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Re: Nasty GoLytely     04/26/2015
@Okiedokie: I sm pretty sure once it is time for the bottle of mag, i will go just fine.  ... More »
Re: Nasty GoLytely     04/26/2015
I am not staying on the toilet.  just to do my business then i am chilling in the office.  Later i... More »
Re: Nasty GoLytely     04/26/2015
@Okiedokie: I actually haven't gone that much.  I don't want to have to do this again. ... More »
Re: Nasty GoLytely     04/26/2015
My husband cooked some really good smelling cajun smoked sausage dish,  He is evil!!... More »
Re: Nasty GoLytely     04/26/2015
@Okiedokie: oh hell no! yes, watching netflix and working on continuing education on the ipad... More »
Nasty GoLytely     04/26/2015
@Okiedokie: No pills, just gallon of the good stuff and a bottle of mag citrate. ... More »
Nasty GoLytely     04/26/2015
@caroline7327: Yes, it should be go-all nightly! ... More »
Nasty GoLytely     04/26/2015
The ice really helps, thanks! It just kicked in, it's going to be a butt-tastic kinda day.... More »
Lunch     04/26/2015
Looks delishous ... More »
Spiritual Animal Guides     04/26/2015
@FoFa: Thinking @boobear. She likes balls in her mouth! ... More »
Nasty GoLytely     04/26/2015
@Okiedokie: Mine doesn't have a flavor. Just tastes like salty water. I remember it havin... More »
Nasty GoLytely     04/26/2015
@Okiedokie: Oh I ate like crazy yesterday. Should of thought that one through a little bette... More »
Nasty GoLytely     04/26/2015
@Okiedokie: I bought some lemon crystal light. Last time I needed it for the last 1/3 of the ... More »
Nasty GoLytely     04/26/2015
OMG, I don't remember this stuff tasting so freaking horrible! How the heck will I drink a gallon? ... More »
Re: Thieves     04/26/2015
Man that sucks!  People have no f- ing integrity.  Can you pm me the company that did your paintin... More »
Re: Loving this stormy morning     04/26/2015
I just keep drinking fluids hoping to psych my belly out.  Even the soy sauce in the pantry looks t... More »
Re: Tickle tickle     04/25/2015
No I have the song "Just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down" in my head.... More »
Re: Loving this stormy morning     04/25/2015
Just want to stay home this weekend.  Little one is sick and I have my colonoscopy prep tomorrow. ... More »
Re: Grilling out kinda night..     04/24/2015
I have not grilled outside i a long time.  I need take out the charcoal and get cooking.I had salmo... More »
Re: Stop by and visit Brett at Starbucks     04/24/2015
Looking good @topcat! ... More »


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