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Re: Not sure I can ask this?     04/17/2015
@foxymomma...thanks but I have no intention of moving away at this time in my life. I'm in my 70's s... More »
we took our poodle to another vet ....     04/16/2015
Buddy has been limping around for several weeks , we took him to our regular vet & he said it wa... More »
Re: It sounded like a good idea, but...     04/16/2015
OUCH ! to all of the above  ..not smart at all.... More »
Re: new shoes     04/16/2015
that has to be a "cross-dresser" no woman would dare to appear in public with her legs looking like ... More »
Re: FREE KITTENS     04/16/2015
photos please !... More »
Re: Really!?! I mean, REALLY!?!     04/16/2015
OMG ! a monkey as a sex slave ? something is wrong with those idiots for sure . The guys with the Ak... More »
Re: Not sure I can ask this?     04/16/2015
I'm a KDC fan only local town does not have a forum at all so sad....... More »
Re: What's going on?     04/16/2015
@Mahm...many prayers coming for your parents...if I lived closer than 1200 miles I would fix your di... More »
Re: Married Guys     04/16/2015
@Boobear...when I tell hubby he needs to go to the guest bedroom for a while he just grabs me & ... More »
Re: Sooo Proud- did something new     04/16/2015 makes you feel proud that you did it your self , congrats !@Fallon....I had the same pr... More »
Re: Jan just kicked me out.....     04/16/2015
Hormones ! that's what makes us crazy , when we want to snap your heads off , no matter how sweet yo... More »
Re: Do you     04/16/2015
@safety44....we had  huge garden & we raised most of our food in that garden , bread was made t... More »
Re: Do you     04/15/2015
anyone remember when gas was 25 cents a gallon ?Bread 10 cents a loaf ?milk came in glass bottles  ... More »
Re: Gator Eats Dog     04/15/2015
this happens when the dog is not on a leash & allowed to go to near water where there are alliga... More »
Re: Help: Lost Golden Retriever in Bear Branch     04/15/2015
Sounds like a happy ending, however she does need to be chipped , along with a collar that has ID ta... More »
Re: Found white chihuahua in Atascocita     04/15/2015
see if it is chipped & post signs in the area where it was found....... More »
Re: Found black and white Dog - Hunters Ridge     04/15/2015
border collie ...did you see if he/she is chipped ? It looks like it has been well cared for , post ... More »
Re: Help: Lost Golden Retriever in Bear Branch     04/15/2015
has Molly come home yet ?... More »
Re: Victory of Light report....     04/15/2015's a known fact that everyone has their hand out for the all mighty dollar , so hold on ti... More »
Re: Marriage, one woman's view point     04/14/2015
my 1st marriage ended after 13 1/2 years & I vowed I would never marry again....I was single for... More »

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