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Re: Roast-A-Member     06/19/2015 you like dark places ? ... More »
Re: Discipline in public     06/16/2015
if you know you are going to be going some where that  is not the proper place to have a child in t... More »
Re: being old & lazy .....     06/16/2015
@dottie573.......My kids do not allow me to get old (LOL) they never take "no" or I'm tired for an a... More »
Re: being old & lazy .....     06/15/2015
@Fallon...all our kids have jobs & families so getting one of them to come with their kids would... More »
Re: I'm a new mommy!!!     06/15/2015
we had 2 robin nest in our  cherry trees & we couldn't even get near the trees till the birds w... More »
being old & lazy .....     06/15/2015
I get lazier every day , I'm in my 70's & have worked my entire life & about 2 weeks ago I t... More »
Re: Traveling solo     06/15/2015
30 years ago I joined a singles group that sponsored dances & trips , we had a total of 30 in ou... More »
Re: Another Unwatchable Show     06/15/2015
take a book & don't watch the TV , I take a book every where I go that I know I will be "waiting... More »
Re: Jeeeesh !!! Wimmin!     06/15/2015
I stopped wearing make-up 25 years ago , so I do not need to take the extra time to  work on my fac... More »
Re: Are you happy?     06/15/2015
I thank God every day that I have everything I do , & that includes a good husband , happy child... More »
Re: Walking!     06/15/2015
a couple of months ago a mother & her 22 year old daughter were walking down the road near where... More »
Re: I totally busted my kids looking at 50 shades of grey on their laptop     06/15/2015
hubby & I rented the movie "50 shades of grey" & it was not what we expected. It was a love ... More »
Re: Keeping Your Home Organized     06/14/2015 right , I missed our basement the most when we lived in Texas . But I loved the huge ranc... More »
Re: Keeping Your Home Organized     06/10/2015
I stopped all the clutter at our home when I bought  those large plastic tubs & labeled them as... More »
Re: You see a man in uniform, you _________?     05/18/2015
anyone wearing a uniform of any service army, air force, marines , navy . coast guard, police office... More »
Re: New Chemo on its way!!!     05/14/2015
@Anne2800....congrats, hope this is the drug that will send you into a speedy recovery & remissi... More »
Re: Is this a bobcat kitten?     05/14/2015
no it's not a bobcat , it does not have the hair tuffs at the tips of it's ears that all bobcats hav... More »
Re: so whatcha cookin for dinner tonight.....??     05/14/2015
I fixed BBQ pork & loaded potato salad for hubby , I had chicken & a salad ...I do not like ... More »
Re: Gator Hunt     05/14/2015
@Wooderson....just remember not run , jump on the gators back & keep everything close to y... More »
Re: Memorial Day     05/12/2015
our friend owns a horse farm & every year she has a huge BBQ & covered dish party . Last yea... More »

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