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Re: Rat Killing...     03/04/2015
Fixed a bagel , fruit and coffee for breakfast Banking done Swept floors Educated little ... More »
Re: Last Night     03/04/2015
All the pervs must be actually working today! ... More »
Re: Free rock concert     03/04/2015
I have no idea who those bands are! Guess I am old.... More »
Re: Show me your puppies!     03/04/2015
I love the cat and dogs snuggling the best! ... More »
Re: Keep Pot Illegal     03/04/2015
I have never tried the stuff. What is the big deal about it? ... More »
Re: funny     03/04/2015
I had a cat who knocked over glasses too! Great cat except for that one issue. ... More »
Last Night     03/04/2015
Anybody else watch adult movies and do naughty adult things last night? I was up till 2:30am! A... More »
Re: Well, what do you know....     03/03/2015
Well, I know what I will be doing tonight! ... More »
Tuesday dinner     03/03/2015
I cooked onions, peppers, zucchini, carrots, and broccoli with shrimp and served over rice and sprin... More »
Re: The world needs ridding of odd socks...     03/03/2015
It's just socks! Wear what ya want. Today I wore my husbands socks cause I was to lazy to go upsta... More »
Re: Well, what do you know....     03/03/2015
I have never measured girth but 6 1/2" seems kind thick to me. I guess I will have to measure DH th... More »
Re: Help!     03/03/2015
Call Doug, my tile guy (281) 543-7777 ... More »
Re: Ladies Quiz     03/03/2015
I don't understand cheating. Just end the unhappy relationship. Geeez, people. ... More »
Re: Found @BooBear's New Summer Shoes     03/03/2015
They have some bring beer ones too.... More »
Re: Ladies Quiz     03/03/2015
I feel like taking a shower after reading this! ... More »
Re: Old Town Spring SpringFest Wine Festival     03/03/2015
Napa and Sonoma tastings can give you a buzz. When I lived in Napa I would drive for tasting to tas... More »
Re: Day 58 of 90 Day Challenge     03/03/2015
I am glad i fought my urge to eat at Burger King. Baby steps. ... More »
Re: Found @BooBear's New Summer Shoes     03/03/2015
Those are awesome! At least it didn't say follow me, bring K-Y ... More »
Re: Green smoothies     03/03/2015
I added some kale to my strawberry, blueberry, Greek yogurt smoothie. I puréed the fruit first then... More »
Re: Teach a cat to use the toilet     03/03/2015
They flush.?... More »


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