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Re: terrible news last night ......     12/08/2015 in Kentucky they will take cash or check as long as they give you a receipt that's a... More »
Re: terrible news last night ......     12/07/2015
@Fofa... that's why we all think the ex-husband was in on it . But all their friends knew they were ... More »
Re: terrible news last night ......     12/07/2015
@Fallon... they own the house that was broken into & they have sold it & are in the process ... More »
Re: Is this year over yet?     12/06/2015
so sorry to hear of your losses . I've been there many times , but with prayer & faith I was abl... More »
terrible news last night ......     12/06/2015
My grand-daughters home was robbed !  The thieves tore up the inside of their home looking for  mo... More »
Re: getting cold here .......     12/06/2015
@yankeejessica...Thank you , for thinking of me . We live just 10 miles from Ohio  & I was born... More »
Re: GSD mixes for adoption     12/04/2015
@RogueHippee- yes , my grand daughter has 2 cats & all the gs & cats get along very well , i... More »
Re: GSD mixes for adoption     12/04/2015
it looks like it could be GSD & beagle mix , cute pups . My grand-daughter has 6 Gsd full bloo... More »
getting cold here .......     12/04/2015
It was 21 degrees when I awoke this morning , I snuggled in a little closer to my hubby & went b... More »
Re: anyone looking?     11/27/2015
@tamara123....I do not want you to take this the wrong way , but you should go back to school  your... More »
Re: Lost Siberian husky     11/27/2015
as long as you keep praying for a safe return there is always hope until there is a body &  pos... More »
Re: Lost Siberian husky     11/25/2015
anyone have any updates on Apollo ? I live in Ky. & I'm looking for him , someone may have given... More »
Re: David Canary aka Adam - all my children     11/25/2015
I loved that show & Adam was a favorite , he could always make you want to smack him silly (LOL)... More »
Re: Lost Siberian husky     11/24/2015
Has Apollo come home yet ? Still praying for his safe return soon.... More »
Re: Big snake in yard     11/20/2015
@Retired _Engineer...that's why I sleep with a loaded 9mm & a snub-nose 38.....I mean business &... More »
Re: Lost Siberian husky     11/20/2015
still praying Apollo comes home soon. ... More »
Re: Big snake in yard     11/20/2015
when w lived in Kingwood 4 years ago I killed a 3 foot long corral  snake , my dogs were going nuts... More »
Re: Charlie Sheen to Announce He's HIV Positive     11/17/2015
what could he expect after the life style he was leading ? Drugs , booze , countless sex partners ,i... More »
Texans VS Bengals....Cincinnati -Paul Brown Stadium     11/17/2015
did anyone else watch the game ? Hubby & I were glued to the old TV it was a tight game . Bengal... More »
Re: What do you do when...     11/17/2015
@bubbleyes72...I'm retired now (age ) but when I was working I did my job & did it well , so whe... More »

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