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Re: Mountain lion in Kingwood?     11/28/2015
I saw it this afternoon.  Looks like a domestic house tabby cat.... More »
Re: Looking for a female chocolate lab puppy     11/25/2015
Have your friend who trains service dogs assist you in acquiring a service potential puppy.  Good l... More »
Re: Turkey Shoots down Russian Warplane     11/24/2015
Congress needs to immediately impeach Obama.  Take your pick of which "charge".  This country need... More »
Re: Russia Gives France New Puppy In Honor Of Killed Police Canine     11/22/2015
I saw a picture of the puppy; handsome German Shepherd.  Will make a great working dog.... More »
Re: I realy need to go shooting more often.     11/22/2015
Where is Thunder Range?... More »
Mail Delivery Late at Night     11/13/2015
We finally got our mail at 7:30 last night. What is going on at the KW Post Office ?... More »
Re: Anyone ever had this?     11/12/2015
Might be a reaction to the Levoquin; not many people can tolerate it.  Check it out on the Internet... More »
Re: Anyone ever had this?     11/12/2015
Did you get a Flu shot recently?   Some people are having problems with the flu shot this year.... More »
Re: Kingwood dr accident     11/11/2015
Fallon, I strongly disagree.  You can't sugar coat dangerous behavior.  They have to learn... More »
Re: Kingwood dr accident     11/10/2015
Should have more sense at 19.  He could have killed someone.  What a reckless selfish jerk.  I ho... More »
Re: New Caney Fence Company :(     11/09/2015
We want a regular fence company; not a contractor. Thanks.... More »
New Caney Fence Company :(     11/09/2015
Came out and did an estimate. I called back Six times checking to see if they could schedule us. L... More »
Re: Teenager Killed While Changing Tire     11/08/2015
Prayers for this young man and his family.... More »
Re: Flamboyantly Gay Server     11/06/2015
If they have to act out then they are immature and insecure.  Sad.  Definitely they have problems.... More »
Re: Need a 7-day foster home for our foster dog     11/05/2015
She looks like a Kuvaz not a Great Pyranees.  Head is too narrow. The GP's have massive head pieces... More »
Just got a call . . .     11/05/2015
Call from Jamaica telling me I won Publishers Clearing house prize of $5000 for life plus 8 million ... More »
Re: Sea Salt Contains Plastic     11/03/2015
Throwing mine out now :(... More »
Re: Found Pit Bull in Sherwood Trails     11/01/2015
No way would I have this "unknown pit bull" around a child or other people.  This breed has been ge... More »
Re: Arizona Mandates all Dogs Sold In Pet Stores to Come from Shelters     10/30/2015
Then maybe breeders will purchase food, ect elsewhere.  Stupid move to try to control how people bu... More »
Re: Social Security Changes     10/30/2015
We need to get Americans off Welfare entitlements and working to pay their fair share into SS.  It ... More »

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