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When did the box game $ change     05/16/2015
I won the box game but the check was just $10. When did it change?... More »
Re: Do you landscape your backyard?     05/16/2015
I have a sweet gum tree in the back that provides great shade but at a price tag of those stupid pri... More »
Re: Weirdest thing in your fridge     05/16/2015
I don't do weird.  My fridge looks like a farmers market.  Tons of strawberries, blackberries, blu... More »
Re: So what are ya fixin to eat tonight???     05/15/2015
Leftover grilled chicken, cucumber tomato salad, sautéed carrotsApple slices with almond butter for... More »
Re: Wall to Wall Toddlers and Babies     05/15/2015
Just keep the ritas coming and maybe pop an ibuprofen. ... More »
Re: Blue Bell laying off 1450 people!     05/15/2015
Glad they are taking the cleaning seriously finally.  My neighbor works for Blue Bell, I hope he wi... More »
Re: dinner tonight     05/15/2015
Zios ... More »
Re: BBQguy, at your service!     05/15/2015
@bbqguy is there a minimum order that needs to be placed?... More »
Re: CONTEST WINNER 5/15/2015     05/15/2015
Congrats. Happy belated Mother's Day!... More »
Re: BBQguy, at your service!     05/15/2015
@bbqguy pork spare ribs vs baby back. What is your opinion?... More »
Re: How do you like your coffee?     05/15/2015
Like my coffee caffeinated with a flavored creamer the best or heavy cream and sugar.But I can't hav... More »
Re: Sex Life     05/15/2015
My sex life would be defined as good to very good.  Quick would not be a word I would use to define... More »
Re: help with dogs,, please     05/15/2015
@donnatella: It was my husband who wanted her put down. Yes, he was livid to say the least. ... More »
Re: Gonna make a cake-need help!     05/15/2015
Boxed German chocolate Cake mix, use buttermilk and add red food dye.  Makes a great red velvet cak... More »
Re: help with dogs,, please     05/15/2015
@ET: They didn't charge me anything. My husband actually brought the cat to be put down becau... More »
Re: help with dogs,, please     05/15/2015
Ask your vet.  I had to re home one of my cats and the vet found a home for her on a farm. ... More »
Re: fun things to do     05/14/2015
Lone star college has theatre performances... More »
Re: so whatcha cookin for dinner tonight.....??     05/14/2015
What were you baking @ray?Not sure about dinner.  I had a late lunch, PB&J sandwich. I have so... More »
Re: shameless baby picture post!     05/14/2015
Very good looking kids.  Emma is still using a pacifier too.  I am working on potty training right... More »
Re: Thoughts on spanking     05/14/2015
I was spanked as a kid.  But I am uncomfortable with spanking as punishment and don't plan to spank... More »


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