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Re: I'm heartbroken     06/08/2016
so sorry to hear of your loss of your dear pet. It's easier to fill in a hole than to dig one ...jus... More »
Re: Dog story with a happy ending!     06/08/2016
Great story & I love happy endings . Anyone that would leave a pet to die a certain death should... More »
Re: I think those of you who know me KNOW how this would end...     05/31/2016
since I do not own a cell phone my choice is simple....... More »
summer is almost here ......     05/28/2016
this past week our weather has been awesome , in the low 80's , but yesterday was 87 & muggy we ... More »
Re: UBER...     05/16/2016
@Fofa...she lives in Ohio & we live in Kentucky  so she gets most of her rides to the airport &... More »
Re: UBER...     05/16/2016 are correct , most of her "rides" take her to the airport which is about 20 min... More »
UBER...     05/12/2016
 So my grand daughter got laid off from her job & her unemployment ran out a week ago , she app... More »
Re: George Zimmerman     05/12/2016
he wants $5,000. for a starting bid on that gun he shot & killed that kid with . Someone needs t... More »
Buddy (our poodle) is having eye surgery     05/12/2016
He has in grown hairs in his eyes & the eye doctor said it was a simple surgery but he will have... More »
back from Florida......     05/12/2016
we went house hunting & only found 2 houses that would come close to what we want  , but  one ... More »
Re: Tankless Water Heater     05/12/2016
we looked into it last year & we were told we would have to change all the pipes in our house be... More »
Re: Just off the phone with Mrs Retired Engineer     05/12/2016
@retired_engineer....praying for a speedy recovery , we all miss you .... More »
Re: If you can't win, then ruin the next guy's chances...     04/27/2016
@retired _ engineer.....I read your post , what I said was I think the queen & her family have... More »
Re: Getting Settled...Again     04/27/2016
@Buffaloglenn....Kentucky has a property tax on your house & land , then they also have a proper... More »
Re: Getting Settled...Again     04/26/2016
@The Chad...we will be looking in the Orlando area , we have relatives in & around that area , s... More »
Re: Getting Settled...Again     04/26/2016
@The Chad....we are leaving on Sunday to go to Florida to look at homes to buy  . We just found out... More »
Re: If you can't win, then ruin the next guy's chances...     04/26/2016
@Odin....thank you ....I know that word "IF" scares a lot of people ........ More »
Re: Plumbers and Cost     04/26/2016
@lisapisabobisa.....Sure it's "Bert's Plumbing" Cold Spring Ky. ...I don't think he will make servic... More »
Re: If you can't win, then ruin the next guy's chances...     04/25/2016 would be awesome if all medical care was "FREE" to every citizen , if women earned the sam... More »
Re: Super Easy Dinner     04/25/2016
@Fofa...this dish is also called "dirty rice", because you add stuff to it (LOL). You can also use T... More »

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