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Re: Yard signs...     09/29/2016
I've had mine in my yard for a month.  Vote TRUMP :)... More »
Re: Great, just great...LET THE DOME GO!!     09/27/2016
This will cost the taxpayers too much money; let it go.  ... More »
Re: Debate recap IMO     09/27/2016
Hillary was too rehearsed; been in office for many years and hasn't produced anything but scandals.... More »
Re: Debate , so what did you think ?     09/27/2016
Trump won :). Hillary's voice was like nails on chalkboard and she just rattled on and on.  Typical... More »
Re: Another reason NOT to elect Trump...think it over!!     09/25/2016
Vote TRUMP and help America become successful and safe again.  Too many scandals and dishonesty wit... More »
Re: Debate Monday     09/24/2016
Hope they frisk Hillary for wires.  Ever wonder why she wears those heavy tops???... More »
Re: Another Terrorist Attack     09/24/2016
The End Result of OPEN BORDERS and And UNVETTED Immigration.... More »
Re: Another Terrorist Attack     09/24/2016
Washington state or DC? Never mind I see something about Seattke o must be the state.... More »
Re: Getting so fed up with the Randalls up front     09/19/2016
Sign by the "Kingwood Parc" area saying Grocery Store planned (up front) :)... More »
Re: FOUND DOG!!!!!!!     09/18/2016
Just remember this is a Pit Bull; someone might have dumped him Due to a bite problem, ect.  The na... More »
Re: Getting so fed up with the Randalls up front     09/18/2016
I absolutely hate that store but it's so convenient.  New huge grocery store coming upfront KW soon... More »
Re: Anyone going to get the new iPhone 7 today?     09/17/2016
No longer buy Apple Products since they wouldn't unlock the terrorists phone.  Love my new Android ... More »
Re: Sandra Bland family to get 1.9 million     09/17/2016
Just another disrespectful DRUGGIE "cop hater".  Her family who now acts so grieved would not even ... More »
Anyone Else Have Dealings With Guy's A/C ??????     09/16/2016
Anyone had dealings with Guy's Air Conditioning and Heating??????... More »
Re: Dog cage/kennel     09/13/2016
To calm her put one drop of essential lavender on whithers twice a day.... More »
Re: Mayor Believes New Textbook Is Racist     09/08/2016
Is this his job to "Police" the new textbooks.  Surely with a City the size of Houston he needs to ... More »
Re: Hillary Cheating Ear Mic     09/08/2016
She's a lying disgusting Traitor to the US.  Can't imagine "who" all these supporters are of hers??... More »
Re: crooked Hillary!!!!     09/08/2016
ChrisinKingwood.  Donald Trump is a very brilliant and successful business man that has developed b... More »
Re: Vertigo?     09/05/2016
Taking a Sudafed normally takes care of it for me.... More »
Re: Vertigo?     09/05/2016
This happens to me sometimes and I have decided that it is caused by visiting places that have been ... More »

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