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weather update from Kentucky...     01/04/2016
Just watched the 6:30 pm news & weather & as we suspected the cold weather is pushing in ton... More »
Re: snow flurries this morning !     01/04/2016
@allymansfield....we lived in Kingwood for 6 years & loved it , but we missed our home & fam... More »
Re: snow flurries this morning !     01/04/2016
@safety44...we are in Kentucky 10 miles from Cincinnati Ohio . Not hard to find on any map (LOL). Ju... More »
snow flurries this morning !     01/04/2016
The weather man says we could get up to an inch by this evening , so nothing we are going to have to... More »
Re: When I am old, this will be me     01/02/2016
@Donnatella....I'm old & after being married for 25 years the last thing I want is a bunch of gu... More »
getting ready to celebrate the New Year....     12/31/2015
went to get my hair done & now I'm going to get dressed for a fun evening with my husband. Reser... More »
Re: Wanted to share something..     12/30/2015
@Ashley 28.....Knowing God is always with you & believing in His grace to comfort you in trying ... More »
rain - rain go away !     12/30/2015
it has been raining for days , our back yard is a giant sponge . Hubby walked to the back of the bac... More »
Re: Foster needed for this cute cat...He is out in the cold :(     12/30/2015
cute cat , glad you are feeding it . Hope you find him or her a forever home soon .... More »
Re: Wanted to share something..     12/30/2015
@Ashley sounds like God was telling you is He is with you . Just my opinion for what it is wor... More »
Re: What is With This Dog     12/30/2015
My friend took her dog to the vet to get her rabies shot , within minutes after receiving the shot t... More »
Re: Oh Crap     12/22/2015
Merry Christmas ! what a wonderful gift that will keeps giving you love year after year .... More »
Re: Missing white dog in Kings Point     12/22/2015
miracles happen all the time, let's pray your little girl comes home soon , safe & sound ....put... More »
Re: woman killed on bridge     12/22/2015
because of all the programs on TV & movies about killing ,┬ápeople have become de-sensitized to ... More »
Re: Dogs have feelings     12/22/2015
all animals have feelings , some show it better than others. We had a cat for 13 years & it acte... More »
Re: New Years Eve     12/17/2015
make your own package with things you enjoy doing , that's what we are doing this year . We are goin... More »
Re: NOt wanting to BRAG here but.....     12/17/2015
┬ácan still wear my size 12 jeans I wore when I was in my 40's & I'm in my 70's now . I'm workin... More »
Re: MISSING BLACK PUG     12/17/2015
what a cute pug , sure hope he is returned safe & sound . He is so cute the finder may not want ... More »
Re: weather is changing ....     12/14/2015
Typical Texas winter weather ..enjoy your 76 degrees , we are slowly heading for the 20's BURRRRRR!... More »

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