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Victory of Light......     04/10/2015
Is going to be at the convention Center in Sharonville this week-end. It's $15. per day per person t... More »
Re: Breakfast is served!     04/10/2015
I had a bowl of cold cereal , too tired to fix anything else. I got 4 hours sleep last night & I... More »
Re: Last Thing the Mouse saw     04/10/2015
@Mahm....details..... just ignore the grass & look at the owl don't you feel better ... More »
Re: I guess I will get all NEKKED     04/10/2015 has rained here for 4 days & nights & it looks like it  has finally moved out of ... More »
Re: Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month     04/10/2015 I said before ...everyone like's it different , in our home we like it hot &am... More »
Re: Refinance     04/10/2015
@Bubbleyes72....since we moved back into our home in Ky. that was paid or years ago & sold the h... More »
Re: Refinance     04/10/2015
@safety44...glad to hear that there are a few good HOA's still out there . From the HOA's we have se... More »
Re: Refinance     04/09/2015
@safety44......If an HOA would stay the same amount every year it wouldn't be so bad , but every yea... More »
gas was $2.26 a gallon ......     04/09/2015
this morning when I went to Walgreens at 8am.....then  when I  came out of Walgreens at  8:15 am ... More »
Re: almost Friday     04/09/2015
@landlady.....when hubby is out  of town & returns after being gone all week we always go out t... More »
storms are finally out of our area.....     04/09/2015
after 4 days of rain , hail & high winds it has finally moved  north & out of our area. The... More »
Re: almost Friday     04/09/2015
I have been praying for Friday to get here all week , my hubby flies in tomorrow night from Houston ... More »
Re: Found lab     04/09/2015
good looking lab , someone has to be missing him for sure ...thank you for taking care of him till h... More »
Re: Possible explanations on why women live longer than men     04/09/2015
I have laughed so hard I have tears rolling down my face ...thanks for the laughs @ retired_engineer... More »
Re: Playing with my meat..     04/09/2015
@BBQguy...looks good enough to eat  !... More »
Re: When you are not paid attention to...     04/09/2015
YES ! I was raised  being told , " people will only do to YOU what YOU allow them to do ". If you d... More »
Re: So done...I will spray your dog.     04/09/2015
I'm so glad everyone in our subdivision walks their dogs on a leash , it's the law & everyone he... More »
Re: Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month     04/09/2015
@GoldenGirl...I can understand that if you do not like tomatoes or sweet onions , everyone has diffe... More »
Re: Refinance     04/09/2015
tatertot58...sure hope you got away from them quick. Wells Fargo kept raising our monthly payment  ... More »
Re: Found lab     04/08/2015
hope he gets back to his home soon . Thank you for posting & taking care of him .... More »

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