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Re: Vehicle Burglaries In Kingwood     12/09/2016
No, not a dumb ass "ET" he STOPPED a FEW inches over line.  Call it was you want I call it HARRASSM... More »
Re: Vehicle Burglaries In Kingwood     12/09/2016
Thumb sucking Hillary supporter.  The stop sign was the one before the one getting out on 59 Fe... More »
Re: Neighborly gesture or just a CREEP     12/09/2016
I doubt the guy was selling meat.  He was trying to get her to come over to his truck.  Very creep... More »
Re: Vehicle Burglaries In Kingwood     12/09/2016
Must not be too short staffed as there is an officer giving stop sign tickets at the stop sign by Re... More »
Re: Kendra Scott?     12/08/2016
Check out online.... More »
Re: been sick since last Thursday ....     12/05/2016
Try Robutussin DM at night. Mucanex during the day.... More »
Re: Made in the USA is going to cost you     12/02/2016
Don't care about an extra cost.  It means Americans will have JOBS and we will grow our economy :).... More »
Re: How will OPEC move affect us?     11/30/2016
Actually there is still a bit of oil glut BUT we are not producing much anymore; very low output and... More »
Re: Dog food choices     11/25/2016
Check out Kirklands food and  They have a lower rating.  Be sure and read ... More »
Re: Dog food choices     11/25/2016
I order my food from and get free shipping right to my door ( have to spend $45 or more). ... More »
Re: Lost Twyla's Dog     11/25/2016
Hopefully the fosters can contain this pit properly!... More »
Re: White and black dog found     11/25/2016
She's been running loose for months.  ... More »
Re: Loose Dogs Damage     11/19/2016
Allyfiekd.  Sorry, but it wasn't that grainy is you are familiar with the breeds.  Definitely a Ro... More »
Re: Loose Dogs Damage     11/19/2016
News said owner had been cited 9 times; also no rabies shot proof.  One was a pit bull, a Rottweile... More »
Re: A little Update on Ann2800     11/18/2016
Prayers for Ann.... More »
Part-time jobs     11/17/2016
We ate at Tularosas recently. It's too expensive for what you get. They give you ONE thin slice of... More »
Re: Don't shop, adopt - just a suggestion     11/17/2016
Also, check with breeders in the area; most of them have rescues or senior dogs available to respons... More »
Re: New York Police dog - rescued pit bull     11/16/2016
They get a well deserved bad rap.  Hate to burst your liberal bubble BUT most Police Departments us... More »
Re: new groomer, new hours     11/15/2016
Where are you located?... More »
Re: Incorrectly Protesting     11/15/2016
Put your car in gear and slowly move forward.  If they damage your car by not getting out of th... More »

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