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Re: Current Euro Model Run at Six Days     08/24/2016
Why hijack this topic to talk about lobsters and clams??  Maybe start your own "yankeefest thread" ... More »
Re: Smart Stop Chestnut Ridge Another break in     08/23/2016
Where are the Police.....  How long did it take them to get there?  Never see them driving around ... More »
Re: Smart Stop Chestnut Ridge Another break in     08/23/2016
They did put the concrete pillars up.... More »
Re: Water Heater Replacement     08/22/2016
Go to Lowes buy one and use one of their contractors.... More »
Re: Trump is unappealing     08/21/2016
Friday1.  Hate to tell you but Trump has the vote of MOST of America :)... More »
Re: Lost Dogs in elm grove     08/20/2016
Description please.... More »
Re: Crash kills 1 in Kingwood     08/20/2016
Tears and prayers for the young man and his family.  All of us in KW have witnessed dangerous drivi... More »
Re: IRS Wants me...     08/17/2016
I had two calls so far this week.... More »
Re: milwaukee riots     08/15/2016
Vote for TRUMP and clean up America !... More »
Re: To dew claw or not ?     08/13/2016
Usually only toy breed show dogs have dew claws removed (also standard and miniature poodles).  It ... More »
Re: ATM Thieves Caught Chestnut / KWD     08/12/2016
KW needs more Police presence.... More »
Re: I got disbarred from KW Petco (lol)     08/11/2016
I guess a customer can no longer complain ?  ... More »
Re: Anyone know a good Exterminator?     08/10/2016
We use Hart Pest control for several years.... More »
Re: Crime in Kingwood     08/10/2016
Kingwood needs more Police patrolling.  Not enough officers assigned to our area if it takes them t... More »
Re: Smash and Grabs     08/09/2016
Seriously doubt this destruction and auto thiefs are the work of bored teenagers.  This is the work... More »
Re: Smash and Grabs     08/09/2016
Kingwood needs more Police officers patrolling.  Next will be carjackings.... More »
Re: Hillary Can't Do Stairs     08/08/2016
One doctor on the Internet is saying these are classic symptoms of Parkinson's disease.  Definitely... More »
Up front Kingwood     08/08/2016
Convenience store front of Chestnut Ridge has the brick front totally destroyed. Looks like someone ... More »
Re: Dry skin on pup     08/08/2016
Sounds like a food allergy.  Put her on a "limited ingredient" food; can find at Petco or Petsmart;... More »
Tularosa Rocks !     08/05/2016
We went to Tularosa tonight to see how it stacks up (old Ninfas location). It totally ROCKS! Marga... More »

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