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Re: Missing our yorkie     08/13/2015
bump for more information please.... More »
Re: 20 year old temper tantrum     08/13/2015
personally if anyone tried to spank me , they would have a wildcat on their hands for sure.... More »
worn out ....     08/13/2015
we are getting ready to have our  yearly garage sale , our neighbor is also having hers on the same... More »
Re: 5 Reasons You Should Sleep With Your Dog     08/13/2015
all 3 of our poodles sleep in our bed if & when they want to , sometimes they prefer to sleep in... More »
Re: what a beautiful day today is.......     08/13/2015
@beadweaver...last night it was 58 degrees & a light breeze, no a/c on. This morning it was 61 d... More »
Re: what a beautiful day today is.......     08/12/2015
@beadweaver...I know what you mean , when we lived in Texas I opened our windows in the  months of ... More »
Re: Teens flying alone     08/12/2015
my great grand-daughter traveled by her self  from Ohio to Texas & back . Only one person is al... More »
what a beautiful day today is.......     08/12/2015
last night I turned off the a/c & opened all the windows in our home  (23 of them ) it dipped t... More »
Re: @RetiredEngineer - Update on Duke?     08/12/2015
@retired_engineer...dogs are much better people than we humans are , even when they are ignored  th... More »
Re: How do you dress     08/11/2015
I wear the least amount that I can get away with , however I do put a sweater in my car so when I ru... More »
Re: @RetiredEngineer - Update on Duke?     08/11/2015
when we open our hearts & give love the reward back is 10 fold , Duke will love you both  &... More »
Re: lost airdale terrier     08/11/2015
I love happy endings.... More »
Re: How do you handle an overly dramatic 5.5-yr old?     08/11/2015 sounds to me like he is doing this because he feels "left out" , next time he starts to ... More »
Re: The Gift     08/10/2015
@Annie.....some people are easy to entertain I'm not one of those people, it takes a really good mov... More »
Re: ~ Psalm 23:2-3     08/10/2015
When I was 7 years old  & attending Sunday school , I had to learn the entire 23 Psalm  it too... More »
Saw the Gift .....     08/10/2015
Save your money & wait for it to come to Redbox , it only had 2 good spots in the entire movie &... More »
Re: The Gift     08/10/2015
WOW ! I can't believe we saw the same movie.....did yours have Jason Bateman in it as the ass**** ?... More »
Re: Still a few weeks left for the kids to enjoy summer!     08/06/2015
thanks for sharing ! my cousin is a school teacher & they start back to school on the 13th of Au... More »
Re: Baby bird dilemma     08/06/2015
be sure to wear rubber gloves when handling any dead creature . ... More »
The Gift......     08/06/2015
this movie comes out today at local theatres...I'm going to go see it's suppose to be about... More »

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