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Re: about food     04/07/2015
@Francita...I understood the article , but when you go to another country you eat the food & nev... More »
Re: My family visit     04/07/2015
good visits are always nice especially when everyone goes home happy . Glad everyone had a good time... More »
Re: Funnies     04/07/2015
I was beginning to wonder who changed the pet thread into a comic strip ? ... More »
Re: This is super cool!     04/07/2015
the planes are really cool & take a lot of practice to make it happen that way .... More »
Re: Slow as a turtle     04/07/2015
what kind of turtle is it ? speedy when it wants to be (LOL).... More »
Re: AmberJ - Welcome!     04/07/2015
welcome aboard !... More »
Re: about food     04/07/2015
if it looks good taste it , if you don't like the taste spit it  out into a napkin. I will not eat ... More »
Re: FaceBook, you should not if...     04/07/2015
my grand-daughter who is 33 years old post everything about her life on line , even her 2 daughters ... More »
Re: Your funeral song     04/07/2015
no funeral for me , I'm going to be cremated & my ashes dropped into the sea. Then I want everyo... More »
Re: R I P, James Best!     04/07/2015
got to love a guy that can make you laugh ....he will be missed ... More »
Re: Dreams vs Reality     04/07/2015's called "wishful thinking or wishful dreaming"... you want something so bad your mind ... More »
Re: Found two black dogs     04/07/2015
poor babies they look worn out for sure , thank you for caring for them till their parents can be fo... More »
Re: Your are under arrest "Woof, Bark"     04/07/2015
poor dog was going to follow his owner to the end  & be faithful .... More »
Re: Skin needling     04/07/2015
Ouch ! anything that involves putting a needle into your skin or body is painful , I do not like PAI... More »
Re: spring cleaning....     04/07/2015
@foxymomma....I use Murphy's Oil Soap & a bucket of hot water . I close the blinds & wipe ea... More »
spring cleaning....     04/06/2015
I have 23 windows in my house so today I decided to clean the blinds windows . I got 9 windows &... More »
Re: Oh please, give me strength!     04/05/2015
@donnatella...tell everyone you have a virus & you don't want to give it to anyone else , then t... More »
Re: Chocolate Lab hit by car     04/05/2015
so sad that the dog has to pay for the owners not watching him & making sure he was safe . Sure ... More »
our Easter was Saturday ...     04/05/2015
we went to my grand-daughter's new home for Easter , my grand-daughter from Indianapolis & her f... More »
Re: Up at 3:30 this am. How about you?     04/05/2015
I was awakened at 7 am by my brown poodle , he climbed into bed with me & went back to sleep , I... More »

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