children are treated like "property" no better than a dog .....they should have been sent... More »
Re: Another Pit Bulls misunderstood     12/16/2014
Rachael Ray owns a pit bull & swears it is her "baby"... it all depends on how the dog is raised... More »
Re: night out on the town - adult content     12/16/2014
LMAO.......hubby did too !... More »
Re: Christmas Dinner     12/16/2014
@ctl74...because we have a large family we have "open house " from 1 pm till 8 pm , this gives every... More »
Re: Christmas Dinner     12/16/2014
We purchased a 30 Lb. turkey & a 12 lb. pork roast , cream cheese potatoes with bacon & onio... More »
Re: If you haven't yet shed a tear this holiday season...     12/15/2014
almost a tear .......but caught myself (LOL)... More »
Re: Mom gifts     12/15/2014
my mother passed in 1991  but she was also hard to buy for cause she had everything....she once tol... More »
Re: Two words     12/15/2014
So I also like wolf chili ...take some corn chips  place on a plate...sprinkle some sweet onions , ... More »
Re: painting question- HELP!     12/15/2014
@14valentine....put the tables in a room where you can close the door to keep little ones away from ... More »
Re: rats     12/15/2014
crawl up into your attic & follow your nose....the smell will lead you right to the dead critter... More »
Re: Neighbor sold the house next door     12/15/2014
you are assuming before you even meet them that they will be terrible neighbors...shame on you ! Wai... More »
Re: Anyone haveing bad Allergies     12/15/2014
I'm in Kentucky & my allergies are driving me nuts ! Even hubby who never has allergy problems i... More »
Re: painting question- HELP!     12/15/2014 patient...all good things take time. if you rush & do not wait till the tables... More »
Re: LOST DOG     12/15/2014
has your fur baby come home yet ? ... More »
Re: LOST DOG     12/12/2014
so sorry signs & call all vets & groomers in the area . She might also seek to find... More »
Re: Dinner table etiquette     12/12/2014
yes to everything but praying before meals , if we have company & they want to say a prayer we d... More »
Re: What kind of dog is this?     12/12/2014
how wonderful you are giving  a  fur baby a forever home. He sure looks like he has Doberman  &a... More »
Re: Weekend plans     12/12/2014
Dec.10th was hubby's birthday , I made him take the day off from work & we went out for breakfas... More »

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