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Baltimore mom slaps son....     04/28/2015
@allymansfield: Do you have kids? I was raised to be a good kid but I made some bad choices... More »
Where the heck is     04/27/2015
Who is that?... More »
Toast     04/27/2015
How do you like your toast? I like mine very brown but not burnt and covered with butter or marga... More »
4 am     04/27/2015
It feels good to get the gas out. And it doesn't smell cause there isn't anything left in my colon. ... More »
4 am     04/27/2015
Colonoscopy went well. Thanks for the well wishes and putting up with my self pity. ... More »
Breakfast     04/27/2015
Thinking a grand slam might be over doing it. Egg mcmuffin sounds better. ... More »
4 am     04/27/2015
It's 4am and I am still having fun. Can't wait to be knocked out. ... More »
Breakfast     04/26/2015
I can't wait for breakfast tomorrow. I want some Denny's. ... More »
...At The Heart Of Creation....     04/26/2015
You must smoking tonight. ... More »
Melaleuca     04/26/2015
@soxs mom: Actually, I think it's the tree that tea tree oil comes from? ... More »
Nasty GoLytely     04/26/2015
Well i finished the gallon and it is kicking in. My leg is asleep. ... More »
cops     04/26/2015
I think chocolate and bacon sound good together. I like salty and sweet things, usually. ... More »
Melaleuca     04/26/2015
Sounds like Advocare too. ... More »
surfing Facebook     04/26/2015
And I have some of that wonderful brisket in my freezer just teasing me. ... More »
surfing Facebook     04/26/2015
People are posting too many food pictures tonight!... More »
Re: Blue Moon     04/26/2015
i can handle blue moon but i can't stomach Sam Adams... More »
Re: Jalapeno Pot Roast     04/26/2015
something about a stick of butter just kinda grosses me out... More »
Re: Nasty GoLytely     04/26/2015
@donnatella: of course, i am not stupid ... More »
Re: Nasty GoLytely     04/26/2015
@Okiedokie: I sm pretty sure once it is time for the bottle of mag, i will go just fine.  ... More »
Re: Nasty GoLytely     04/26/2015
I am not staying on the toilet.  just to do my business then i am chilling in the office.  Later i... More »


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