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Re: Trump's grammar in speeches just below 6th grade level     03/21/2016 friend is voting for Hillary , she said we have had all male's in the WH & one... More »
Re: What type of snake is this?     03/19/2016
dead for sure ......I killed a corral¬† snake & a copperhead snake when we lived in Kingwood,so¬... More »
Re: Found yellow dog 02/18/2016     03/19/2016
loks like he may have some lab in his dna...thank you for taking care of him till his owners can be ... More »
Re: Trump's grammar in speeches just below 6th grade level     03/19/2016
@beadweaver.....I pray all the time that enough people will see the true Trump & turn in another... More »
Re: If you could have Super Hero powers what would they be?     03/18/2016
invisibility....I could go any where & not be seen .... More »
Re: Oil back over $40     03/18/2016
gas prices here in Kentucky went up to $1.99 a gallon , but yesterday it dropped to $1.85 a gallon .... More »
Re: Trump's grammar in speeches just below 6th grade level     03/18/2016
as a person I have never liked Trump , I think he speaks with a forked tongue & most of what he ... More »
Re: Hair     03/09/2016
the cat looks better than Donald...(LOL)... More »
update from Kentucky......     03/09/2016
Last November I joined Planet Fitness since they opened a place 3 blocks from my home , I was a size... More »
Re: Found White Terrier Mix In Woodstream     03/09/2016
glad dog is back home , thank you for caring.... More »
Re: Hummm, Didn't you notice the TREE!     03/09/2016
I saw this yesterday on the news , had to laugh to think someone was so drunk they didn't know that ... More »
Re: Horseless Carriage?     03/09/2016
they both need good support bras !... More »
Re: LOST DOG!     03/09/2016
hope you found the owners ........ More »
Re: found elderly black lab     03/09/2016
thank you for taking care of this lost dog & reuniting¬† him with his parents....... More »
Re: Tension headache     03/09/2016
usually wen I have a headache that longer than a day I take a hot shower & a sleeping pill &... More »
Re: Obama skipping Nancy Reagan's funeral     03/09/2016
I was under the impression that the Regan services were "private" & for family & close frien... More »
Re: Meals for bp2018?     03/02/2016
@donnatella...thanks for the update , no one ever "helped out" when I had my kids & that was in ... More »
been busy ......     03/02/2016
granddaughter bought a 150 year old house in Indiana & we have been helping paint & clean . ... More »
Re: Meals for bp2018?     03/02/2016
is BP ill ? I missed the reason she needs to have food catered to her ......I got that she just had ... More »
Re: Still missing Boxer!! Please help!!     03/02/2016
so sorry your beloved boxer is still missing , hopefully someone will see your ads & return her ... More »

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