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Re: Nutella     01/13/2016
I agree with "retired engineer" way too sweet for me also . I don't even like jelly on my peanut-but... More »
Re: -4 degrees this morning !     01/13/2016
@Fallon...already looked at the taxed states & Florida is among those that  do not have a state... More »
Re: -4 degrees this morning !     01/13/2016
@FoFa...39 would be a tropical breeze here (LOL) , we are at 13 degrees now & windy , so with th... More »
Re: Yesterday was a BAD day     01/13/2016
one mistake & lesson learned...glad all 3 dogs are home & well . ... More »
-4 degrees this morning !     01/13/2016
the news says we will reach a high of 24 degrees today , more snow flurries on the way for this week... More »
Re: Weight Watchers     01/12/2016
my youngest daughter & I tried it together & she lost 27 pounds , I didn't loose an ounce. I... More »
Re: This about sums it up     01/12/2016
@thegoodwife....Oh I know millions of people are thinking the same thing Iam , but that's what dream... More »
Re: Found Great Pyrenees     01/12/2016
beautiful dog , thank you for protecting him & caring for him .... More »
Re: This about sums it up     01/12/2016
@thegoodwife....I do dream big all the time , just can never get all 6 numbers I need to win the lot... More »
Zero last night ......     01/11/2016
it's now 5 degrees & schools have been cancelled because of the cold . This week-end it's suppos... More »
Re: RIP David Bowie     01/11/2016
I read an article  last week that said 26,000 people die every week from some form of cancer world ... More »
Re: I'm not gonna lie     01/11/2016
sometimes a little peace & quiet is all you need & a good book  to make you happy .... More »
Re: This about sums it up     01/11/2016
Mondays are my cleaning day , so I will be steam cleaning the floors & scrubbing all 3 bathrooms... More »
Re: Lost dogs- hunters ridge HELP     01/08/2016
poor babies , hope someone can take them in & care for them before they get hurt .... More »
Re: What's the Plan for the Weekend?     01/08/2016
Planet Fitness for sure , then grocery shopping  after that we are free to shop till we drop . But ... More »
Re: Dog found in greentree     01/08/2016
beautiful fur baby , looks like maybe some retriever in the blood line  ? Hope you can find a forev... More »
Re: hair styles......     01/08/2016
@CC1974...if my hair touched my shoulders I would just put it into a ponytail & forget it , but ... More »
Re: hair styles......     01/08/2016
@Donnatella...I do have a regular stylist I go to about every 6 weeks for a touch up trim , my hair ... More »
Re: hair styles......     01/08/2016
@Fallon...that's the style our oldest daughter has & she said it was super easy since she works ... More »
Re: Cold wet night calls for breakfast for dinner     01/07/2016
@nurse3 ...Lucky you , my hubby will not touch breakfast food if it's after 10 am , so to keep the p... More »

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