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Re: Chicken Salad     04/19/2015
@ Bubbleeyes72Chicken salad, the old fashioned way no skin no bones chicken breast ..cook till done ... More »
Re: That horrid vet     04/19/2015
the vet should be forced to give up her license ...the 1st oath any doctor takes is do no harm... More »
Re: FREE SOFA     04/19/2015
set it out on your driveway & someone will take it if you put a "free " sign on it .... More »
Re: Rain barrels     04/19/2015
a neighbor put in an underground tank that had a faucet & pump on top & he waters his yard a... More »
Re: I'm so dirty!     04/19/2015
@elquapo...a little bit of soap will help wash away all the dirt ....if it's really dirt (LOL).... More »
Re: he's here!     04/19/2015
@taramay...what a beautiful healthy looking boy you have. Glad everyone is doing well . Hope hubby i... More »
Re: loquat jam     04/19/2015
I've never tasted it  , but I would give it a try for sure , it looks good .... More »
Re: Love my redbud     04/19/2015
@FoFa..I think that I shall never see , a poem lovely as a tree....a tree who's leafy arms are  rai... More »
raining again in Kentucky ! so I'm spring cleaning !....     04/19/2015
the grass is lush & green & getting taller with each rain drop (LOL) . Good thing hubby &... More »
Re: help with cooktop?     04/19/2015
@ctl74...just remember if your hubby installs it you get no warranties or guarantees on the work &am... More »
Re: help with cooktop?     04/17/2015 me it is going to be expensive ! My granddaughter cracked her glass top & the guy... More »
Re: Marriage: Keeping it real     04/17/2015
@BBQguy...I know I was just adding my 2% worth (LOL).... More »
Re: Mariage: Keeping it real     04/17/2015
I always ask my hubby if he wants to go with me , no matter where I'm going & he does the same. ... More »
Re: 1st Birthday "invitation"     04/17/2015
what a crock of $$$$$it. I never heard of such idiot babble . A kids birthday is for the kid , color... More »
Re: Not sure I can ask this?     04/17/2015
@foxymomma...thanks but I have no intention of moving away at this time in my life. I'm in my 70's s... More »
we took our poodle to another vet ....     04/16/2015
Buddy has been limping around for several weeks , we took him to our regular vet & he said it wa... More »
Re: It sounded like a good idea, but...     04/16/2015
OUCH ! to all of the above  ..not smart at all.... More »
Re: new shoes     04/16/2015
that has to be a "cross-dresser" no woman would dare to appear in public with her legs looking like ... More »
Re: FREE KITTENS     04/16/2015
photos please !... More »
Re: Really!?! I mean, REALLY!?!     04/16/2015
OMG ! a monkey as a sex slave ? something is wrong with those idiots for sure . The guys with the Ak... More »

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