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Re: fun things to do     05/14/2015
Lone star college has theatre performances... More »
Re: so whatcha cookin for dinner tonight.....??     05/14/2015
What were you baking @ray?Not sure about dinner.  I had a late lunch, PB&J sandwich. I have so... More »
Re: shameless baby picture post!     05/14/2015
Very good looking kids.  Emma is still using a pacifier too.  I am working on potty training right... More »
Re: Thoughts on spanking     05/14/2015
I was spanked as a kid.  But I am uncomfortable with spanking as punishment and don't plan to spank... More »
Re: dentist     05/13/2015
I have never had a deep clean done.  But i have really good teeth too. ... More »
Re: Why Mary Poppins was about drugs     05/13/2015
I prefer sound of music.... More »
Leasing a car? Negotiate?     05/13/2015
Over the last 10 years I seem to buy a vehicle every 3-4 years and I stay well under 12,000 miles a ... More »
Re: Rubs me the wrong way     05/13/2015
whats new... More »
FWD vs AWD     05/13/2015
Is all wheel drive better?... More »
Re: Cooking lesson of the day!     05/13/2015
I think soy causes too much estrogen in men.  ... More »
Re: Severe weather this week     05/12/2015
Too much rain, my tomatoes are not liking it.  Fungal issues from too much rain.  ... More »
Re: ~ Life Is Beautiful ~ (1997) Movie Review     05/12/2015
Great movie.  Haven't seen it in years but one to remember for sure.  ... More »
Re: We need another lounge chair!     05/12/2015
They are really comfy.  Don't blame them for hogging it.  ... More »
Re: Reasons why we each should win the GC to Olive Garden     05/12/2015
If I win I want to give it to my friend who is 8 months pregnant.  She is going to need easy meals ... More »
Re: Dead little pig on KW Drive     05/12/2015
@Burnsway: I always have about 3-4lbs of bacon in the fridge. I buy the cheap thick stuff. 3... More »
Re: **Important Notice: Had To Hit Up The ER Today     05/12/2015
Ouch!  Sounds awful, hope it heels faster than expected.  Thanks for sharing the 6 hr rule. ... More »
Re: local honda dealer     05/12/2015
Considering the CRV, Pilot or Odyssey,  Any opinions?... More »
Re: Carmax service question     05/12/2015
DH want to just trade it in for a Honda.  I want to see if the Carmax warranty covers the  TIPM is... More »
Re: local honda dealer     05/12/2015
I see that recommends Classic Honda in Galveston.  ... More »
Re: Carmax service question     05/12/2015
@QueenB: I see them next week. If I don't trade it in before then! ... More »


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