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Re: A very expensive lesson...     07/26/2015
No way would I have paid them for that kind of job, that is horrible ! By paying them you just Okaye... More »
Re: packing     07/21/2015
@beadweaver.....I hear what you say & I'm in the same boat as you . My hubby has magazines on ca... More »
Re: 3 legged GSD mix found in Woodstream     07/20/2015
looks like a sweet baby , hope his parents are looking for him.... More »
nail polish question...     07/20/2015
I have long nails & have tried just about all the polishes  out. I put a base coat then 2 coats... More »
Re: American Ninja Warrior     07/20/2015
we have it on 3 different channels at 3 different times & I watch all of them . This is one of m... More »
Re: packing     07/20/2015
When we moved from Ky. to Texas we had so much "stuff" that it took 2 18 wheelers to move it all &am... More »
Re: mmmmmm     07/20/2015
OMG , I haven't had any sweets since I started my diet in April , I can taste your pie & it does... More »
Re: Rain... Again.... I'm depressed!     07/01/2015
Here in Kentucky it has rained for 2 weeks , today the sun is out & the grass is dry enough to m... More »
Re: Hi     06/30/2015
Hi...are you new to Texas ? Hope you enjoy your stay.... More »
Re: Warning Beachgoers Going Galveston Area     06/30/2015
that area is known to be a shipping route & with all the oil, gas, rust , etc. that is  in that... More »
rain-hail-high winds......what a day!     06/30/2015
So my neighbor called me last night & asked me to come over  so we could chat for a More »
It has rained here almost every day for the past 3 weeks     06/29/2015
I'm so tired of it being wet all the time. It stopped raining for one day & the grass got mowed ... More »
Re: Mail     06/28/2015
@Nicole 4647...just leave the keys in the box & the UPS man will figure it out. ... More »
Re: bye     06/28/2015
keep the wind to your back & the sun on your journey & keep in touch . ... More »
Re: For Ray. I saw this and thought you would love it     06/28/2015
how about "horse-fly " ? Flies always go after sweet stuff (LOL)... More »
Junk Mail......     06/28/2015
I have come to the decision that if it were not for junk mail I would not get any mail at all. Last ... More »
Re: Garth Brooks     06/28/2015
my hubby & his friend Andy ran into Garth & Trisha at the truck show , he said they were ver... More »
Re: Well     06/28/2015
I had my gall bladder out several years ago , but my nausea was so bad they kept me over night in th... More »
Re: Is this a little person or.....     06/27/2015
a small person with a huge body on a poor motor bike with a butt crack showing...what a sight !... More »
Re: Selfie     06/27/2015
love it ! thanks for sharing .... More »

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