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Re: Ferguson     03/13/2015
it's like a broken record get tired of hearing about it all the time. Use what you know works... More »
Re: Teenage Boy Room "Scent"     03/13/2015
wood or tile flooring , no curtains or drapes , just blinds . Wash everything in his room blankets, ... More »
Re: Kia Soul Recall     03/13/2015
one of our vehicles is a Kia Soul but 2011 model I guess we will not be on the recall list . H... More »
Re: Eating disorders     03/13/2015
if you have a family doctor maybe he or she could give you a list of preferred doctors that speciali... More »
Re: The down side to long hair     03/13/2015
I have had my hair all different lengths over the past 70 something years , right now I'm trying to ... More »
Re: Smoothie     03/12/2015
I just about live  on "Instant Breakfast" no sugar added . I get the variety box &  add differ... More »
Re: dating     03/12/2015
I'm so glad I'm married & no longer in the "dating game" , it was as bad 25 years ago as it is n... More »
Re: Darn car     03/12/2015
40 years ago I had an old Toyota that would  stop running for no reason at all . I would pull over ... More »
Re: What do you look for in a new home?     03/11/2015
no less than a 3 or 4 car garagemaster bedroom  no less than 16 X 16 with 2 large walk in closets &... More »
Re: Wish we had these when I lived in the country     03/11/2015
we were at the "farm & garden"  & they had a chain link gate that worked the same way your ... More »
Re: Lost Golden Retriever     03/11/2015
hope your fur baby gets back home safe & sound.... More »
Re: slightly crazy     03/11/2015
You have been "hooked", line & sinker ! But just be sure to lay the rules down before you leave ... More »
Re: out of curiosity..     03/10/2015
try peanut butter, it took it off my fingers so it should work on his mouth with out any ill effects... More »
Re: to, too, two (I know you guys have been waiting for this one)     03/10/2015
I asked my great grand daughter if she knew what an "oxy moron" was ...she said ,"yes a dumb person"... More »
Re: to, too, two (I know you guys have been waiting for this one)     03/10/2015
wait & weight........I can not wait any longer .My weight goes up & down weekly.    ... More »
Re: Things that upset women     03/07/2015
@Francita...yes this one is trained very well, but I got rid of the 1st one because  of his girl fr... More »
Re: Things that upset women     03/07/2015
dirty dishes left in the sink when the dish washer is just inches away !  Towels & wash clothes... More »
Re: Burned out     03/07/2015
@diver dude...grab a good book & lay on the bed & start to read...I fall to sleep every time... More »
Re: Spring Forward.....     03/07/2015
@myevilgrin...yes tonight we get to loose an hours sleep , not doing the happy dance....unless you c... More »
Re: A little gift for everyone, because it's Thursday...     03/05/2015
sorry here in Ky. those #'s don't mean anything (LOL)... More »

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