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Re: someone please help. suggestions what to do next?     07/24/2016
Contact your insurance company for advice.... More »
Re: Requesting prayer     07/22/2016
Prayers for a good scan.... More »
Re: Medium sized red dog white paws in Forest Cove     07/20/2016
No, the dog running loose is red with white paws. sorry.... More »
Re: Medium sized red dog white paws in Forest Cove     07/20/2016
My guess is that someone dumped him out here.  Any rescue organizations interested in helping him??... More »
Medium sized red dog white paws in Forest Cove     07/20/2016
Running around at the end of Masters Way.... More »
Re: Dog found     07/17/2016
Contact the people at Pet Ranch.  They probably know the phone numbers of the local rescues or know... More »
Re: omg the kingwood post office     07/15/2016
Horrible service. Late evening delivery; wrong mail; mailbox doors left open.  FIRE THEM ALL !  A ... More »
Re: Grocery Stores     07/12/2016
The new HEB will be very nice.  Also, the large Kroger is very nice and clean.... More »
Re: Are gun-related attacks a Government diversion?     07/11/2016
Let's see what happens tomorrow with Lynch going before the House on the Hillary mess and Obama comi... More »
Re: Jack Russell Attack     07/08/2016
Pit Bull attacks FAR outweigh other dog attacks AND they are usually FATAL attacks.... More »
Re: Pit Bull Attacks in Spring     07/07/2016
No Taramay I don't ever tire of warning people about these attacks.  If you don't wish to read ... More »
Pit Bull Attacks in Spring     07/07/2016
Two women now in critical condition after being attacked by two pit bulls in a Spring subdivision. ... More »
Re: FBI on the hill     07/07/2016
She allowed access to classified documents by people without clearances :(... More »
Re: Clinton's     07/05/2016
She's now on TV spewing her LIES in NC.  ... More »
Re: Lost chihuahua     07/05/2016
What is important is that a small dog is missing.  Doesn't matter how many times its posted. I'm su... More »
Re: FBI recommends no indictments against Hillary for email     07/05/2016
More to come on this......CORRUPT Government.  NOT a proud day for the integrity of our FBI.... More »
Re: Doggie troubles     07/01/2016
Pit mix and having attacked another dog (they are bred to do that; in their genetics); then biting y... More »
Re: Ouija Board App     06/29/2016
Don't mess with it; it can open portals.... More »
Re: Creeptastic dream(?) last night...     06/28/2016
A deceased family member or friend is trying to prepare you for an upcoming event in your family or ... More »

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