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Re: Lost dog call 6016225931     09/29/2016
bump for the cute fur baby ....... More »
Re: Found a lost dog     09/29/2016
bump for the cute dog , thank you for caring for him ...hope you find his family soon .... More »
Re: Trump yard signs     09/29/2016
I would not put any sign about anything political in my yard , that's why it's called "secretballot"... More »
Re: Debate , so what did you think ?     09/29/2016
@coco1248... you are 100% correct , Johnson was interviewed this morning & he was asked 'whatpre... More »
home safe & sound...     09/28/2016
from St. Louis , Hubby said rain followed him all the way home . It's a chilly 50 degrees right now ... More »
Re: Debate , so what did you think ?     09/28/2016
@coco1248...CNBC said they were "TIED" in the debate...personally I didn't think either one did a gr... More »
Re: Debate , so what did you think ?     09/28/2016
@mdizzel...I agree, too bad more canidates were not voted into the election, but there are 2 other p... More »
Re: Debate , so what did you think ?     09/27/2016
WOW ! the polls here in Kentucky , Ohio & Indiana say it was a "tie".  Everyone expected more t... More »
Debate , so what did you think ?     09/27/2016
I watched the entire 90 minutes plus the hour long program afterwards on CNBC & I thought Hillar... More »
Re: Another reason NOT to elect Trump...think it over!!     09/26/2016
just like when you get pregnant you have a 50/50 change of getting a boy or a girl ...well Clinton &... More »
Re: Any Nice Public Spots To View The HOT ( Hillary Or Trump? ) Debate?     09/26/2016
I will be watching because I want to see who catches who in the most lies & I want to see  if t... More »
Re: So for supper tonight its gonna be..........     09/26/2016
looks good Ray . But I'm having left over grilled chicken & fried cabbage , cause hubby is out o... More »
Re: Favorite sad movies     09/26/2016
Out of Africa....with Meryl Streep & Robert Redford . I've watched this movie & read the boo... More »
Re: Wedding dress to christening gown conversation complete     09/26/2016
beautiful , and I know a lot of love & time went into making the gown for your daughter . I was ... More »
Re: Shabby To Chic - Kingwood Drive     09/26/2016
@herron1345...beautiful grand-daughter raises & breeds GS , you have 2 beautiful f... More »
Re: What the?     09/26/2016
good for you Fofa that you still have the get up & go of a youngster  but the experie... More »
Re: Weiner's wiener, again     09/21/2016
Weiner is one sick individual he needs to be put away some where so he does not have contact with an... More »
Re: Time for more BURN YOUR KDC MEMBER     09/18/2016
@FoFA.....Now you know me so well , you should know that Wjo does not allow me to have anything over... More »
Re: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!     09/16/2016
already had mine done plus my pap , so I'm good for another year . My doctor told me that I did not ... More »
Re: Did Bill just say Hillary had the flu?     09/15/2016
I've had pneumonia several times & my husband had it twice last year & each time it affected... More »

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