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Re: How to destroy my computer?     04/03/2015
@DVaz: Yes, after smashing it I am putting the hard drive in my fire pit! ... More »
Eating healthy journey     04/03/2015
I ate really good today but now I am totally craving some junk food and alcohol. And my husband dra... More »
Re: How to destroy my computer?     04/03/2015
I think smashing the hard drive to tiny pieces sounds really good.... More »
Re: How to destroy my computer?     04/03/2015
It's not a lap top.  Destroying the hard drive will remove any compromising photos or videos?  J/k... More »
Friday reflection     04/03/2015
I can't even imagine the pain of being nailed to a cross. Maybe we should try this with rapists a... More »
How to destroy my computer?     04/03/2015
I have a Gateway that is old and I want to bring it to recycle tomorrow. What should I do to destro... More »
Home Easter Egg Hunts     04/03/2015
I am going to have an Easter hunt in the backyard with boiled eggs, confetti eggs an plastic ones. ... More »
Re: Lunch Thief     04/03/2015
I never understood why coworker steal peoples lunch.  It has happened at very place I have worked. ... More »
Re: Gardeners?     04/03/2015
Kingwood garden center or warrens would be your best bet.  Kingwood garden center is having great E... More »
Easter events     04/03/2015
Does Houston have an Easter parade? ... More »
Re: Happy Good Friday...     04/03/2015
Lint is almost over!! YAY!I bet all the fried fish places and seafood restaurants are packed today. ... More »
Re: Your funeral song     04/03/2015
My mother requested Al Green be played at her wake.  I kinda think she wanted to piss off her r... More »
Bluebonnets in Kingwood?     04/03/2015
Where are there bluebonnets in Kingwood? One of my favorite photographers does bluebonnet mini sess... More »
Re: Fried fish     04/03/2015
@kingwooddiscgolf: Is that like saying your favorite movie is Constipation. Because it hasn't... More »
Re: Fried fish     04/02/2015
Yum, I loved fried fish.  I don't eat it very often but it is so freaking yummy.  What kinda batte... More »
Re: Dinner?     04/02/2015
I have some chicken soup simmering away.  Having a late dinner tonight.  Just munched on a cucumbe... More »
Re: Where to buy sexy lingerie????     04/02/2015
@elguapo: What do You do with the rope? Sounds kinky! ... More »
Re: General A/C servicing...     04/02/2015
I am having Goode out this morning for my annual AC check.  They just called saying the technician ... More »
Re: Older Moms     04/02/2015
I vacuumed today and it is not a pleasant experience.  My toddler hates the vacuum and follows me a... More »
Re: Where to buy sexy lingerie????     04/02/2015
There are lots of websites that sell big breasted lingerie... More »


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