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Re: Advice for a young person     06/23/2015
I was told many times by my dad , the best way to learn is through our mistakes & failures. As l... More »
Re: Whole house generator     06/23/2015
we live in Kentucky & we priced one from Home Depot & the entire unit plus installation was ... More »
I feel like I'm in Texas....     06/22/2015
It's so hot & muggy today , it's rained for the past week , so today it is 90 degrees & mugg... More »
Re: Found Hound Dog     06/22/2015
photo would be nice.... More »
Re: Love this commercial!!!     06/22/2015
I haven't see n that one yet , but I was taken back by the commercial where the 2 women are in bed &... More »
Re: Speaking of Trash TV     06/21/2015
I don't like either one of those . If a dance teacher talked to my girls like she does to those girl... More »
Re: This is a few of my favorite things     06/21/2015
I just got memories from 50 years ago ....geezzzz!now back to the main subject...early morning sunri... More »
Re: looking for my mom!     06/19/2015
so sorry you lost your mom or dad...hope you find a forever home soon , you are too cute to lost for... More »
Re: LOST WEDDING RING!!! REWARD!!!!!     06/19/2015 husband lost his wedding ring at the car wash & we posted a $500. rewardfor... More »
Re: Who is photographing our house/van/driveway in Woodstream     06/19/2015
if your son is handsome , maybe  someone wanted a photo of him & sent someone to get it so they... More »
Re: So, I Packed For The Beach....     06/19/2015
if you take 2 -two piece suits you will have enough combinations for a week . Then you will have les... More »
Re: Twyla's dog on the run - help!     06/19/2015
I love happy endings, glad they are home safe & sound.... More »
Re: Breaking News - Miracle drug cures cancer, AIDS and Ebola     06/19/2015
If it's not made in the USA I don't want any part of that CURE ! It's more than likely something to ... More »
Re: How do define marriage?     06/19/2015
for 25 years I have sat across the table  from my husband & my love never wavers or changes . I... More »
Re: Roast-A-Member     06/19/2015
@FOFA....I give what is TMI ? Remember I'm in my 70's so I'm not up on all  the new abbreviations.... More »
sick of all this rain...     06/19/2015
it has rained so much here in Ky. that  our yard is like a huge sponge. Hubby had to go out  last ... More »
Re: Roast-A-Member     06/19/2015 told the story about the dark tunnel...right ? So I was just asking if you like dark pla... More »
Re: Discipline in public     06/19/2015
@taramay...I agree 100% , but there are times when you just need a sitter . ... More »
Re: Discipline in public     06/19/2015's been ages ago that I had sitters , but we were military & we always took our kids... More »

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