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Re: New Hot Water Heater     02/12/2016
we purchased a new hot water heater from our plumber & he installed it ..cost was $700.00 he sai... More »
Re: jeans     02/12/2016
go to Goodwill or your local thrift center to buy good jeans. I bought a pair of Bill Blass & a ... More »
Re: Ted Cruz shocker (for me at least)     02/12/2016
I bet she paid for those boobs too ,  but guess the "porn" girls have to get them to make the big $... More »
Re: cat grooming     02/08/2016
take your cat to a groomer & get it all cut off . It just makes no sense to have a matted cat  ... More »
Re: Bread Pudding Recipe     02/08/2016 I said it was my grandmother's not can add what ever you want to the b... More »
Re: Yep, this sums it up perfectly...     02/08/2016
I hate Mondays cause those are the days my hubby leaves for the entire week . Last week he was in Ho... More »
Re: Brand of interior paint     02/08/2016
we used Bear paint  on all our walls & so far it has been the best we have found , cost was $35... More »
Re: Bread Pudding Recipe     02/08/2016
Okay here is my grandmother's bread pudding loaf of French or Italian bread diced into cubesp... More »
Re: Republican Party Favoring Marco Rubio to Win the Primaries     02/07/2016
@notfromhere......those are all sad choices....I wouldn't even go to the poles if they were my only ... More »
Re: Gas is so cheap     02/04/2016
In Kentucky it's $1.35 to $1.46 a gallon just depends on where you fill up . Kind of makes you wonde... More »
Re: Republican Party Favoring Marco Rubio to Win the Primaries     02/04/2016
@SwimSwim...that's correct....I like Rubio better than  Sanders , there is just something about the... More »
Re: 2 male dogs now at BARC     02/03/2016
beautiful dogs , I would take both of them if I could , but I already have 3 dogs & no room for ... More »
Re: Republican Party Favoring Marco Rubio to Win the Primaries     02/03/2016
out of all of the republicans that are running for the White House ...I like Marco Rubio best . If H... More »
Re: Time for another game of HAVE YOU EVER???     02/03/2016
$140.00 but I'm in my 70's so I've had more years to add things on . Oh , & I'm still adding (... More »
Re: daughter & future son-in-law......     02/03/2016
Thank all of you for your opinions they really helped us decide which way to go . Our daughter  tha... More »
daughter & future son-in-law......     02/03/2016
have booked their "honeymoon cruise" for Sept.24th , they are getting married on the 17th . They hav... More »
Re: Minimum wage & taxes     02/03/2016
@Spork......there are lot's of idiots walking among us also ...we live & learn as we grow .....w... More »
Re: Minimum wage & taxes     02/01/2016
China is getting more of our business than we are  because it is cheaper for them to produce  what... More »
Re: Sad day     02/01/2016
It's nice that you feel that way ....however ...remember he is your "ex" for a reason . Sometimes , ... More »
Re: Weight Watchers     02/01/2016
@klp1972....Most of what those "trash papers" print is not 100% true , so we have to take it with a ... More »

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