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Re: Thumb Drives     03/08/2015
@Okiedokie: That's awesome! What a great gag gift idea! Probably not good for a boss thoug... More »
Re: Asian noodles     03/08/2015
I got some by Thai Kitchen. More »
Re: Rodeo Question     03/08/2015
I didn't realized they had concerts before 7pm.  That's great. ... More »
Re: Thumb Drives     03/08/2015
There are all kinds of cool ones these days.  I wonder if there penis ones?... More »
Re: In the rear     03/08/2015
@elguapo: Is it a Dodge Caravan? There is a recall on the rear quater window motor. ... More »
Re: cold rainy day plans?     03/08/2015
Woke up at 11 and now eating some lunch.  Not much going on today.  A little organizing and chilli... More »
Re: Beans and Beer     03/08/2015
@Heathur: Sorry but I don't do butt sex. I just can't fathom putting something that goes in m... More »
Re: Beans and Beer     03/08/2015
@donnatella: Sorry girlfriend but everyone passes gas. It's unhealthy to not let it out. ... More »
Re: Beans and Beer     03/08/2015
@Grimmie: My plans were sexual in nature but even if they were a girls night out I would of ca... More »
Beans and Beer     03/07/2015
Beans and Beer is not a good combination!!  Something crawled up my butt and died!!!  YUCK!!My eve... More »
Re: Asian noodles     03/07/2015
I didn't see those.  But I found some marked for stir fry. ... More »
Re: Mowing Lawn     03/07/2015
That doesn't look good for the mower blade.  Glad they didn't fly out and hit you!... More »
Re: Saturday plans.....     03/07/2015
Let the house be a mess till your done with finals... More »
Re: Need a hoodie!     03/07/2015
@mattem: The airport shops will have some. ... More »
Re: Saturday plans.....     03/07/2015
About to nap.  The little one isn't herself today and woke me up 2 twice last night.Then cook some ... More »
Asian noodles     03/07/2015
I want to make chicken stir fry with veggies and noodles on Sunday. What are the best kind of noodl... More »
Re: Cheese Melting     03/07/2015
@donnatella: I would eat it at a party but not something I would make at home.... More »
Re: Cheese Melting     03/07/2015
I love just plain crackers and cheese.  One of my favorite snacks. ... More »
Re: Mommy and Me Classes     03/07/2015
Have you been to the library lapsit class?  Kingwood and Atascocita libraries have them.... More »
Re: this weekend     03/07/2015
@Francita: That's brings back college memories. I had a friend who worked at one and she woul... More »


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