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Re: Lunch?     06/11/2015
@WskyTngoFxtrt: I didn't have a donut. Donut or saturn peaches are flat and round and when yo... More »
Re: Today... hump day     06/10/2015
@donnatella: That sounds like a healthy and happy life to me. Through in a big hard.... For th... More »
Re: Cost to put in pool     06/10/2015
Freak that!  That is just rediculously!  Maybe for a $500k + house not for your average Joe size h... More »
Re: Parenting!     06/10/2015
Love it! Little girls are the best, usually.  Lol! ... More »
Re: Free Coffee at Coffee with Cops     06/10/2015
That sounds nice.  ... More »
Re: Today... hump day     06/10/2015
My daughter agrees with grumpy cat.  She is a grumpy clingy two year old today.  Will be needing w... More »
Re: Lunch?     06/10/2015
So far I had fruit.  Blueberries, donut peach, and strawberries.  All delishous!  I love this tim... More »
Re: steroid shots to the feet.     06/10/2015
Plantars sucks when you work 12 hour shifts on your feet.  I hope you find the solution that works ... More »
Re: New baby on the way.     06/09/2015
I have to disagree with @donatella a little.  The TV can be a good babysitter while doing things li... More »
Re: donnatella     06/09/2015
@ctl74: I am glad I missed the drama. Just come on here for fun and informative posts. No mo... More »
Re: KW needs a Costco     06/09/2015
I spent too much money at those type of stores.  ... More »
Re: New baby on the way.     06/09/2015
It's much harder than you realize but it really is worth it.  Like Ray said Save!  Especially when... More »
Re: New Starbucks flavors!     06/09/2015
Any of them have sugar free version?... More »
Re: Oh no...Not the bacon!!!     06/09/2015
OMG, It's too early for those pics! ... More »
Re: IRA transfer question     06/08/2015
@KW_Planner: its a CD IRA investment.    ... More »
Re: Things I want to do before I die     06/08/2015
I can't list what I would do.  It's not PG. ... More »
Re: Finding a job is easy..     06/08/2015
How bout start your own BBQ food truck? I would eat there 3+ x a week.  ... More »
IRA transfer question     06/08/2015
I have an IRA that reaches maturity next month and I want to change it to a Vanguard IRA instead of ... More »
Re: First time you kissed your spouse or S/O     06/07/2015
@friday1: Maybe start a new policy of each paying your own way until you both figure out which... More »
Re: B.L.T. for supper     06/07/2015
That looks delishous!  I know how good your brisket tastes.  With my tomaotes and horseradish mayo... More »


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